Javi Martinez To Arsenal And A Paucity Of News.

Shock! Horror!

Morning, folks.

You know those classic moments in Western movies where there’s deafening silence before two gunslingers fight it out? That’s today – minus the gunfire and inevitable death, that is. Things have taken a turn for the quiet and news regarding our beloved Arsenal is very much at a premium.

Such things make writing a daily post immeasurably tricky. Where do you begin? Do I ramble on about nothing in particular as much as I possibly can purely to add a few extra words to the post? Well.. If you’re a regular here you’ll know it’s certainly not beneath me to do so. However, I can imagine that gets pretty tiresome to those of you that actually read this stuff (That’s a silly thing to say given the fact I’ve already started to rattle aimlessly whilst making the point that it is possibly annoying as p*ss when I do so. Perhaps I should stop. Seriously, James… Give it a fu*king rest)

Instead, I’ll keep things brief and delve head first into a little bit of transfer rumour. Spain and Bayern’s Javi Martinez is exactly the type of player we need to strengthen the defensive side of our midfield. Neither Arteta or Flamini are in the prime of their footballing career – Mikel especially has looked as if his legs are tiring this season. So, it’s with a small degree of hope I view the recent speculation that we’ve approached the German champions about the availability of Martinez.

As with the vast majority of stories released at the tail end of the season, it’s most likely to be spectacular hogwash, but for the sake of the hope I mentioned continuing I’m going to view it with my optimistic head on. He’s a really good player and one with all the attributes needed to be a success holding our midfield; tall, strong with excellent technique and an ability to read the game well. From what I’ve seen of him playing, I’d liken him to Gilberto Silva and that’s a huge compliment as Gilberto still remains, in my humble opinion, the best defensive midfielder we’ve had atArsenal in a long, long time.

Will it come to fruition? Probably not. There’s a chance and I intend to look at it that way; you never know, and after we dropped £42.5m on Mesut Ozil I hold much more belief in Arsene’s wish to spend the money should the right player come along.

On that note, I think I’ll cut things short today. I’ve the triumphant return of the Goonersphere Podcast to prepare and a few more of those sites related to  World Cup Betting to have a look at – the same ones I mentioned yesterday. Retaining the same cranium of optimism, I’m hoping I might defy all expectation and actually back a winner over the summer…

You can leave me a comment or two in the handy section below and feel free to add a question to be read out on the Goonersphere Podcast. If it’s a good one, I’ll use it on the show and you’ll receive full credit for your endeavours. I shall return tomorrow with more when, hopefully, there will be something a little more substantial to report.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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  1. Hey James.I figured after that bender lass decided to snub us Martinez could be a gud buy.I like him and he’s good.but don’t know if Bayern will let him go.

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