Jenkinson On The Way Out? Mertesacker To Extend? Round Up Of Stuff.

Morning, peeps.

I hope this fine, if somewhat dreary, Wednesday morning finds you well, nourished and in suitably high spirits. Here in sunny ol’ Gloucester it’s… Well… Not sunny. The weather here is that quintessentially British grey. You know, the overcast, slightly miserable grey that is…

Let me just stop myself there.

The weather? F*ck me… I won’t contest any claims that this blog is prone to rambling along wildly off subject and often peppered with completely irrelevant topics, but you know we’ve hit an all time low when I’m discussing the weather. Let’s put a stop to that right now. Quick, James – change the subject.

Okay, I remember the first time I fantasied about our postman. I was 7. She was in her late-50s and had a distinct moustache…

No. Too weird.

Sometimes I dream I’m a wheel of cheese named Brian and I want to invade Poland. 

No. Too personal.

I like big butts and I cannot lie.

No. Too mix-a-lot-y…

Oh f*ck it…

Most of the news yesterday and heading into today centres around transfers. There are no speculated incomings at all which is surprising. At this stage, I’d be utterly dumbfounded if we brought someone in. Thinking about it for a moment, I can’t actually think of a quieter window than this. Sure, Sky have tried to jazz it up with their usual gaudy razzamatazz, but thus far it’s been something of a non-event.

On the exit front, it does appear we’ve seen the very last of Carl Jenkinson in an Arsenal shirt. Fat Sam’s Crystal Palace are in dire need of some defensive reinforcements and, supposedly, and agreement has been made with the player. All that remains is for Arsenal and Palace to reach an agreement regarding a fee. I wouldn’t’ imagine that’s anything other than a formality and the deal will materialise within a week or so. Maybe sooner, maybe later. I’ve no idea to tell the truth. I’m guessing.

I’m slightly torn on this. Granted, Jenkinson’s career in the red and white will be notable more for ‘banter’ than it will be performances, but you could never doubt his desire and drive to succeed. He may not have gotten to the place he wanted and the supporters expect, but he sure as Hell gave it his all attempting to get there. That you have to admire.

However, in professional sport, players have their levels, and maybe Arsenal is a level too high for Jenkinson. I feel almost churlish stating that, as my level is spluttering out of my arsehole on a wet field and tearing my groin to shreds attempting a Cruyff turn. But that’s how I see it, and I’d hazard guess Arsene does too. The two seasons he spent on loan at West Ham show he’s not been considered good enough and whilst he was given another chance, it hasn’t worked out. Like I’m sure the vast majority of you will, I wish him all the best should the move be finalised.

Elsewhere, and another example of how A relatively insignificant event can send a small minority of Arsenal fans into seething meltdowns, Per Mertesacker looks set to extend his contract for another year. Obviously, this is terrible news. The worst kind of bad. Bad so bad, it’s not simply badder than bad, it’s BAD. BAD NEWS BAD.


You’d think that’s not something likely to annoy people, but it has. Nothing surprises me these days. I also struggle to see what the actual issue is. As far as I can understand, some feel Mertesacker’s presence in the team is detrimental. I don’t see it that way. I think it’s fair to say ‘Kostafi’ is now our first choice partnership. With Gabriel and Holding we have two able deputies, but Mertesacker is a solid, intelligent defender and his presence alone is good for the team. The younger, less experienced centre backs – Holding especially – have a figure at their disposal to learn from and take advice. How is that anything other than a good thing?

I only see a further year to his contract as beneficial. I guess there’s just a trashy element to our fans that wan’t to be angry regardless of what’s happening. Those people, my friends, do not need any further oxygen for their odious dross. That’s why you’ll never see me mentioning any of them by name (I think I may have actually done this before, but I don’t really recall so I’m going to assume I took the moral high ground).

Anyway… That’s all for today. Further discussion is welcome in the handy comments section below. I’ll be back soon with more. Until that time, and as always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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