Jovetic to Juventus, midfielder cancels contract and other news.

Stevan Jovetic was won over by Juventus’ smooth negotiation tactics.

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‘Mercifully brief” will be the adopted mantra for today’s post. Through fault that is entirely my own, yesterday’s piece of reading goodness was published by accident – I invariably write the night before – so what follows fill be mainly filler to put things back on track. That piece was supposed to be today’s entry, but I forgot to schedule it.

On account of that horrendous blunder, there isn’t much to report that I haven’t already covered.

One of Arsenal’s main targets, Stevan Jovetic, will, in my humble opinion, be heading to Juventus. Call me a pessimist, but I have a sneaking suspicion the highly rated forward will leave Fiorentina for another Italian side. There isn’t anything substantial to back this claim up, though. At no point have I received a golden tip from a ‘source’, nor do I possess startling insight into the transfer shenanigans of Arsenal, and every club is some way associated with our beloved Gooners.

It’s just a hunch. I can’t see Arsene splashing the reported fee of £25m on a player whose stats and performances are slightly underwhelming when you actually take a moment to do some research. I’d hazard an educated guess we will enter the market for another striker as well as Yaya Sanogo, but a cut-price option, or a stop-gap like David Villa, seems far more likely to me.

In news that is concrete, Denilson has cancelled his contract by muttal concent, and is finally an Arsenal player no more. He’s a free man, and is reportedly weighing up his options.

When he first came to the club, I thought he looked a handy little player, albeit one minus the flair and skills you’d associate with a Brazilian. A lot of folks took to maligning him for his performances over his career, and whilst I would say he was never as bad as he was made out to be, he was never as good as I’d hoped.

In football, things sometimes simply don’t work out, and moving to greener pastures is the best thing for all parties concerned. Denilson will be a good squad player for someone, perhaps in a slower, less competitive league than England. The little fella just wasn’t good enough for Arsenal, but I wish him well for the rest of his time as a footballer regardless.

And that’s about it.

The comments, as I so regularly state, are below this post, and they’re waiting eagerly to be used. What are your thoughts on Jovetic and Denilson? Let me know.

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13 thoughts on “Jovetic to Juventus, midfielder cancels contract and other news.”

  1. One thing I can say about Denilson is that his early performances were often quite brilliant. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say he may have started thinking of himself a bit too highly. He’s no longer the player he used to be, and that’s saying something when the player in question is just 25.
    As for Joveti?, I couldn’t agree more, barring perhaps the certainty surrounding his supposed move to Juve. Anyway, it’s not us who are going to overpay for this gem.

  2. Denilson was a player not good enough to succeed at the highest level. Arsenal have made the right choice getting rid off him. We now need to move on the rest of the players like him. Bendtner, Djourou, Arshavin and Squillaci all must go to make space in the squad.

  3. Nice blog.

    I think Jovetic will come to Arsenal. Juventus is smaller team with less stars. Arsenal can make Jovetic into big star in world fooball.

    1. juventus a small club? Guess thats what EPL fan boy would say ur club is way smaller than juventus. Juventus is not a small club and would never be a small club.

    2. Do you think Juventus is smaller than Arsenal? How many EPL titles doews Arsenal Have? Juve have 29 Titles, How many champions league does arsenal have? 1 Juve has 2. Your last title was on 2004, your last finish in the table was 4th meanwhiule we won 2 back to back scudetti, we reached teh quarter finals of UCL Arsenal got to The final 16. Not even in statistics Arsenal is Better than Juventus.

    3. Ow Sidney, if you had half a brain you would be lopsided. Arsenal is a bigger team then Juventus? I would hope a “big team” would be able to muster up more then a cup winners cup in there entire existent. Turn off the Sky sports and watch some world soccer, Arsenal in Europe have a farts chance in a wind storm of every winning. Hopefully you can make Champs league next year before the last 20 minutes of the season. Just a joke who exactly would be a player that would replace someone in the tarting 11 at Juve from Arsenal ?? Please blow my mind with this answer. Ill stop now i think your mom is calling she wants her Man U jersey back

      1. Football is respect I respect Arsenal, but why that m*****fu*** is saying that One team is bigger than the other one?… so there is no player right know that can replace any Juventus starting 11

  4. Like Mata and Bale, Jovetic will be another huge talent we don’t buy because our Wenger’s need to buy bargains and prove he knows the market better than everyone else.

    We must spend money on talent.

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