Koscielny, Giroud, Walcott, Chamakh, Arshavin, Martinez, and I’m at a loss for words.

Reading 5-7 Arsenal: “Holy sh*t! I’ve scored TWO goals!”

Morning folks.

Blimey. Where do I start?

If someone had told me yesterday that Arsenal would concede 5, score 7, and Chamakh would score not one, but two really good goals, I’d have quickly labelled that person as bonkers, and moved to have them sectioned. Football is a bizarre and wonderful game, isn’t it?

I had to work a long day yesterday, and I got home around the point we had just gone 4-0 down. At that moment, being really tired , I decided not to endure any of the match and have a quick nap – I do like the occasional nap. When I arose from my well-earned and short slumber, it was 4-4. I shan’t be taking my eyes off Arsenal games again.

It was a game that showed the best of Arsenal – and some of the worst. It may have taken a breathtakingly shit defensive showing to put us 4 goals down in 37 minutes, but I am prepared to put that to one side in favour of discussing the extremely positive elements. We won, after all. There’s no real need to be gloomy and pessimistic, although, if we defend like that on Sunday….

At 4-0 down, we showed fight and determination. The players didn’t sulk, they didn’t mope around and start bickering or trying to assign blame; they rolled up their sleeves and collectively took the game by the scruff of the neck. They forced a different outcome to what me, and the few who left the ground early, assumed was a formality.

Okay, we did put ourselves into that position, but we had the tenacity and drive to get ourselves out of it, and it was glorious, wasn’t it? After such a terrible start, the night ended with many good things to discuss.

Theo Walcott, a player I’ve lambasted in the past, looked every inch someone capable of filling a striking berth. He scored a hat-trick, and showed when he plays on instinct, he is a very, very good finisher. Giroud came on and made a difference, but the two players I was happiest for were Arshavin and Chamakh.

Our diminutive little Russian has talent – he has it in spades. Even if it wasn’t one of his better games, it shouldn’t be overlooked just how much he contributed in the attacking third – he got 3 assists and most of our good play went through him. Most pleasing for me was Chamakh. His goal to put us 5-4 ahead showed that he does have ability, and his second showed that, with a bit of confidence, he’ll score goals. For reason I can’t quite explain, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for our Moroccan shisha enthusiast. Good to see him contributing and looking happy.

There were bad performers – Koscielny and Martinez didn’t have the best of games – and it does concern me slightly when we defend that poorly. But on the whole, I couldn’t care less about the bad points. What I took from the game when it ended was exhilaration and great pride in my team. Most importantly, I think we may have done something that’ll bury the memory of the 4-4 against Newcastle for good – pundits and fans alike can now constantly remind us of the comeback we were on the right side of.

All in all, a brilliant, brilliant game of football. I’m exceedingly proud of my team today, and who knows? Maybe, just maybe, our name is already on that trophy.

That’s all from me today. The comments are below, and I’d love to read a few of your reactions from the game; what emotions did you go through? Who impressed you the most? What do you think of Theo as a striker? Let me know.

Thanks for reading, you wonderful kings of the comeback. I shall return tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Koscielny, Giroud, Walcott, Chamakh, Arshavin, Martinez, and I’m at a loss for words.”

  1. At 4:0 my wife told me to change ??ξ channel ?ή? watch mnet action+ but i insist that i will see what will happen but it W?̶̲̥???̣̍Ƨ̲̣̥ amazing come back really enjoying it.

  2. Give Theo a striking role, he has been superb in the little games he’s played this season. He has been prolific infron of goal. He won us the game last night. Him upfront could be the answer to all our problems. Give him a chance.

  3. Game of the century. And for once we were the winners.

    Defensively we were piss poor and Kos was all over the place. But I think we have overlooked Djourou’s performance. He for once looked solid, and not a lot got past him. But Theo and Chamackh, deservedly will get the plaudits.

    Arsh played in fits and starts imo. Yes he got threes assists but his passing was piss poor. But hey Ho.

    I just want to add that Eisfeld, when he came on last night he controlled the middle. All he needs is a bit more calmness with his decisions and final ball and this kid will be a star.

    Pissing down with rain at the mo, but I’m going to work one, proud Gooner.

    Btw, AW get Theo to sign. I might be wrong, but has he not scored in every game he had started. When he is in front of goal now I would put my house on him putting it in the onion bag.

  4. After 40 mins it was a state of dispair and utter anger that we were that bad, but and its a big BUT we showed something that is a rare thing, grit and determination. I was exstatic to watch the 4th go in but then once I’d got down from the ceiling seeing the mighty AFC keep pushing not just waiting for pens was bliss, heaven, joy, emotion, perfect. As you say we’ll forget about the defence untill MU. Great blog AFC forever

  5. Giroud deserved a lot of credit, he was amazing and Arshavin still got tricks, Eisfied will be world class, Frimpong is not ready, Theo is the man upfront better than Gervinho

  6. oh…my…world. What a day to be alive.what a day to be a gooner.what a day on the 30th of october 2012 at the madejski stadium.at 4-0 dwn i was pissd and wnt straight to bed.stl wn i heard my neigbour screaming, shoutn,halaring,onaaba, that ths game is crazy, that d game is mad, that d game is nt real.wn i switchd on my tv the rest is stl undescribeable.

  7. Awesome – turning a disaster into a classic I won’t forget

    Arsenal can always create some excitement so I have made it a practice to never turn away from an Arsenal match – unless Ramsey is starting in which case I don’t watch the game at all – even when he looks in good form the play is always chaotic and Arsenal mostly lose when he starts – could be low confidence, bad luck or a voodoo curse – apologies to Ramsey fans – hope it changes – not personal – just reality

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