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Morning folks. Apologies for the absence yesterday, but it was one hell of a day.

Upon opening up my news-box this morning, I was greeted with a story running on Sky Sports regarding Laurent Koscielny, and quite comfortably the most deplorable wretch to ever pull on a Liverpool shirt. I’m no fan of Luis Suarez. Sure, he’s a talented footballer, but if there is a more abhorrent character in the Premiership  – excluding John Terry – I’m yet to see them play. He’s a cheat, a whiner, a racist and a complete idiot. I’ve nothing against Liverpool or their fans, but they should all be ashamed of him – and themselves if they defend his actions.

When asked about opponents, Koscielny told L’Equipe:

“Who is the forward I hate to face? Suarez.”

“He is tiresome to defend against. He cheats. He pulls your shirt, giving small blows. You always want to give him a kick but you have to be careful not to be red carded.

“For example on September 2 against Liverpool, it was the case with Luis Suarez.

“He is a player who likes to dive as soon as there is contact. During a challenge we jostled a bit each other and he fell.

“He started to talk to me in English, to say it was a penalty”

As you might imagine, this lit a fire underneath Liverpool’s already super-touchy fans – check out some of the comments on Sky’s website. It’s hard to disagree with what Laurent says – I absolutely agree – but I do feel things like that are best kept out of the press. Bloggers and Journalists can pretty much says as we please, but footballers are better off keeping quiet and acting professionally. There’s little to be gleaned from entering a war of words – which I imagine will soon follow.

Elsewhere, Vito Mannaone has strongly denied reports linking him with a return to Italy. Thank the lord. I was truly beginning to fret. Fabregas was one thing, but to lose Vito? Unimaginable.

Seriously, though; I do have a bit of a soft spot for Mannone. He may not be the safest of keepers, but he’s been doing okay for us so far. He’s proved to be an able back up in the event of an emergency.

Elsewhere, Barcelona’s midfield lynchpin, Alex Song, has taken to the press to heap praise on Arsene Wenger’s influence on his career. A nice gesture from a man living it up on the Barcelona bench and earning a fortune. It’s good to hear players speak well of the club when they leave – take note, Samir – and I’ve no ill-feelings at all toward Alex Song. To tell the truth; I had kind of forgotten he even existed. With Arteta doing his job properly, do any of you miss his random forays upfield and insistence on attempting ‘Hollywood’ passes?

Lastly, congratulations to Carl Jenkinson – he’s got himself into the England training sessions at London Colney, and he’s being widely tipped for a first cap in November’s pointless friendly against Sweden. Good for him. He’s been utterly magnificent thus far, and he deserves every accolade and compliment he gets.

That’s all for today folks. Pop down a comment with your views, and thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. I shall return with more tomorrow.

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