Koscielny Signs New Deal (allegedly) And 4th Isn’t Good Enough.

Until 2019?

Morning, folks.

It’s a slow, slooooowwwww news day today. Such is the nature of the time of year. When your beloved team are out of the running for an as-yet undecided league title, the stories circulating focus almost entirely on that. Arsenal, it seems, are very much a secondary thought to the news hounds at present – at least, that is, until the FA Cup final arrives and we receive a crescendo of hopeful tripe surrounding the chances of Hull City.

Mercifully, in times of paucity, a relatively interesting but dubious story has exploded into our consciousness like that bit in Inception when Tom Tardy pulls out a grenade launcher. You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling. The article/rumour in question is all about Laurent Koscielny extending his current contract an extra 2 years until 2019 – there’s no mention of a raise in salary, but I’d assume he’d be getting one.

If true – and I emphasise ‘IF’ – it’s only going to be a good thing. Laurent is undeniably an integral part of the first team and his understanding alongside Per Mertesacker has seen our solidity at the back improve drastically – barring the odd blemish along the way. If we can ensure the key nucleus of players remains at the Club whist adding quality in the areas needed we’ll be in very good shape come the start of the 2014/2015 season.

And that was about it for news. During my moments of internet perusal, I decided to spend a few minutes checking out the latest World Cup Football Bets because I’ve started to enjoy the thrill of an occasional flutter. Remember where you read that first folks. Given my spectacular inability to win when gambling don’t be surprised to discover I’ve plunged into the abyss of addiction, sold one of my kidneys and began asking anyone I cross paths with to borrow money. Speaking of which…

Lastly today, it was good to hear that the players don’t see finishing 4th as an accomplishment or reason for celebration. Wojciech Szczesny had these wise words to say:

“It is good to sign off with a win in front of our fans, but with two games to go we had nothing to play for and I think we shouldn’t really be in that position – we should be fighting for the title, so that is disappointing,

“I never considered fourth place before the start of the season as a successful season and a good position – I play for Arsenal because I want to win the title every year.

Exactly what the majority of us fans would say. 4th is far from disastrous and  a position many of us would have taken with both hands had it been offered in September of last year, but I can’t help feel it could have been better had we used the January window to strengthen further. That said, we certainly do go into the following season with much to be happy about and a good group of players. Some will leave, some will come in, but what we have is certainly a good starting point. Let’s hope we can add an FA Cup final victory and put to bed those silverware demons.

That’ll do nicely.

That’s all for today, folks. Please feel free to use the comments to discuss whatever you might have rattling about your head. It’s always entertaining to read what you have to say. I shall return with more tomorrow.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

2 thoughts on “Koscielny Signs New Deal (allegedly) And 4th Isn’t Good Enough.”

  1. At least u got that spot on.I feel Wenger cost us the title.Ramsey was out in December,Walcott later.and he still refused to strengthen the squad….I blame Wenger very much cos he cost us the title with his stubbornness….

  2. Spot on James. Last January transfers period was “DO or DIE” situation of our title campaign, despite restricted choices of players available on the market. And unfortunately we were “die”.
    I still couldn’t believe that after long time consistency (20 weeks plus as league leader) we have a drastic turn on such crucial period. But however, as sweet consolation, we still can be the last to laugh if we clinch that FA Cup title. Last football event before WC 2014.

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