Last Chance Sagna And Flamini On Ozil.

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Apologies for the lateness. I had originally planned today’s entry to be a new Goonersphere Podcast, but those pesky gremlins inherent to the programming of the matrix (…) have conspired to ruin our audio. All things going well, that’s a troublesome moment that will be rectified tomorrow.

So, instead, I figured it would be best to have a brief look at some news.  Since the beginning of the year my intent has been to ensure at least 1 post a day and that’s a record I intend on keeping intact.

Bacary Sagna’s contract still dominates a lot of discussions I come across. Is he worth a the reported figure of £100k-per-week plus £6m for signing on? That’s very, very debatable. His attributes and performance on the field aren’t the matter in question, wether we should offer such a bumper contract to a player in his 30s is, and that’s something not usally within Arsenal policy – hence the delay obtaining his signature, or so I would assume anyway… There could be any number of reasons.

At this stage, I would not begrudge Bac a new deal, and a bumper pay-rsie because of his performances and loyalty to the Club. However, there probably does need to be a point of negotiating between what he wants and the £60k-per-week contract over 2 years Arsenal have offered. It does appear both parties are going to have one final shot at finding a middle ground. Red London suggests that figure will be £85k-per week and they have that information from  a ‘senior employee’ at the  Club. I’ll leave you to judge the mendacity of that.

Elsewhere, Mathieu Flamini has been having a few words about Mesut Ozil and his impact on and current absence from the team. The Flame said:

“He is one of my closest team-mates. 

He has outstanding quality and has brought so much to the club on the pitch and off the pitch. In the dressing room, he is a very important player. Every time on the pitch he gives so much.

“I’m very proud of him, very happy to have him in our team.

“He’s a player of great quality. We will miss him a lot over the coming weeks but I think the manager will find a way to replace him, even if it won’t be easy as he’s such a talented player.”

All very lovely and heart-warming, wouldn’t you agree? That’s the kind of note I shall end things on today, folks. I’ll politely point you towards the comments where you can answer this question:

Do you think Bacary Sagna is worth the alleged raise in salary he’s asked for?

Let me know a few of your thoughts. Tomorrow, as will everyone, I’ll be writing a few memories of Arsene’s 999 games in charge of Arsenal in light of his 1000th at Chelsea on Saturday. Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

9 thoughts on “Last Chance Sagna And Flamini On Ozil.”

    1. BS deserves it. Loyal players like him should be compensated by the club. What makes him different from the VPs and the Nasris? Loyalty! Please keep BS.

  1. Yea I think Bac. deserve the pay rise he’s asking, compared to other of his mate and quality in other top clubs. His loyalty alone qualifies him for that let alone his quality. Thanks.

  2. Considering his experience, integration into the squad and performance level can we really find better value for 6m & 100k p/w? When you factor in the need for at least a couple of squad players at the back this summer to cover what seem to be certain departures it’s a no-brainer, surely?

  3. Always loved Sagna, since the day I started following AFC (obviously, a relatively short time compared to many). He’s been consistent and dedicated, has more years than most in the club under his belt, and is one stylish mofo I must say. Wouldn’t it be nice to see one of our veterans end their career with us instead of seeing out their footballing days with one of our rivals? Shouldn’t we be aiming to have our experienced players passing on to the young ones their knowledge and affection for the club? Maybe what he’s asking for is a little too much, but I really hope he and the club can come to a compromise.

    Oh and congratulations Arsene, lets smash Mourinzinho tomorrow as a special prezzie for all your hard work!

  4. Lol don’t let go good players just to save that few k and make arsenal at the bottom again lol and he deserve it, his defence is supreme.

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