Legend? Judas? Injury-prone lummox with a grossly inflated price? Robin van Persie; here’s what i think.

The folks behind Robin in this photo may not be as accommodating the next time they see him…

Afternoon, lovelies.

Well, it’s happened. I’m not going to try and make out I’m the least bit surprised.

It’s kinda difficult for me to sum up how I feel. Of course, there is an element of disappointment at losing a player of undoubted class and ability. But I always favour shipping players out the moment they shows signs of dissent or a desire to ply their trade elsewhere.

As far as I’m concerned, Robin van Persie will be remembered in the same way as either Nasri or Adebayor; a player that gave us one good season and buggered off. He’ll never be spoken of with the reverence we have for Thierry, or Tony Adams. He’ll never be considered in the same league as Dennis Bergkamp – a player truly fitting of the status ‘legend’.

When the dust settles, and rationality reclaims it’s place from the delirious bitterness overwhelming the thought processes of many; Robin van Persie could have been a legend at Arsenal. He will forever be anything but. He’ll be a figure of disdain, a poster-child for all that is flawed and egregious with the modern footballer. He won’t be a hero to many, but a merchant of opportunism and greed whose declarations and love for any team will be met with justifiable derision.

As undoubtedly gifted and prolific as he is, part of me won’t miss him. Of course, his goals secured us 3rd place almost single-handedly. There is little point in attempting to state we won’t miss his contributions in that respect. But nothing lasts forever, and history doesn’t smile upon his chances of repeating such a brilliant season. Manchester United are paying ridiculously over the odds for his services. If the £24m is – as it should be – reinvested in strengthening the team, they my optimism for our chances of a successful season won’t wane.

My only worry is that we’ll allow ourselves to languish further when we require action to be taken. A clear message of our intent needs to be sent to our rivals, our players and the fans. We cannot afford to continually lose our best players every summer if we crave success and wish to be considered as one of Europe’s elite. At present, and as much as it pains me to say, we’re flirting dangerously with becoming an easy target and a fully fledged feeder club.

That has to change, or it will simply continue to repeat itself.

Those are my thoughts on the subject, and as of now; I intend to forget Robin van Persie. No abuse directed towards him, no crying over split milk or wild accusations and howls of fury. No, sir. It’s done, it’s over and he should be forgotten. Move on, folks. They’re are players here that need our support.

The comments are below. What are your feelings on the developments? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.


11 thoughts on “Legend? Judas? Injury-prone lummox with a grossly inflated price? Robin van Persie; here’s what i think.”

  1. Pardon me….but i am suspecting something here…correct me if i am wrong……i suspect that the club is clearing out the last vestiges of David Dein….methinks the battle btw the Board and AU is responsible for this because both RVP and Song are managed by his son / Company?…if true can we make the connection?…..

    1. Except that it’s Song agitating for a move apparently; he’s not being sold against his wishes. If this does result in a clearout of players whose agent is Darren Dein, that’s no bad thing.

      I’m sorry that van Persie has left, but there was no way back; he burnt his bridges, and he would have come to regret a change of heart had it happened.

      Anyway, an exciting new season beckons; this might be the best Arsenal team since 2007/08, which played some of the most exhilarating football I have ever seen.

  2. he is greedy peace of crap.so is our god damn owner.this is a joke.giving the sword to your arch enemy.that’s what we’ve just done.and what’s wrong we wenger?he’s lost the plot.do u see fergie selling rooney to wenger?u must be crazy to just think that

  3. yeah whatever…
    the headlines will be arsenal = feeder club, arsenal sell another captain…blah blah blah for about two more weeks….BORING!

    Still hope Song stays. But we got a good team and lets just PLAY SOME F#&KING FOOTBALL ALREADY!

  4. Great post.

    However, on the issue of allowing our best players to leave; I ask the question – What is Wenger to do when all of a sudden he finds out that he’s got want-away players who are wanting to want-away (if you get what I mean)?

    I am certainly not a ‘Wenger knows best’ promoter but sitting down to logically think about it, we never really sold any of our best players willingly. These players were mostly greedy scum-rats wanting to want-away for more money. Are we to run ourselves aground financially just so that we can satisfy the greed of some scallywags?

    Look at the check-list and even take note of the behaviours they’ve put out even after leaving us: Nasri, Adebayor, Cole…(okay, I know I’m only mentioning the dregs of them but, whatever.) The times when we had the Bergkamps and Henrys and Lehmans are almost over, it’s just sad.

  5. Greetings O wise one.

    This is my customary “Oh shit! Football season already?” comment.

    Mister Spruce above hits the nail bang on its flat little head. Those days are over, but not just for you Gooners: RVP is a footballer, and modern-day footballers, almost to a man, are self-obsessed overpaid mercenaries.

    Who can blame them! The press, commentators, pundits and the public build up their egos, and after all this building work, their agents give them a skim coat of plaster and lick of sparkly paint.

    Anyone believing that players stay put for the love of the club, the fans, or the curry house round the corner from the training ground is almost certainly deluding their good self.

    Times, attitudes and salaries have all moved on.

    Welcome to a new season – where transfers, managers’ comments about each other and referees, and twittering twats like Ferdinand and Barton are all more important that the actual game.

    I wish your Arsenal and my own LFC all the best, but probably won’t be paying much attention to either. Such is my level of disaffection with it all.

    1. Howdy, sir!

      Thanks for the blisteringly furious destruction all things football related. I have to admit, I’m gradually slipping into that type of mindset myself!

      Let’s hope Arsenal – and, maybe, Liverpool – can give us both something to at least crack a smile about.

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