Leicester City: Team News, Predicted Starting XI And Thoughts.

Ulloa levels the game in the early fixture.

Afternoon, folks.

With tonight’s game being a late kick-off and mainly becuase I was too lazy to do it this morning, your delicious daily update is here a little later than usual. Apologies if you were waiting on tenterhooks at the usual time only to be bitterly disappointed. Both of you.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

A win is vital tonight. Wether it be accomplished through free-flowing attacking brilliance and lots of goals or a hideously inept display in which we are rescued by a fortuitous late goal matters not to me – we need the 3 points and I don’t especially care how we get them.

Granted, the former of those two choices is by far the more preferably, and a good display certainly breeds confidence. However, dropping points would be harming to our claim for 4th, so we need to get them above anything else.

I think we might see a little rotation today.

It’s often tricky to second-guess Arsene Wenger. He’s a wily old character prone to springing a surprise just when you think you might have him pegged. I’m sure there are one or two (perhaps more) players that won’t feature tonight due to their excursions on Saturday, but I’d not like to wager a significant amount on which players they will be. Some think Gabriel could be handed his debut but my powers of deduction (wild guessing) have me consider the cup tie with Middlesborough as a likelier game for that.

Most probable is the return of Alex Sanchez. I wouldn’t say he’s been missed to the extent some would claim, but there’s no denying a player of his ability leaves a gap when he’s not there. The team news is otherwise as expected; Wilshere, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arteta, Debuchy and Diaby all remain entrenched in the medial centre.

Taking a punt, I think we’ll line-up like this:

Our opponents aren’t in the best of form, but they haven’t parted company with their manager as I incorrectly stated yesterday – not entirely sure where I got that idea from. In 17 Premiership games against sides from London, they haven’t emerged victorious once and the currently sit rock bottom in the league table having enjoyed a decent start to the season.

For all intents and purposes, we should win tonight with little or no fuss. Of course, we all know full well with Arsenal that isn’t always the case. Whilst they may not be in the best of form, Leicester do have dangerous players and it’s worth remembering that this is the team that put 5 past Manchester United and gave us a tough time in the reverse fixture.

The points aren’t on the board until the 90 minutes are up and we’ve obtained them. Complacency has often been the enemy of Arsenal’s endeavours and with such a meagre gap separating those competing for 4th we can ill-afford to slip up in one of the winnable fixtures.

Even with that degree of pessimism, I remain confident we’ll win and do so comfortably. Losing to Spurs was an alarming regression at a point when we’d just started to show real promise. Tonight I fully expect us to take the opportunity to put our campaign back on course. I predict a 3-0 win.

That’s all for today, folks. Please drop a comment below with your prediction and your thoughts on the team selection. If you’re looking for some pre-match entertainment, check out the latest Goonersphere Podcast. We discuss everything from Aston Villa, Spurs and other things that really shouldn’t be discussed on a broadcast about football. Hope you enjoy – the language is not for he faint-hearted, so if you’re easily offended, don’t listen.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a review of the game and some other bits. Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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2 thoughts on “Leicester City: Team News, Predicted Starting XI And Thoughts.”

  1. Why don’t we get any jokes about Diaby anymore? I’m assuming he is still injured and not just lost and forgotten. He’s a bit like that jumper you put away end of last winter, and only remember it when the first frost hits, but you can’t find the bugger.
    I commented last time on the Spurs game being season defining. Boo and hiss at my damn thoughts. I’m reluctant to comment now. Nothing less than four goals to wipe away the defeat, but we need a load of draws going down around us. I still think we’ve got a good chance of 3rd, and Saturday, early ko (we don’t like 12.45, not a lot) was a blip. Man U are shit and S’ton can’t keep it up, surely. Spurs are heading for their usual dip in form and I think Liverpool are too far behind.
    It’s all good really. And bring on Monaco. Wenger must be looking forward to his return.
    sorry I’m rambling. You’ve probably deleted me by now. I’ll stop. Ouch.

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