Liverpool reject Arsenal’s £30m bid for Suarez…. Really?

“Look dear, the bloody Internet is going mad again”

Morning folks.

Before we begin, I’m going to be honest; I do not believe what follows one little bit. Ordinarily, these kind of stories appear on the more unscrupulous sites and tend to be aimed at sucking people in. The fact that I consider The Telegraph to be a decent paper is the only reason I’m giving time to their exclusive report of Arsenal bidding £30m for Luis Suarez, a bid they claim was flat-out rejected.

It’s interesting to think about it’s potential. For all his undoubted and many character flaws – he is an abhorrent shit – Suarez is an exceptionally gifted player. There’s a huge part of me that would sooner not see him anywhere near the glorious red and white of Arsenal. But, and I feel dirty all over saying this; part of me wouldn’t be too unhappy if it came true.

If you are to take the situation and judge it purely on footballing merits, he would be an excellent signing. They guy has bags and bags of ability. Forgetting Luis Suarez the person, and looking solely at Luis Suarez the footballer, I challenge anyone to state he wouldn’t improve of striking options.

But there has to be more to it than that. I personally can only forgive so much of Arsenal players, and find it all a bit hypocritical if fans don’t denounce bad behaviour when it comes from one of their own. Luis Suarez the footballer doesn’t come without Luis Suarez the human being, and for that reason I wouldn’t be pleased if the story proved to be true. However, I think I’m pretty safe on this one.

In all likelihood, as the very same article states; this is all a ruse constructed by Arsenal to ensure we don’t have to pay that little bit extra Real Madrid are trying to extract from us for Higuain. Focus their attentions on another alleged target, and perhaps panic buttons will be pressed.

Most likely of all; there’s no truth to any of it, and even established and reputable sources of news such as The Telegraph have joined in with the whole fabrication debacle. The first thing I look for in articles of this ilk are hints from where the information has been obtained. As you’ll see if you’ve read it, at no point does it claim to have come from anywhere. For all we know, the author of the piece spent the afternoon frantically masturbating and needed to come up with something quick to meet his deadline.

I guess it’s just another speck of mendacious rain in a relentless storm of bollocks.

We shall have to see..

The comments are below, and the question for you folks is simple; would you accept Suarez at Arsenal? Let me know your thoughts. Should be interesting to hear what you have to say.

As always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

25 thoughts on “Liverpool reject Arsenal’s £30m bid for Suarez…. Really?”

  1. I want to root for and LIKE Arsenal players. Suarez is undoubtedly a fantastic player, but I have no respect for him whatsoever. If it was just one of his many issues, it’d be alright. But all of them added together and it’s just absurd. I defended him after the World Cup handball, which I think is something many players might have done. But biting people? I wouldn’t have wanted him after the Ajax incident, but seriously biting someone? For me that’s worse than other perhaps more dangerous acts in that I don’t think you can “accidentally” bite someone. Getting worked up and throwing a punch or kick? Fairly natural. Getting worked up and going for a BITE? Just seems purely mad to me. For that to happen TWICE in his career. That he isn’t in control of himself enough to know there are cameras and he’ll get in trouble and all the myriad ways in which that will hurt him and his team. The laughingstock the whole thing will be. That utter lack of self control is not something I’d want in the Arsenal team, not something I’d ever respect.

    Oh, and he’s probably a racist too.

    So no. Just. No.

  2. No way, I’d strongly consider sending my season ticket back immediately. Arsenal never have and never will accept players of his attitude and behaviour. It would represent such a change in ‘The Arsenal’ that it would undermine the entire ethos of the club. I don’t believe a word of this article, it’s pure fabrication. Come to that, for similar reasons, I don’t believe Arsene would ever have made a bid for Rooney either. I wouldn’t accept him at the club either!

  3. Don’t worry one bit; you won’t be getting Suarez as we are looking for £50m, not the laughable £30m you have reportedly bid.

  4. But the player does not come close to being £30 M.

    True though, It would be good to see him in an arsenal shirt.

  5. Why people think that the Telegraph’s invention of this claptrap somehow gives it more credibility is beyond me. To believe that Arsene Wenger would ever consider signing a racist shitbag that is Suarez is entirely in keeping with the moral vacuity that is the hallmark of this “upmarket” right-wing rag.

  6. Interesting, want him , don’t want him , bad boy , great footballer, …Now re-read your tripe , and count ALL the doublespeak , double negatives and of course, WISHFUL thinking…Then the arrogance to construct a tactical ‘theory’ to fit both your ‘abhorrence’ AND your ‘admiration’ , just to cover ALL bases. of course.Pathetic observations ?…. or journalism of the desperate , witless , clueless , and wordless ????


  7. Strong points, James. However, I don’t want a racist wearing an Arsenal shirt. If we sign him, we can go out and bid for Ryan Shawcross and Sergio Busquets in order to complete a collection of punchable characters.

    The only thing regarding “Suarez in Arsenal”-story that makes me smile is a dilemma I have: who would win if Suarez attempts to bite Gervinho’s forehead – Irresistible Force (teeth) or Immovable Object (forehead)?

  8. Pure footballing ability he would be great, but there way to much baggage for us to even consider a move for him. I feel like the Higuain story is going to unfold soon and unfortunately I’m not expecting it to be in our favor…Not enough facts and the story taking too long which throws me in doubt about the deal…lets hope I’m wrong.

  9. I too guess it’s just another speck of mendacious rain in a relentless storm of bollocks … but you’ll have to defy me as I do not think he would enhanse our side. He is completely wasteful infront of goal and is a suspension nightmare for any team that he plays for. He proved in F$F$ latest waste of time that he couldn’t out perfom Forlan. Is still suspended for nearly 16% of next seasons campaign before it even kicks off (and has had 14 playing suspensions in the last 5 seasons!). We play an organic style of football which is good for him as noone can tell him what to do but he doesn’t have the intellgence to fit into our style of play he would need to be the centre of the play not a part of it which he proved he can’t do with Uruguay and to a certain extent at Liverpool under Rodgers. And as you said yesterday he is a “buck-toothed nibbly racist”!

  10. You lot banging on about his controversy obviously never saw Ian Wright or Vieira.

    A club like Liverpool with massive Debt the club cannot refuse 30 million, it’s not possible, the share holders would not allow it. It’s actually REALLY impossible.

    1. debt….. we all have debt ( even the arsenal i.e. day to day ), LFC have ( at last ) a manageable debt, meaning we don’t NEED to sell any player.
      so go place ya head back in ya hands


  11. Yeah, he’s worth nowhere near £30m. He is worth the £50m we want for gin though. If it was uo to me, the any PL club wanting him would have to pay £10m more than the asking fee for other clubs outside the PL.

    The muppet saying we have to sell him for 30m to pay off this so-called “massive debt” doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about!

  12. You know, if we didn’t have a crew who couldn’t get a deal done under 3 months we wouldn’t have to deal with this kind of bullshit. I don’t know what kind of buttheads we have in the front office that we have to suffer through protracted transfers every year while other clubs just go about their merry way signing the players they want without all the drama.

  13. I personally cannot see wenger buying Suarez, as a club he have never gone after a player with a bad reputation, don’t get me wrong Suarez is a fantastic footballer but he is, generally, a grade A bellend. Liverpool won’t sell him unless they get what they want seeing as they need to make up for the 20million lost on Andy Carrol. The higuain situation is starting to really annoy me, I would love to see him in red and white and leading our front line on the beautiful emirates turf every week scoring goal after goal from crosses via theo and the ox, beautiful one twos with podolski and cazorla and helping us win something again but unless Madrid get a new striker I can’t see it happening, they’ve already lost out on falcao, cavani looks to be going to PSG and aguero is staying at man $hitty so unless they get Suarez I don’t think we will get higuain

  14. 30m for a mentally retarded racial bugs bunny? lets donate d money to some orphanage, buh its funny how our board can bring out 30m for suarez who z shit to me, buh cant pay some extra mils to land a more realistic higuain, wtf is in charge of transfers at the arsenal?

  15. No no no wouldn’t want the buck toothed racist little fucker if he was available on a free

    The lad can play as you said but he really is a “Horrible Little C’.! NT” and maybe I’m old fashioned but he is not the type of player I wanna see playing in the Red & White of my club

    ps Total respect for the gratuitous shot of one Monica Bellucci ….. Nice one made my day

  16. Nice summation of the Suarez dilemma. I threw up a little in my mouth when I first heard this story, not just at the thought of Suarez at Arsenal but because part of me wanted it to happen. Thankfully it looks like bollocks and we will be spared the pain of selling our souls to support Suarez.

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