Llorente to Arsenal? Yeah, right… Aaron Ramsey’s season and offers for Bendtner.

"What? Where?" Fernando decided he'd better make haste and check his Twitter timeline.

Morning, folks. What a beautiful Monday morning it is.

Those of you that use it will know Twitter is capable of popping up with some truly wild and spurious stories. According to a very dubious ‘journalist’ in Bilbao, Fernando Llorente is heavily linked with a move to Arsenal. Now, before you get your hopes up, I’m not choosing to talk about this story for any other reason than it’s quite funny, and obviously not true. The transfer window has progressively worsened with speculation as the years have passed. Twitter’s emergence has enabled even the silliest of stories to quickly gain popularity, and most of them are either taken out of context, or entirely false attempts to gain a little attention.

It could drive you made if you crave your daily dose of legitimate news. When I’m having a snoop around, I enjoy a good rumour as much as the next person – it’s essentially harmless and, at times, quite intriguing. Llorente would make an excellent signing for Arsenal, but it’s not going to happen.

In news that is straight from the player’s mouth, Aaron Ramsey has discussed his performances during the season past;

“To ask me to play to a high standard week in, week out, in the Premier League when you think of the pace that goes with it, was very physically demanding.”

“People do forget how long I was out of the game and what happened. It’s been my first full season. Overall, I am happy with the way things have gone.

“From where I was with the injury I think I’ve done pretty well.

“It was a long season and it was something my body has not been used to. It was quite obvious I would get tired towards the end.

“Although I’ve been pretty pleased, there is still a lot more to come. I know that.

“But this season has been a good stepping stone for me.”

I like Aaron. I’m unabashedly a fan. Lot’s of you are not. The level of vitriol directed at him, and the breathtaking stupidity that accompanies such remarks has been one of the low points of recent times. It baffles me. He’s a young man, he’s recovered from the type of injury I’d wish on nobody. He doesn’t hide during games, he puts the effort in and he tries. Yes, there may be many occasions where the effort isn’t matched by the performance, but that will come given time.

To blame him for defeats, to take to the internet and plaster it with hate-filled drivel and moronically inaccurate stats just because a scapegoat for the team’s failing is needed, well… that’s just plain idiotic. No, it’s actually fairly despicable. He does not deserve any of it, and I don’t believe any real Arsenal fan would take to abusing the players with such fevered regularity.
He will come good. Mark my words.
Lastly today, it’s a bit about the apotheosis of man, Nicklas Bendtner. Allegedly, a number of clubs are chasing him, and Dortmund lead that particular charge. He will, by all accounts, be off our books for good soon. The sooner the better. He is grossly overpaid, and that money could be put to far better use somewhere else.
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11 thoughts on “Llorente to Arsenal? Yeah, right… Aaron Ramsey’s season and offers for Bendtner.”

  1. Ramsey, you are a very good player no matter what people say. I know you are really making the effort not only to overcome the injury completely (I’ve fractured a limb, and I know it takes time to feel completely cured), but to get your grove back. Let no one deter you (if it were up to the fans, Arsenal would have gone to the bins by now with their unintelligent demands, thankfully, they are not), and keep working hard, you’ll get back. It took Rosicky forever, and now every one is saying “he’s great!!” forgetting they wanted him out a few months ago! You are a gooner, and real gooners never give up!! KTFBIA (Keep The Fire Burning In Arsenal)!!

  2. Its quite astonishing how you can excuse a players averageness in one article and crucify another in the same piece. B52 and Ramsey are not AFC quality. Period.
    You attacked fans who abuse Ramsey. Tho its a wrong thing To do tto your own player butT that is exacTly whaT u’re doing 2 bendtner. FYI, bendtner has scored more important goals than Ramsey but has not been given a continous run in the team IN HIS PREFERED POSTITION like Ramsey.
    Except Ramsey is british and that makes everytthing alright, innit?

    1. Other than saying his wages are too high, how did I criticise Bendtner?

      Opinions are one thing. Pathetic abuse directed towards our players is idiotic. That’s my point. I suggest you read what’s there first before making comments.

      And learn how to spell…

  3. arsenaltruth.squarespace.com/arsenal-truth/2012/2/23/arsenals-130m-wage-bill-exposed.html
    So saying bendtner is grossly overpaid isn’t an insult? You are questioning a man’s integrity is wwhat u’re doing. FYI ramsey earns more than him. 55k per week for doing fuckall.
    I read the post and I understand what the words mean. If u don’t know what the words mean, then I suggest u stop blogging.

    1. I can spell alrighT but in your infantile blockheadedness u failed to noTice That the commenter is having a little trouble wiTh his keyboard.
      The inTerneT of course breeds people who cantt hack it in journalism so They use the web to spout half baked ideas. FYI again, english is my second language and I am probably better at than you are.

      1. If English isn’t your first language, I’ll safely assume stupidity is.

        If you don’t like what you read here, that’s fine. I welcome opinions and views that differ from mine. However, you’ve shown yourself to be no better than what you’re accusing me of.

        If you persist posting drivel, I’ll take great pleasure in blocking you and changing your comments. If you want to have a discussion that doesn’t resort to any hapless attempts to insult me, you’re more than welcome to post here.

  4. It wil be a good addition ,but how wil dat happen,if wenger wil start bringing dat kind of player i wil dance 4 the future

  5. Ramsey has all the qualities of being a very good player. Always at the right place to receive the ball and always at the end of chances. He has a very good attitude. Doesn’t shy away from tackles and works very hard

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