Look and what the international break does….

“Darling, I drink at least 3 of these a day to get me through it”

Morning, Earth creatures and readers from distant galaxies.



Today, unless you’re looking forward to the fixtures tonight, isn’t about Arsenal at all. Well, there is a bit of hot-off-the-press Lewandowski news as he’s taken to mentioning the deal we all thought was done with Bayern is not. He’s not signed anything with them according to the player himself. Perhaps Arsenal might swoop in… Perhaps.

That’s about it.

I’ve got little or nothing to say to you this morning, other than to inform you I’ll be crossing as many crossable parts of my anatomy and offering fevered prayers to the gods of football that Arsenal don’t suffer any f**king injuries to key personnel tonight.


Eerie silences…

Should I just throw a bit of filler up? Talk at great length about something extraneous from my personal life that’s sure to have many of you outraged enough to comment or E-Mail me something vitriolic? Well, as much as having a rattle tends to amuse me, I shall give it a miss…

No, wait.

Yesterday I had an odd dream. Sometime my dreams are so vivid that I awake to a horrible sensation of reality. It can take anything between 15-40 seconds for it to dawn on me that I’ve been dreaming. This never happens with nice dreams. No. I don’t get a small amount of time for the bliss of having copulated with Scarlet Johansson being an actual event in my life. I just get the weird stuff.

The dream I mentioned involved me having to sell pyjamas from door-to-door with Big Ted – who wasn’t at all helpful and acted as if there was a more pressing concern for him to deal with. He’s a bit like that on occasion. Whilst selling the bedtime attire, I was forced to engage in several gun battles with disgruntled residents who took my actions as a means to insight racial hatred. I am still unsure how they came to the conclusion.

The dream ended with Big Ted killing someone I work with, and me loosing my job for ‘unprofessional conduct outside the workplace’. For those brief moments after waking up, it all seemed a reality. Very, very odd.

On that note, It’s time for me to head into the job I still have, and thank you for your time. Leave me a comment, that should be interesting….

As always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

One thought on “Look and what the international break does….”

  1. It wasn’t a dream James
    Me and my tiger Hobbes do the bed-or-bullet run often
    Lost many a job because of it
    Remember you have been warned
    (Its a slow news day and one can only hear ones question being asked on the pod so many times)

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