Mahrez And Vardy. £25m Liverpool Move For Walcott.

“How much?? They’re going to say “yes”, aren’t they…”

Morning, folks.

Are you enjoying the festival of Football? The one thing I adore about tournament football is the frequency of the games. Sat at home on a day off and lounging about in my pants watching the day’s fixtures is a blissful experience. I’ve really started to get myself into the swing of Euro 2016 now. Yesterday’s games I enjoyed immensely. I watched Republic of Ireland against Sweden and Italy taking on much-fancied Belgium. Whilst neither game was particularly memorable, they were immensely watchable. Italy aren’t being talked about a great deal because of the lack of a notable “superstar” but they’re my sneaky bet to go a long way. In defeating a pretty lacklustre Belgium, they looked very good indeed. That should safely ensure the Azzuri flounder horrendously and make a thoroughly acrimonious departure at an early stage.

However, all this delicious tournament football does mean Arsenal news finds itself put firmly onto the back burner. Well, not entirely, it would appear. If you do some thorough digging you’ll discover a Pandora’s Box of wild and spurious transfer fluff.

So what’s happening?

Well, most goblets of cack being printed surround Arsenal raiding Leicester, whether that be the vastly publicised saga with Jamie ‘I have a ridiculous chin’ Vardy or some of his teammates with less preposterous facial features. There’s no resolution looming on the horizon of that particular saga. If you’re inclined to put any stock into what you read, then it could go either way. Some say he’ll stay, others say his decision is only being held up as a means of ensuring he doesn’t alienate the Leicester supporters by appearing to grab an opportunity to move with both hands. I guess feeding the media tales of aching deliberation will keep both parties mutually infatuated. Of course, that’s probably total bollocks. But then – it could be equally laced with mendacity when reports emerge of him wishing to sign a new contract. Who knows? For certain, we won’t know anything until some sort of official announcement is made. The sooner the better, please. I’d like to think Arsenal have learnt from past indiscretions and won’t allow this to rumble interminably into another fiasco.

Riyhad Mahrez is the other Leicester name regularly mentioned, and I prefer him to Vardy as a potential signing, purely because I think he’d offer more to the team and for longer. Vardy as good as he’s been, does not strike me as a correct fit for our style of play. With teams invariably sitting deep to soak up pressure when facing us, his opportunities to utilise that pace of his would be limited. Maybe that’s just the opinion of a blogger with, quite honestly, limited tactical knowledge, but I simply can’t see it working.

The final story to whet my blogging appetite was about Liverpool testing our resolve with a bid of £25m for Theo Walcott. My immediate response to that was to offer Theo a ride to Merseyside. Let’s be honest here – for the majority of the past season he was f*cking dreadful, often blundering about the field and showing about as much enthusiasm as a intoxicated sloth. He’s unquestionably got talent. When the mood takes him he can tear defences apart. However, much like Vardy, he doesn’t get enough chance to demonstrate his pace. When you consider that is his most formidable weapon, it hampers him somewhat.

Perhaps both parties should cut ties and go their separate ways. Theo would probably excel at another club and Arsenal could comfortably replace him with someone capable of offering immeasurably more. I don’t dislike him as a player, but I do struggle to find many reasons not to accept a bid of that amount.

We shall see, folks.

That’s all for today. I’m off to work, and I’ll be missing the majority of today’s game due to this. Bad times. I shall endeavour to return with more tomorrow. In the meantime, why not offer me some of your thoughts about the rumours above? Would you prefer Mahrez to Vardy? Do you have a reason to hold onto the services of Theo Walcott? Let me know in the comments section below.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

6 thoughts on “Mahrez And Vardy. £25m Liverpool Move For Walcott.”

  1. The Wallcot story is just that, it was dreamt up overnight in the single celled brain of a so called S** journalist who’d be better served sweeping the dirty streets of the capital. Lies damned lies.

  2. Klopp insists that his teams work really hard to defend, don’t believe he could find anything to like about walcott

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