Man City 6-3 Arsenal: Ermmm….. Okay then. Bad day at the office.

Aaron chose an odd moment to express his feeling through the majesty of dance.

Afternoon/evening, folks.


Not entirely sure where to start today. I’m disappointed. Doubtless to say, I’m far from the only Arsenal fan feeling that way at present. Yesterday did not go as planned. Before matches, I’ve a habit of playing out scenarios in my head, kind of like a pre-match pre-visualisation. When picturing the way events would unfold, images of a hard fought and close contest were conjured in my brainbox. I did not expect 9 goals.

In the face of defeat, it’s very easy to look for a scapegoat. God only knows why, but some people feel they can ease their misery by piling as much blame onto the shoulders of one of the players.  Aaron Ramsey knows better than most how fickle fans can be when you’re going through a bad time. Olivier Giroud seems to be the latest target.

I love Olivier. Yes, he isn’t the all-action forward we are used to, but comparisons to players from the past are always unfair. He isn’t Thierry Henry or Dennis Bergkamp. He’s Olivier Giroud. He brings another dimension to our forward play, and as long as he isn’t scoring, all the other excellent work he puts in goes unnoticed. I find that unfair. Look at his performances in an Arsenal shirt on the whole. He’s done extremely well for us. Every player, no matter who they are, has periods where their form dips and things don’t go as planned. Every player. To single him out for the kind of abuse he received for having an off day is absurd, and those people would do well to remember how many games he’s played. Fatigue plays its part, and when there’s no one else to back him up, you have to look at the manager. Man City have several strikers they can rotate. We have 2, and one of them is Nicklas Bendtner. Olivier needs help up there.

Most of the team didn’t play to their best yesterday, but having watched the game highlights and in full  – I was working during live showings – I didn’t think the scoreline was a true reflection of the match. Don’t get me wrong, Man City were the better team and deserved to win. At times, their attacking play was outstanding. However,  I didn’t think we had the rub of the green, nor did we deserve to ship 6 goals. There were certainly some peculiar decisions made by the touchline officials, and on another day we could of had 2 more goals, a penalty and seen City down to 10 men – Yaya Toure was obviously dangerously high with his tackle on Giroud:


Those gripes are irrelevant now. Sometimes in football you just have to take your medicine and move on. There is little point dwelling on a defeat. Chelsea come to The Emirates in 8 days time, and that will be a vitally important game. Should we lose, I’m sure the fanfares of disharmony will erupt into a deafening roar of idiocy. It’s so easy to snipe behind a keyboard. What I prefer to do is support. I don’t make excuses for poor performances when, as fans, we have a right to hope for better. I retain my faith in Arsenal and the team. We have good players and a wonderful team spirit. We can accomplish things. Letting a poor performance and a deflating result fill you with rage and hatred baffles me. We can beat Chelsea. We are more than good enough to do so.

I’m going to leave in there for today, folks. Head to the comments and let me know a few of your views. If you’ve read Arseblog today, you’ll have seen Andrew’s closing few paragraphs. It’s a sentiment I concur with absolutely, and will be adopting a similar approach. By all means constructively denounce players, but forget about any abuse getting on to the site. Especially if it’s aimed at me – I’ll just change those ones to something I deem more appropriate…

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

37 thoughts on “Man City 6-3 Arsenal: Ermmm….. Okay then. Bad day at the office.”

  1. It’s a sad day when the rest of the GoonerBlogs are so negative and moronic that James has to write a relatively sombre post based on the events rather than his usual whimsical adventures through fancy. BOOOOOOOOO!

  2. Wenger needs to rest Ozil for one and secondly most of the players did not turn up yesterday.We were sloppy with our passes and did not cover up very well.We need a few rotations and most probably we can get back on course. Let’s hope we can go through the Christmas season unscathed.

  3. Naive manager, no tactical nouse, highest paid in the world, how many years without a trophy do we have to go before he’s replaced? 13?..14?…15? Wenger out!

    1. I hate when the spell check changes a word and I don’t notice until it’s to late. It’s supposed to say ‘f**k off’

  4. Let’s be honest, Giroud WAS off yesterday and has been for last 4/5 games,but if you feel the need to scapegoat someone (as fans tend to) here are a few options
    1. Arsene Wenger – its his fault Giroud is as fatigued as he is; his miserbale failure to get a solid cover or improvement on Giroud in summer is criminal. Also, to rectify that whoever we do sign, and I can only hope we are planning to sign a a (world) class striker, better be in from 1st January, it would be negligent and even downright stupid to ignore all January’s games and only sign at close of window, as happenned with Ozil and our poor start at Villa.
    2. Our midfield three of Ramsey, Wilshere ans especially Flamini were nowhere yesterday, maybe it was fatigue,but either way yesterdays game was lost in midfield. YaYa and Fernandino destroyed us there and that’s why we lost,not Giroud. There was minimal to no tracking of midfield runners from our midfield three, their players had hours and acres to pick a pass and they have the players to do so.
    Giroud is one of 2/3 strikers in the world who has that level of hold-up and link-up and we are lucky to have him and I love the guy. But Giroud is not the type of striker to play alone,he needs to play with a quick,skillful (Suarez) striker who will run onto his sublime flicks,touches,knock-downs etc. Walcott can be that guy if he were a bit better technically and had more intelligent and instinctive movement, but he isn’t (yet I hope) so we need to get in someone like that. Pato,despite injury-record and loss of form could be that guy under Wenger’s management and he would add a threat that can run-in behind which Giroud can’t do. Jackson Martinez would be pricey,but Porto are out of the champions league so their willingness to sell might have increased a bit since they got knocked out.
    That’s a lot to take in,sorrry. But in my defence,yesterday was even more to take in +___+

        1. I always go back and watch the game again to really get everything, I think you see more the 2nd time. What I see is how hard he worked, I give points for that. I felt like we did better than a lot of people think but it wasn’t close to our capabilities. Whatever the reason we weren’t ourselves at all

  5. We have a strong squad but only two star players in Ozil and Walcott (who could be the difference this season). We need 3/4 star signings to compete on all 4 fronts. We need a ruthless striker, a comanding midfielder (khedria), another winger to give competition to Walcott, Podolski and Carzola and a Defender to rotate the centre halves and rest Mertesacker.

  6. Strange to see such negative reaction in the media who seem to have forgotten that yesterdays game was Arsenals 3rd game in 6 days, along with a tiring trip to Italy. Man City were able to rest many of their players in mid-week and still managed to beat Bayern, the best team in Europe, 3-2 in Munich. The fatigue was evident yesterday with a lot of slack passing and mistakes in midfield. Man City were very slick and the linesmen were very poor, possibly costing us a goal or two at key points in the match.
    EIE – i find it absolutely ridiculous you call for Wenger out when we sit on the summit of the EPL table. What you seem unable to comprehend is that for the past 8 years Wenger has not had the funds to build a title challenging team due to the financing and building of the Emirates. You call yourself a fan? I think moron would be more accurate. Either get behind the team or take your so called support elsewhere

  7. Hi ,
    Pretty good post . Sober by your standards though 😉
    The media pundits are deliriously happy now that Arsenal have lost .
    As regards the game ,he refereeing decisions had me seeing red for a while . Why does Arsenal always get the stepchild treatment ?
    I realise we didn’t do ourselves any favours with the errors , still the refs screwed us over.
    BTW we were not ‘thrashed’ IMO.We fought back to score 3(or was it 5?) Walcott showed some good form and we made decent attacks in spite of poor passing.

    Bottom line 8 days to take stock and move forward to the match against the chavs …


    PS: The keyboard warriors are out in force with the standard rhetoric and cliches – WTF does ‘Tactically Naive’ even mean ?

    Also every tom , dick and harry has his own opinion on who should be rested and who ought to start . Please STOP it – you have zero information about their actual fitness levels – so STFU !

  8. We scored 3 goals at the Etihad and probably should have at least one more given (the Giroud offside). On another day that would have been enough to win. We gave away the ball or carelessly lost it leading directly to at least 3 of the City goals. That’s why we lost. But we only lost the same 3 points we would have done if we’d lost 1-0. Beat Chelsea and we’ve got 3 points from two two games, when most of us would have settled for 2.

  9. Nice post and kind of reflect my thoughts. Disappointed to say the least but City were outstanding at times and the officiating at times left a whole lot to be desired.
    That said, I cannot see how anyone can get on Giroud’s back. The guy is doing a great job in an unenviable situation. He has played week in and week out and we all know that he tracks back, covers plenty of ground and tries to be all over the place. This is one of the reasons we have been having good results, because the team have been playing as a unit, great when it works but when the players break down because they are obviously physically drained, it isn’t any wonder we find ourselves in this position.
    I’m not one to knee jerk and say buy this player, buy that player, but we certainly need to take a long hard look at the situation.
    Kos is a big problem we do not need and you wonder if we would have shipped as many goal as we did had the Meterscielny unit been allowed to continue.
    Fed up? YES, game over? NO
    I fail to see that we are the only people that see the faults with the team we love so somehow we need to get this sorted and run right the way through to the end of the season.
    Lets not forget, no wobble as yet bar this last two.
    Think back to the start of the season, would we have taken this position AND C/L quaili from the group of death at the halfway stage? I think we would……….
    P.S What the FUCK is that fucking clueless dwarf Michael Owen doing commentating? I had to turn the sound off in the end because his thoughts had more in common with Arse Gravy than the game I was watching and made me so annoyed, I honestly thought I may have an aneurism. Even the dog left the room.

  10. In fact we were denied two goals one by giroud one by bendtner plus the clear penalt when zabaleta handled the ball and the reff.was just yards away but we are to blame for allowing yaya and fernandinyo the space to dictate other teams just close down yaya and fernandinyo and close the game we didnt do that we didnt have a left winger to cover nacho under attack zabaleta had the whole patch by himself our mdfld was not there perioud

  11. Wenger should start gernaby on the left he is something rest giroud the guy is fatigued cant blame him even ozil should rest some days bendtner can perfome shouted at

  12. The decisions made by the ref/liner had nothing to do with this defeat. For one a hand ball has to be on purpose not accidental, or on target etc. etc. Bentner was forward of the last defender, he was offside. Giroud looked level but obviously not to the liner who gave what he saw. City are simply unstoppable at home at the moment. Giroud was having a bad day and missing chances, Ozil could have stayed at home. City got what they deserved.

    1. @Alan:

      Both were clearly onside. Only Bendtner’s had a shred of doubt, in which case, the benefit of the doubt should have gone to the attacking player. I doubt either would have made much difference, but it’s certainly cromulent to point out mistakes.

      1. Bentner was offside, no shreds not close simply forward of the last defender, there is zero benefit to give it was what it was. Giroud was on but its not like he scored and then was flagged, he scored after not only the flag going up but even after the refs whistle. Credit where credits due City were the better and trying to make us look hard done by doesn’t change that, defeat with dignity not excuses.

      1. There is punctuation in most written languages. Just a few full stops would makes things a whole lot easier to read. I’m not judging, just offering a word of advice.

  13. Positives to take from the game :
    1. Theo and Poldi are back, which’ll allow for some rotation.
    2: With those 2 returning players being versatile enough to play as Central Striker, there’ll be some competition for Giroud’s spot, which might help the Frenchman improve his finishing.
    3: We managed to score 3 good goals at the Ethiad. City weren’t that far off during the match. Like Mr. Wenger said, they were gifted over half the goals coz of silly mistakes. So they might be clinical in attack but their defense is penetrable.
    4: The loss might provoke a good response from the Gunners which may help in the coming months.
    5: Its not the end of the world, we’re still at the top of the league.

  14. I think yesterday was a top game between two top teams with no bus parking in sight. Let’s have some more of that!
    As for the outcome I think people are going well over the top as to what it ‘means’. It means city got 3 points closer to arsenal. Nothing else. I hope the same open game can happen at the Emirates when city go there. As a city fan I have always enjoyed Arsenal coming to town. Most years it was just to see how football should be played! Henry is the only opponent I have seen clapped at city whilst taking a corner. If arsenal keep dispatching the ‘bottom 15’ in the same fashion as in 2013, they have a great chance of winning the title. Given the way the other teams play, if not us, then I hope arsenal win it. Finally, as to yesterday I would just say, that you may have had some decisions go against you, but it could have been quite a few more than 6!
    Here’s to being in the top two come May.

  15. A man city fan here , I’ve always had respect for arsenal as club , even though the vile shit bitter shit your smacked arsed manager and fans say about our great club and fans ! Your as bitter as the rags and spurs .. But
    Really every club has this type of fan , you only have to go on blue moon
    To read some knee jerk comments from our fans after a dropping points or losing a game , reading some of your posts you have the same dickheads who just are to immature to understand , a great game yesterday played out by the best two teams in the prem , but we had that extra class to open you up
    And don’t forget we had at least 5 chances that we could have scored to counter your complaints about things not going your way , yes we are the lottery winners of football we got lucky , in different ways lots of top clubs have had good fortune . Eg dident arsenal get £50 mill some time back when that was a lot of money , we had by the same rule a chairman Peter Swales r.i.p
    Who ran our great club into the ground after a great team ripped apart by bringing the Malcolm Allison back . Really like venger as a manager , it’s shame he lets himself down by his ingracious smacked arse disrespect for
    Our club .

    1. Hmm maybe you’ll find a part of every club’s supporters who are immature/ sour losers/ complain boxes (whatever u like to call ’em). And its “Wenger” not venger. He’s a professional, so I doubt he disrespected Man City in any way.

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