Mega Contracts Ahoy; Ramsey, Cazorla, Zelalem and Maybe Koscielny.

Great, but what about Sagna?

Morning, folks.

Yesterday, like a bolt from the blue, there was joyous news. Not entirely unexpected enough to warrant my use of the phrase “bolt from the blue” but a pleasant surprise nonetheless. It was confirmed by Arsenal that both Aaron Ramsey and Santi Cazolra have signed extensions to their current deals and youngster Gedion Zelalem has signed his first professional contract with Arsenal.

Great news. Superb. Wonderful. Awesome and a whole plethora of superlatives I’m, quite frankly, not inclined to list any further.

It get even better when you consider that there is a lot of talk flying around about Laurent Koscielny also eager to put pen to paper on a improved contract. All 3 first-team players are integral to the manner in which the team plays, and securing them, and the other recent extensions, is a huge sign of intent from Arsenal. Too many times in the past we’ve found ourselves with our pants around our ankles as vital team members casually allow their contracts to run down.

However, such things invariably leave open avenues for other questions to be asked. With so many of the first team offered to ability to commit further to the ’cause’, what of Bacary Sagna? If you take a moment to check out odds from BetBright, then it looks almost an inevitability he’ll swan off for pastures new once the summer months arrive. It’ll be a damn shame should that happen as I feel he is still of huge benefit to the Club.

Will Arsene Wenger sign up for a few more years? You’d have to assume that he is looking to build a successful side again and all these contract renewals are a sign of ‘Le Boss’ getting his house in order. That’s how I see it at the very least. Yet, nothing is definitive. Arsenal haven’t waited this long to announce Arsene’s continued management since he arrived on these fair shores. There is still an element of doubt in the air that he could choose to leave his legacy on a high should we taste that elusive bit of silverware come May. That isn’t at all unbelievable.

I don’t have the answers, folks. Like most people who write a football blog, what appears before you is just the uninformed talk of a fan who likes to share his opinions. Contacts and sources are not things I possess. I hate all that sh*te anyway, so it’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned. If I had them, the vast majority of people would assume I’m lying.

All I know is what’s presented before me, and it’s an abundance of good news today. With Arsene’s 1000th game in charge this Saturday morning against Mourinho at Stamford Bridge, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that milestone would be used as the perfect moment to inform us all Arsene is staying. But, hey – don’t quote me on that (unless I’m right).

That’s all for today, folks. Use the comments below to tell me all of those thoughts buzzing around your respective brains. I’l look forward to reading some. I shall return with more tomorrow. Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

4 thoughts on “Mega Contracts Ahoy; Ramsey, Cazorla, Zelalem and Maybe Koscielny.”

  1. These contract stuff were important but in other way it’s a dull subject. There is chance that full grown Zelalem might not spend his senior career at Arsenal at all. Rumor said we have 100 M pounds transfer kitty, and we could see another CM attach to the club same as him. The kid has a mountain to climb and might turn over to elsewhere in the process unless he has something superb to offer.

  2. I’m not really bothered about Le Boss signing his new contract, that will happen at some point without doubt, but I just wish we fans had some say about getting Sagna to put pen to paper.
    He will be a massive loss for sure. At 31 he still has at least 4 years to give us in that position. Lets face it, some players play until they draw their pension, no names ahem, Roger Milla…..
    How much would it cost to bring a player of his quality in £20m? Then pay him for 4/5 years? £20m?
    Surely by simply giving the man we all love and want to stay his 4 year contract of £100k per week, we would be saving money and getting the best man for the job….?
    I’m honestly at a loss on this one too James.
    Anyway, looking forward to Saturday. In a strange way, it looks like Paddy Barclay was right, the gods might be smiling on us with the stars aligning and everything falling into place for Arsene to prove his is NOT a “Specialist In Failure”.
    This will be achieved by beating the man who won’t even be allowed in the dug out (I think this is the case) because he is “such a card, a breath of fresh air, someone that the premier league needs” or simply because his big mouth got him into trouble with the referee’s who appear to be the only independently run body that have not yet fallen for all the tripe that comes out of that flatulent pain in the arse known as Maureen…………

    As ever COYG!!!

    1. Just substitute my name at the top and read again. I agree with everything but AW signing a new contract. I’m hoping he does but I’m a little nervous about why it hasn’t happened yet. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m looking forward to Saturday’s game because I know what we are capable of but I’m still a little nervous because under no circumstances do I want maureen to win this one. Let’s do this for AW! #COYG

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