Mertesacker, Gervinho, Giroud, Cazorla, Mannone, Ramsey and a cauldron of sh*t.

FA Premiership: Norwich City 1-0 Arsenal                                      Lukas decided it was the appropriate time to show his affection for the Norwich players.

Afternoon folks.

It’s difficult to know where to begin. I’ve spent today having to endure some pretty woeful attempts at humour from workmates – Delia Smith remarks, my splitting sides – and I’m still in something of a state of shock after yesterday’s fiasco. I didn’t see it coming; I didn’t think we would go into a game we should win and be so unfathomably awful.

Had Norwich turned in a classic underdog performance, and beat us through will and spirit, I’d still be annoyed, but more likely to understand. They didn’t, in fact; they were fairly pedestrian at best. They got the result because Arsenal didn’t turn up, because, as Arsene himself admitted afterwards, “we perhaps underestimated them a bit”.

I didn’t much care for that remark. Arsene should have simply addressed the press with honesty, “we were bloody awful, and some players will be getting a dressing down”. To admit – partially – to complacency and a lack of preparation makes him, and the team, appear unprofessional. The early part of the season has seen us put in some encouraging performances. Yet it would appear our propensity for calamitous displays is still very much alive and kicking. It may be early days, but if sufficient work isn’t done to eradictae such an ability to fuck things up at a moments notice, we’ll be looking at another empty-handed season. It may sound pessimistic of me to say so, but it is true.

As for the players, I would say only Arteta and Jenkinson appeared mildly interested. The rest were dreadful – lacking basic drive and enthusiasm. Cazorla looked sluggish, Ramsey was catastrophically bad in possession, Mertesacker looked nervy and tired, and Gervinho and Giroud showed the kind of ruthlessness in front of goal you’d expect from a kitten. Worst of all was Mannone. It’s tough for me to be too hard on him, but he simply isn’t good enough to be starting for a Premiership side – let alone one with alleged title aspirations. Szczsney can’t come back quick enough.

I hate having to moan. I really do. I’d much prefer to be gleaning more positives from a comprehensive victory. When Arsenal want to play, we’re a match for anyone. It’s when we do what we did yesterday I despair. Any team hoping to challenge for the league has to win games like that – perform badly and still come away with something. I’m hoping it turns out to be nothing more than a momentary blemish, and one that will be soon forgotten. Yet it will always be there; that nagging sensation in the back of my mind that we’ll push self destruct the moment things start to look good. We can ill afford too many more instances like that.

That’s all for today folks. The comments are below if you’d like an avenue to vent your frustrations. Who’s performance was the worst? Does the defeat worry you, or are you confident in our ability to bounce back? Let me know.

Thanks for reading, you splendid little units.

26 thoughts on “Mertesacker, Gervinho, Giroud, Cazorla, Mannone, Ramsey and a cauldron of sh*t.”

  1. stop trying to over-complicate things. We had ONE shit poor game where we looked tired, many of the players playing 2 matches in a week, against a side that defended deep and looked sharper who had just 2 players away at International duty. I know Wenger didn’t want to use that as an excuse, but there is a reason. We lost a game we should’ve won but to write off all the good and positves of the matches before that one, including the Chelsea defeat is doing yourself and the club a disservice. I don’t think for one second Wenger underestimated Norwich, but like many fans I would imagine that many of the players thought it was going to be an easy 3 points, and Norwich made sure that it wasn’t going to be that, sometimes you just have to say the other team were better on the day.

      1. There isn’t no point trying to make excuses..if you want to win trophies u should be ready to win matches like this wether the players played 7 matches in 2 and half days or not. In my opinion, its just October and any title hopes just went down the toilet….shame

    1. Don’t blame internationals here mate. ManU had went behind and turned it around quite comprehensively. Chelsea looked strong and fit and City, although they left it late, got a result. We aren’t in their league unfortunately. We have some quality players but there’s one thing we don’t have and that’s a winning mentality. The longer we go without winning some silverwear the harder it’s going to get. In this climate, with all the sugar daddys, we aren’t going to get that title that will kick us into gear to move onwards and upwards any time soon. TV5 wrong choice for captain it should’ve been Arteta…..

    2. Yeah it happens to the eventual champions most years, at some point in the season, but to lose like that this early was not a good sign of things to come. It’s clear we still need a striker, even if Giroud comes good (I want to see Walcott given a go thru the middle before Jan) and it’s clear we miss Diaby, but what’s new there. We have to hope Jack can come back strongly and give the team some drive, but the growing injury list is very worrying.

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    1. Exactly! They scraped through. That’s what contenders do. I’m normally the most optimistic guy in the world but only Arsenal can find a way to to make me doubt THIS much. We’re not far off having a team that is in with a shout but it won’t be this season we’re already 10 points off the top and still have some really tough games to come. On this showing ManU are going to absoloutely rape us again. We’ve brought in players that have won their respective leagues (Vermaelen, Giroud, Gervinho etc ) and we’ve managed to turn them into doubters and from the winners that they were…..

    2. I think you should shut the fuck up dude….its 10points behind Chelsea and utd, city…6points already…we play utd in 2 wks as well…which we all know what the result wld be…so losing this game was just the height of fuck up on their side….sucks!!!

  3. this was the worst arsenal performance i’ve ever seen. at least we mad de gea work when we lost 8-2. ruddy didn’t have to dive for any of our shots. and chamakh is better than giroud. chamakh wins headers, he’s faster and by this time in chamakh’s first season he had scored a lot more. the only reason chamakh got bad was because rvp came back. how can you blame a striker for not scoring when he never starts?

  4. Guyz we fucked up yesterday..playing two games in a week is no excuse for loosing a match…our best player was aterta…or under rating norwich is stil no excuse…mannone is too dull a keeper for the EPL talkless of being in the goal for arsenal….all the players were too dull for my liking….gosssh

  5. I think the thing that always worries me is how some of the lessor teams can use tactics (playing deep, closing us down quick, putting their foot in) in a way that seems to cause us grief but not Chelsea, united or city in the same way. We do have a better squad than last season and in all three of the major signings have great ability or potential, but something year on year seems to be missing. I suspect it is the driving force of a Yaya Toure or Vieira. Arteta is great and a high quality consistent performer but sometimes I think we need someone else sitting deep who can break up play, win the battle in the middle of the park and break with power. It is our Achilles heel, having to break down teams who don’t care if they don’t win.

  6. you cant blame it on tiredness. A squad should be able to cope with all the problems an EPL throws at you. Weak squad physically equates to being overpowered or bullied especially during those winter months where you need to dig in. We need some more big powerful players to make the rest of the team to tick. This is the problem we have had for the last seven years. We started ok when the side looked more powerful with Diaby in it. Mvilla doesnt look the best but he would have been a great addition to our squad.
    Giroud i hate to say it but he doesnt look that much better than Chamakh.
    I also believe that with some bigger players we wouldnt have has so many injuries. The stronger players can deal with some of the force of the other side and then we wouldnt rely on our lightweight midfielders to have to overwork. Its an easy equation to add up, small players less to battle back as whole. Wenger cant keep trying to create a Bacelona in the EPL, it hasnt worked.
    A better squad would also allow for a plan B which we havent had for seven years either!

  7. come on guys, i play football and i know what is really lacking in arsenals play!, it’s just that we lack the aggressiveness when it comes to physical matches like this, just like in the Chelsea game, only few of our players could go and battle the ball with an oponent player!, Norwich players were tall and stronger than us, and thats the advantage they had, they could easily bully an arsenal player and get the ball away!, the sooner we start working on our aggressiveness, the better for us, lets stop playing like a 10yr old boy who doesnt wana be kicked in the ass, and play like we wana fight for the tittle, winning a trophy is never easy, thats why we gotta fight for it and stop playing fragile football, even the Barcelona team that plays the passing game like us, still battle balls with rough team like madrid, and thats why they always get a good result in the end. On Jack that have that aggressiveness!!.. come on Jack i need yooouuu!

  8. It was a poor performance, it actually seem that the team did not prepare for the game, nobody was willing to stepup and we cannot allow this spirit to come into our game,
    All the other teams had their players on international break also , so that cannot be an excuse. the game was awful and wenger need to choose players for specific games

  9. can someone tell me what Ramsey is doing at Arsenal damn that guy isn’t just good enough to be playing for as arsenal at the moment we been playing short one each he makes the team, i don’t hate him as a person but he isn’t good enough to be playing for us at the moment sometime i feels wenger is just killing the team with this attitude of always playing Ramsey when he knows he is not good enough .maybe he only trying to fulfill the promise he must have agreed with Ramsey parents but he should know that he is put the club at risk if he continues with this attitude of his.

  10. Player wise, let’s get a few things off the table

    Like this from the I play football crowd….
    “Norwich players were tall and stronger than us, and thats the advantage they had”. So you harbor the belief that Barcelona – who is far shorter and collectively ‘lighter’ than us would have lost at NC and lost by more – given the “cause – effect” you cite. God help us.

    And this from the AKB crowd (I am generally positive on AW)
    “The international break! The International Break I tell you”. Didn’t half of Man City’s strike force play in flipping South America before returning back to England.

    And the “We may have taken them lightly” crowd – like AW
    If we take anyone lightly since 2005 we should be shipped off to the Championship straight away. No room for this – ever – in a professional Club and I think AW knows it, but gives the press release what they want to hear anyway.

    I think there are two things that Arsenal FC MUST – absolutely MUST – understand about match results.

    The game is won or lost in the 5% of the total area of the pitch that is around the goals. You can have all of the possession you want in the other 95% of the pitch but if you don’t defend (including goal-keeping) and attack effectively in the respective parts of that 5% of the pitch – you lose the match. We have become masters of the 95% and spectators in the 5% on far too many occasions.

    You must control what you can control and not let what you can’t control decide the outcome of a match. The Team MUST be prepared to suffer at least 1 significant “uncontrollable” event in every match. If you are not prepared that way, your approach is to “hope” that it does not occur. A strange deflection, a bad offside call, a defender slips at the crucial moment, a Mata free kick that goes all the way in, an attacker throwing our defender to the ground and then running free and scoring, etc. etc. etc. If you “hope” that doesn’t occur, then Hope is your strategy. Hope is not a strategy. Teams that win championships are prepared to score 2 goals if they need them and do so – by hook or by crook (corner kicks, set plays, long throw-ins, whatever). Arsenal has been built to score goals and score them in abundance. 10 men behind the ball for 90+ minutes is just another uncontrollable that we must overcome with speed of play. If they want to chase, make them chase A LOT and watch the gaps open up. Play 1 touch for 1 touch sake, change the point of attack for the sake of changing the point of attack and – for Christ’s sake – let’s have more dynamic movement at the front of the team when we can simply hold the ball for indefinite periods at the attacking midfield area.

    All of those aspects of what this team was built for were in the witness protection program on Saturday. No movement up top, means AR and SC and MA were holding the ball for 3, 4 5 touches “looking” for the next pass. The next pass was not obvious to anyone in midfield that received a ball because there was no movement. And when the pass was not obvious, our mids waited for the pass to “show” and held the ball too long instead of just playing the next pass “early” to the next mid to see if he had a better look at the obvious pass. It all breaks down. The oldest “truisms” in football remain – the run dictates the pass when moving in a penetrating fashion and the pass dictates the run when you want to combine with a player with their back to goal.


    1. Well said, Island Gunner.

      Its games like this that brings the old aura back. No end product. Not enough men in the final third. Meaningless possession at the centre of the pitch. And last but not the least, pressing the self destruct button. Which we have pressed twice this season, already.

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