Mesut medical magic. Bring on the signings! Ba? Viviano? More?


Afternoon, folks.

On the rare occasions I offer up a bonus, special, unexpected post, it’s usually because I’m bored or feel like doing something bloody silly. Today, it’s because of good old fashioned hope.

As I’m typing this, Arsenal are edging ever closer to announcing a record deal that will see Mesut Ozil join from Real Madrid. Barring something spectacularly awful happening – I’ve not written it off – Arsene will have his grubby paws on a truly wonderful player. Not a talented youngster with bags of potential or an obscure name he can mould toward greatness, but arguably one of the top 5 attacking players in world football. Mesut Ozil is that good.

As I’m typing, just about every news outlet is suffering meltdown from the amount of Gooners and other fans ignoring their jobs to hunt for scraps of news. It’s all gone a little bonkers out there, but it isn’t half exciting. And it would appear there is more to come. Nothing is confirmed officially yet, but I don’t think we’ll stop at Ozil.

Emilliano Viviano of Palermo and Demba Ba are currently the most likely with alleged interest in Angel Di Maria appearing to have cooled since the Ozil deal neared completion. But, as we all know, there’s still plenty of time for something to happen. In 6 hours the window will close, and by that time I think we could all be very pleasantly surprised.

No one could dispute Arsene should have acted sooner, but if he had, we’d have been spared all the fun and games of today. The transfer window has been a seemingly interminable trek through yards and yards of sh*te, yet there is a bright, welcoming light on the horizon. I feel ebullient and ready to frolic naked through a meadow signing show tunes. I want to hug, kiss and awkwardly grope each and every one of you. I am a happy fellow at the moment.

I think I’m going to press my face against the computer screen and pray for that confirmation. We are so close now…

So, folks, who do you think we could sign realistically? More than 2? Do we need a defender? Are you happy to be linked to Demba Ba? Take a moment to let me know in the comments.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

13 thoughts on “Mesut medical magic. Bring on the signings! Ba? Viviano? More?”

  1. Would Ozil have been available before Bale’s move? Has waiting, or ‘failing’ to sign earlier been a negative or an opportunity.
    Whatever, I love it, we are looking formidable!

  2. I think we can strengthen our full back positions, CB work well together but would still be good to bring in a good 4th choice back up, perhaps a back up for Per as Verm and Kos both have similar play styles and as proven last term they clash so if per gets injured we’re fcked.

    We need a brickwall DM

    As for the rest of our midfield and forwards, I think we are good, obviously you can always improve but imo with the likes of Cazrola, wilshere, Walcott, Poldoski, Giroud and the possibilty of Ozil we are pretty good, Getting a few backs up would be nice but unless we were going to bring in a high profile player this lot will do nicely.

    As for Ba, provided Giroud is 1st choice and Sanago gets game time here and there (Love both the players) I will happily take Ba on loan provided the price is right.

  3. Ozil is different gravy, top top player…(if he comes) his stats are unreal.
    I would take Ba but would prefer a permanent transfer.
    Happy to sign a keeper , can’t be too bad if he has played for italy.

    I think we need a proper winger but dont think it will be di maria
    Someone who can play at the back would be good
    A deep lying midfielder

    I think i am being greedy now so i better go

  4. Just perfect. Would have taken Ba last season itself if wouldn’t have gone to chelsea. And im sure very few gooners would have denied that.

    Ozil is just pure class. Arsene know what he is doing.. Big CF who can hold the ball with quick cohesive set of versatile midfielders capable of swapping positions..


  5. Wooooow! Atlast. I just can’t believe Arsenal has made a big-money signing in Mesut Ozil. Wenger signed him atlast after failing to do so 3 years back. We’ve even gotten another goal-keeper to compete with Szscesny for the number one spot. It’s happy days to be an Arsenal fan. So sure more signings will follow. I feel like we just won a trophy……………BIG THANKS to tortoiseham. Oops! I mean tottenham. UP GUNNEEEEEEEEEERS! UP MESUT OZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL!

  6. As much as I’m excited about the transfer, I can’t hide the fact that I’m disappointed. Ozil is great, but it doesn’t solve the lack of bodies up front and at the back. My thinking right now would be this, Podolski will push to the front, and Cazorla will play on the left. But then, thinking bout it, we only have 3 senior wide men! Another problem is Poldi is such on a long medical leave. Way too long for me, another striker would’ve solve that. Looking back at a hindsight, really should bought Ba in January for 7m pounds, we won’t have this problem.

  7. I do not believe that Demba Ba would do well in our system of play.
    The fact that Jose M. deemed him to be expendable tells the story.
    Beside that, we will be able to do business in January if need be.

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