Mesut Ozil explodes on international duty.

“What’s happened?! “

Morning, folks.

It’s been a week since we last spoke, and what an eventful week it has been. When the transfer window entered it’s final day, I had slim hopes of anything spectacular happening – I assumed we’d bring in a couple of loan players to make up the numbers and that would be that.

Then we signed Mesut blommin’ Ozil.

To say I was ecstatic would be a considerable understatement. I yelped with delight upon the confirmation. I actually yelped. Not like a distressed puppy with an injured paw, but in a manner you’d associate with the news of pending carnal relations with Scarlet Johansson (I wonder if she reads this blog…).

Ozil isn’t just a good signing and a good player – he’s arguably the best No. 10 in Europe. If you take Messi and Ronaldo out of the equation, I struggle to think of a better player across the top leagues, and that isn’t my bias talking. Pulling something truly magical from the hat at the last minute doesn’t excuse Arsene’s floundering during the off season, however, I’m quite prepared to overlook the past blemishes and focus entirely on the future. Now is a time to be hopeful, not a time to point out the mistakes with more verve than usual.

The reason I’ve given this post such an alarming title is because of my well documented hatred for the international break. Mesut Ozil hasn’t exploded on international duty, he hasn’t picked up an injury. I was just being silly as I like to be on occasion. When it’s these f**king tedious fixtures instead of glorious Premiership football, I invariably assume the worst; our players will come back to the Emirates in a crumpled mess.

I wince every time an Arsenal player is brushed gently by the trailing foot of an opponent. Mesut Ozil’s debut against Sunderland at the weekend is something I’m anticipating eagerly, and every crossable part of my anatomy will remain crossed in the hope the footballing Gods see fit to allow him to pass unscathed.

That’s about all for today. Last night I saw Twitter finally reach its horrific peak when the combined forces of temperamental football fans and breathtakingly defensive One Direction fans battled with one another over Gabby Agbonlahor clattering Louis Tomlinson of One Direction in a charity match for Stylian Petrov.

Wow. Imagine what would have happened had Flamini made that tackle and left the little One Direction fella in the top tier of the ground.

I’ll leave the comments open to you today, as I’d like you to pose me a few questions. I’m shall answer a few tomorrow as part of a new weekly blog I’m going to do. Feel free to ask absolutely anything you want. The best will be featured with full credit offered to those asking.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

19 thoughts on “Mesut Ozil explodes on international duty.”

  1. Me and my sister are massive fans living in New Delhi, and the transfer deadline is 3:30 am. When the Ozil transfer was confirmed, we screamed like little girls, waking up half the neighbourhood! Already ordered our Ozil shirts 😀

    1. Amazing! Being in Mumbai had the same experience
      I came home early from college and was glued to my phone from 3.30pm to 3.30 am
      Twitter Arseblog the Bergkamp Wonderland all of it
      Most magical night ever

  2. My Ozil shirt ordered on deadline day as well. How long does the bloody thing take to get to New Zealand?
    Excited as a pig in shit. Can’t wait till the weekend to watch Sunderland get torn a new arsehole by Ozil, Giroud and Walcott

  3. I am deliriously excited about the signing as well, hope that none of the players return injured, can wait for the weekend. this break have me scouting all over the internet for any news about Ozil just to keep the boredom away, MISSING MY PREMIER LEAGUE

  4. Also, I’d like to know how you think we’ll line up once Arteta is fit? More pointedly, where does Jack fit in to this equation.

  5. Do you think with Ozil and Cazorla in one team it would be impossible to have a midfield without Arteta or Flamini(or both) Because they both(MO and SC) arent the best defensively and against the big teams they have to start.You think Ramsey and Wilshere are up to the task?

  6. Taking u up on d Q & A. Please what is your take on AW’s comments indicating that he doesnt fancy the idea of working with a Football Director?

  7. James

    I gotta couple of questions for ya

    Q1 Champions league qualification or winning a cup final and therefore ending the rather tedious 8 years without a trophy bollocks………………?

    Q2 If AW was to do one and leave who would you want in his place ?

    I’m curious about your answer to question 2 coz there has been times that I’ve questioned AW policies and decisions and thought maybe he is past his best, but I’ve never really had a definite successor in my mind that could carry it on and take us to the next level

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