Mesut’s settling in very nicely and Arsenal could be Klose to a signing.

“James… That pun in the title… Why?? WHY??”

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Today I shall be brief as I’ve got to head off to work early this morning. Early starts have never been something I’m particularly enamoured with. When such occasions arise, I tend to write my blog posts the night before and schedule them to be posted the following morning. Right now it’s 1am. You’ll be reading this sometime around 9am. I hope that makes sense…

Mesut Ozil, the boggly-eyed genius we all love, has been talking about his time at Arsenal thus far and how he’s settling in to the Club. I know the more disgruntled amongst you like to have a little grumble at his form, but I don’t see it as an area for concern. I often look at Robert Pires’ first year at Arsenal – not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but he didn’t set the Premiership ablaze. His second season, however, well… that was pretty special. Sometimes it can take players a little while to truly adapt and settle into their new surroundings. I think Mesut is doing just fine so far.

He agrees:

“I have always had a winter break in previous years but in the Premier League, you play every few days – you don’t get a week to relax,

“I am very pleased that I am in this league because you go from game to game very quickly.

“You play every two or three days and for me it is better to play more games than train because I love a challenge and here that is perfect.

“I feel comfortable here. You can see on the pitch when we play together that we have a very good understanding.

“The team is great and for me it’s been very easy to settle – the German players here have helped me to establish myself quicker than I perhaps would have done were they not here.

“But ultimately I feel pleased. The people are very friendly and welcoming.

Elsewhere, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, we have some fun transfer gossip to have a look-see at. This time, it’s an idea I kinda like, and one that doesn’t sound all that far-fetched by comparison to others. Germany’s Miroslav Klose has a contract that expires over the summer. Having already expressed his desire to play in English football, it’s being rumoured that Arsenal might seek to try and nab him in January.

The reason I quite like the idea is because he’s a proven scorer at Club and International level, and his many compatriots at Arsenal would probably mean a swift and easy integration into the team. I’m not saying he’s the best option out there, but neither is he the worst. Should Arsene make a move, a player of his pedigree would certainly bolster the squad and provide valuable cover, albeit in the short-term.

So, what do you think? I’m off to bed now (feels weird writing that knowing I’ll be awake when you read in the morning) so my last act of the night will be to point you toward the comments. you may pour out your heart and soul there without fear of judgment. I’ll look forward to reading them.

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13 thoughts on “Mesut’s settling in very nicely and Arsenal could be Klose to a signing.”

  1. Like the idea. A high profile, Kevin Phillips like player on the bench to come and ultimately score goals. Realistic and perfect to fit into our system. He won’t expect 90 mins every single game, he’ll just want to prove he can contribute to the team when given a chance. World class finisher who takes chances when he gets them. Sign him up wenger!

  2. Thats uncanny, last night I was discussing Klose with my son and we basically said exactly what you did. He could come properly priced, do a job and not expect to play every game and be an ideal sub.
    Oh, great minds do think alike after all!
    As for the glorious Mesut, it he has a second second season improvement anywhere near like Pires did, then god help the rest of Europe let alone the P/L!!

  3. We always knowing Klose as a clinical striker. His body positioning maybe the best in the world. The guy is an evergreen, I can’t believe his 35-36. A right task for a short plan and better than Berbatov indeed. However James, I dreaming about Jackson Martinez. I think he’s the only world class striker who Arsene can get this winter. Unfortunately, Arsene doesn’t look like to do winter big business. He’s still regarding Diego Costa, which his price look to be inflate next summer. So anyway, no guarantee we can buy him at that time as Chelsea and other big clubs join the bid’s war.
    I hope le Boss will surprise us again (with Jackson Martinez arrive) like he done before.

    1. Costa and Martinez are both a risk at 30m but for different reasons. Costa has appeared from nowhere with an unimpressive record until the last season or two. Martinez is a proven scorer but in a weaker league. This is wingers dilemma the players that are proven in the top 4 leagues (England Germany Spain Italy) are either not available or have not been doing it consistently over a number of seasons.

    2. I agree on the Martinez one also. What a talent, esp when surrounded in the air but you do wonder if he could manage the “open play” goals as freely in the Prem with the way things are shut down and crowded out more quickly. Again, another player that wouldn’t be rejected and if the talent arrived with him, you would see plenty of red shirts with Jackson on the back!

  4. The way things are Klose Berbatov or Morata looks likely names in with a shout. If reports are to be believed, Draxler is done for the summer which means whoever we buy now will be more a stop gap arrangement even though Drax is not a striker but more a winger. Point is if we are paying over the odds to Draxler, then expecting one more high investment on the likes of Costa orMartinez looks unlikely.

  5. Mesut is doing just fine, he will be even better going forward, he is a joy to watch and our pride,he will win us something soon i am certain.

  6. klose sounds sense to me as a short-term option. not really heralded as a proverbial world class striker even during his peak, but always banging in the goals. and at 35 years of age, still going strong.

    costa won’t happen this january, martinez, i’m not very sure since many pointed out already he’s untested yet in a stronger league, so might be a bit of a gamble (a good one to take i think). but i’d take morata for now(which sounds relatively realistic for a loan deal if madrid agree).

    but i don’t see why berbatov couldn’t do a job for arsenal. he’s often criticized, sometimes fairly, for looking lazy, disinterested on the field. but he’s a proven goal-scorer and has silky first touch and great skills, qualities wenger and the fans love in arsenal’s players. maybe, he can be inspired and energized by wenger and a title-chasing arsenal.

    the bottom-line is, we need a striker to help giroud. btw, i’d even take draxler instead of any one of the above. stock up on miniature pass masters just like man city have stocked up with lethal strikers.

  7. This is a question dealing with the summer transfer window. We have first dibs on Cesc, IF he leaves should we get him? Do we need him anymore? Can we keep him so a Manchester team can’t? Your thoughts?

  8. Don’t you think a loan deal for Moratta would do more good to Madrid than to us? IMO, we should just take the gamble on Martinez. Costa resembles Eduardo and the fear of a Ryan Shawcrosslike-tackle on him make me rule him out of the equation. If he is unavailable for the winter, then I agree with you on Klose but not a Berbatov or a Kalou

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