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Evening, folks.

Mike Dean is a silly little man. That’s the headline today. I feel it’s a massive understatement. Alas, my friends at all the wonderful news aggregators this site is linked with don’t take particularly kindly to outrageous bursts of profanity. There are far more appropriate words to describe the shambling little cretin, but I mustn’t use any of them lest I be censored and end up on some naughty lists. I’m sure you can use your formidable intellects to muster an idea as to which words I’d consider the most apt.

Since yesterday’s 1-1 draw at the Hawthornes brought 2017 to a close, the opinion on who to blame has been pretty much 50/50 – as is so often the case amidst Arsenal’s fan base. One side blames Dean’s incompetence and nothing else. The other points the proverbial finger of blame at Arsene Wenger and the team – after all, we should comfortably dispatch the side bottom of the league. I think they’re both right. Up until Alexis’ highly fortuitous opener, we had been, frankly, sh*t (I can usually get away with the odd swear word). There was little or no cohesion in our play and we appeared to lack any ideas in the final third. Without Mesut Ozil and all his twinkle-toed probing, Alex Iwobi and Sanchez created few openings for Lacazette, who, in fairness, looked sharp throughout.

So it’s nor unfair to say the team should have played better and we should really be able to turn over West Brom with minimal fuss. However, we are given a break and looked on the way to grinding out what would have been an undeserved 3 points on the balance of play. Then Mike Dean’s ear piqued, the feculent little p*ssbag, and he decided he’d end 2017 with comfortably one of the dumbest decisions you’ll ever see watching football. Callum Chambers was penalised for a clear case of ball-to-hand and there is no way he could have moved his hand. It was such a bone-headed moment of f*ckwitery from Dean it would be easy to assume he did it on purpose just to get some attention. It certainly cost us 2 points in a game we ultimately didn’t deserve all 3.

The funny thing about the 24 hours that’s past since the game finished is that I’m now no longer as incandescent as I was. The blinding rage in the face of an unfair decision has burnt out and now I just feel there’s no point talking about it with such verve. After all, there is nothing we can do about it and with the games coming thick as fast, I’m more interested in Chelsea on Wednesday night.

There’s not much news regarding the team for that match yet, but we are in the first official day of the January transfer window so we can all get excited about the prospect of strengthening the team – even if we all know deep down that it’s probably not going to happen. With injuries to Gabriel Jesus and Kevin de Bruyne yesterday both seeming to be quite long term, there’s a good chance Man City will come back in for Alexis. Should we accept the money? I can’t help but think if it’s good money for a player that’ll go there for free in July then we should take it. He’s a brilliant player and we’ll be better with him until May and we stand more chance of winning something with him, but if he’s not 100% then he shouldn’t be here.

That might give us a bit of incentive to get out there and source a replacement. Fekir at Lyon or Draxler at PSG are both good players we could entice to the Emirates so why not have a good go at it? Thomas Lemar has a huge price tag on his shoulders, but I’d sooner the Club did something positive and proactive this window to replace Alexis. There’s a need to put a broom through the current crop of players and do something a little different.

We shall see how that pans out, but I’m not expecting anything at all to happen. How do you feel about it? Let me know in the comments below.

I’ll be back soon with more, until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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