Mike Dean Is The Greatest Ref England Has Ever Seen And Roma To Sign Szczesny Permanently.

Morning, you bunch of rascals and reprobates.

Thursdays, I find, are the black hole of the footballing week. Unless we’ve been in Champions League action the night before, the morning generally comprises of nothing much that’s interesting and a bit of wild speculation to keeps things ticking along until the weekend gets here. Needless to say, I’m not a huge fan.

And Thursdays do provide something of a challenge for the humble blogger. The trusty imagination has to come to the forefront as I endeavour to fill the word count with meandering nonsense. Those of you familiar with this site will be equally familiar with my propensity for doing that and the frequency with which I do it. So, with all of that in mind, I decided there is actually a better way to find something to talk about, and that’s to put a call out to the wonderful, trusted followers on Twitter.

The premise was simple:

I’m a man of my word, folks. Whatever came back in my replies ahead of everyone else is exactly what I’d use. It’s a particularly brilliant and foolproof plan. I can trust the good people across social media to come up with something intelligent and pertinent. What could possibly go wrong?

F*cking wonderful…

I don’t actually have the faintest idea where to start with that. I could endlessly list reasons for the opposite, but a discussion based around the belief that Mike Dean is anything other than a horribly inept official is bewilderingly difficult.

But, perhaps that is where the answer lies. The sentence provided as my template is simply unfinished. Whomever operates the Twitter account, Mike Dean or otherwise, rushed off to attend to another task and hastily sent an incomplete tweet. The finished article should have read, “Why Mike Dean is the greatest ref England has ever seen when it comes to being a total f*cking plum”. That I can get on board with.

And it’s also incredibly simple to back up. Here, just take a look a this video of Mr Dean scurrying about the turf at White Hart Lane celebrating (seemingly…) a Spurs goal, like some giant robot of stupidity sent from the year 2098 by Spurs fans who still haven’t seen their team win the league. Like football Skynet trying to change it’s future by going to the past. Which would make Arsenal John Connor in this Terminator analogy; always one step (or league position) ahead of Skynet, regardless of what the sent back through the time displacement portal.


There is something noteworthy I can mention, and that’s the fortunes of Woijech Szczesny. Once our first choice keeper, he’s now wanted permanently by Roma where he’s currently on loan. They feel an offer in the region of £14m would be sufficient to prize him away rom Arsenal. I’ve a mixed bag of thoughts on the subject. Most of all, I’ve always rated Szczesny as a keeper. I’ll still argue he’s far better than David Ospina and, based on current form, no worse an option than Peter Cech. For all his faults, he’s given us some great memories (that penalty save against Udinese) and he’s mugged off Tottenham quite wonderfully at times.

But he’s also capable of being a bit of a tool. Smoking in the changing rooms was monumentally stupid and I still don’t think I’m over the Birmingham incident. If I was Arsenal manager, and I’m fully aware that’s a laughable concept, I’d take him back in the summer. He’s 26 and entering his prime years as a keeper. 2 full seasons in Italy’s top division will have certainly helped him mature. There’s always been the workings of a world-class goalkeeper burried beneath the veil of indifference and blunders. I still believe he’s got what it takes to be Arsenal’s No1. Perhaps it would be better for all concerned if he moved on, but I would rather he came good for us, as opposed to another team. Call me old fashioned…

So, that’s all for today, folks. As is customary, I shall take this moment to point your good selves towards the comments section and hope you’ll leave me a few of your thoughts. Before I sign off for the day, I strongly urge you check out the new banner to be unveiled at The Emirates and some of the mentions that go along with it.

Jesus wept… There are Arsenal fans that can be soulless, angry, joyless and downright stupid.  Personally, I think it’s a harmless bit of fun. Who doesn’t love Alexis’ two dogs? What possible reason could some one have for hating a 1×6 metre banner with 2 dogs on it? The mind boggles.

Right, I’m off.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

One thought on “Mike Dean Is The Greatest Ref England Has Ever Seen And Roma To Sign Szczesny Permanently.”

  1. Love Szczesny, gooner through and through and, unlike fellow gooner jenkinson, got can make an argument for being the best in his position.

    Cech’s not been great this season and I think Ospina’s been reliable enough when he has played to get a move elsewhere if he’s not Arsenal’s No1 next year.


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