Mkhitaryan And Sanchez Swap Deal Completed, Hopefully Aumbameyang To Follow Soon.

Afternoon, folks.

Well, the inevitable has happened and we can finally put it all the waiting and anticipating to bed, where it most certainly belongs. Alexis Sanchez has slithered away to newer pastures in a straight player-for-player swap that sees Henrikh Mkhitarayn become a Gooner. All things considered, getting something in return for a player that could have walked for free in 5 months isn’t terrible business, but it doesn’t exactly cover Arsenal in glory, either.

There is no escaping the fact that poor contract management has contributed to what appears a last minute scramble to salvage something. I went on record as saying I wasn’t entirely inspired by the prospect of Mkhitarayn coming to Arsenal, but I have revised that statement since the Aumbameyang rumours surfaced. Together at Dortmund, they formed a wonderful partnership and one that could very well flourish in the Premiership. However, our newest arrival does seem to have been a bit of a last minute decision.

I don’t pretend to know the ins and outs of Arsenal’s contract policy, so anything I offer you as opinion isn’t fact or to be taken as such; it’s purely speculation on my part. I feel that, if Sanchez was looking unlikely to renew his deal, we should have looked to move him on the past summer at the very latest. I understand a football position was taken over a financial position, and that is admirable to an extent. However, I would have sold a player who doesn’t want to be at Arsenal – with or without a replacement. I can’t imagine that had a positive impact on the dressing room and it does seem to speak volumes that not one Arsenal player has used social media to wish him well (not that I’ve seen).

Yet, of all that matters very little now. Sanchez and his dogs are now under the guidance of the worst human being since Hitler, and I can only imagine the clash of egos in that dressing room. I don’t doubt for a second Alexis is a wonderful player and will probably score goals, but he is another individual in a team of individuals. Whether or not he can bring success to United remains to be seen, but there is no animosity here. One thing you can say for sure is he gave his all in an Arsenal shirt as helped us towards winning some trophies.

What matters from Arsenal’s perpesctive is that we have a new player, one very much with a team ethic. Hopefully he’ll slip effortlessly into the starting line-up and ‘I’m looking forward to seeing how he’ll link up with Ozil and Wilshere. As things stands, we have weakened our attack. If we can get the Aubameyang deal over the line, then I think we will have strengthened it. And after that we can look forward to some very exciting attacking play… And, doubtless to say, the customary defensive blunders. We’ll be winning games 5-4 and we’ll all suffer frequent heart and anxiety issues.

The signs of Dortmund reaching an agreement with Arsenal for PEA (much easier) currently appear to be positive, but these things can fall apart within seconds should Party A say something to p*ss off Party B. I imagine it’ll all drag on well into next week, but I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. I’m positive and hopefully it would all go to sh*t…

That’s all for today, folks. I’ll be back with more tomorrow. Why not use the comments to tell me how you feel about our newest arrival, or join me in welcoming him to Arsenal?

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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