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Morning, ladies, gentleman and the small minority of you who may reside within the space between those two things.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m glad that weekend is over. There’s something eerie and peculiar when the fixtures don’t include Arsenal.

We’ve got to wait until Wednesday for our trip to Goodison. That’ll be a stern test of our current resolve. David Moyes is a manager I quietly respect, and given certain limitations, he’s done a hugely commendable job with Everton. His teams always play with spirit and passion, and I expect a close game with our back 4 facing a stern test –  Merseyside will be mercifully bereft of buck-toothed, diving racists this time.

As is customary, I’ve done a bit  snooping around news outlets for gossip. Now I’ve finished making myself sound like a gossipy teenager in a maudlin American drama series, I’ll point in the direction of this story in The Daily Fail regarding Alessandro del Piero.

Do I realistically see Arsenal offering a contract to a 37 year old man? No. However, If you take the temporary signings of Campbell, Lehmann and Henry into account, the whole thing doesnt look so far-fetched. That said, I’d sooner assume that our targets have a bit more longevity to them, and this is just publicity being drummed up by a player’s agent.

Transfer hokum, aye? Where would we be without it…

On that subject; CaughtOffside are running a piece on Arsenal’s alleged bid for Jesus, but it’s been turned down as the Christian faith are unwilling to negotiate a swap deal involving Nicklas Bendtner – something to do with an aversion to huge egos and baseball bat related car crime.

Obviously, that’s just silly – if you’re the deeply-religious-and-quite-touchy-about-god type, then I apologise for my stupid sense of humour. No offence meant. However, it’s only a matter of time before the website in question do actually run that story. They’ve exhausted every other possibility.

Okay, that’s me done for today. In the coming days I’ll preview the Everton game and update you with as much team news as I can. Until then, thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. Take a moment to comment and follow my Twitter account – @_ArmchairGooner


  1. R2bees

    Go hahaha

  2. shrek2be

    Haha. Good one!!!

  3. Ross Tommey (@ReallyCrossRoss)

    Whacha talkin-bout Willis? Bendtner is a footballing God why would we swap Him for his own son?

    In any case del Piero is as old as Jesus now so there is no room for them both in the side!

    1. James 'Raul' Stokes (Post author)

      Good point, sir. I hadn’t thought of it like that…

  4. Mean Lean

    “Image courtesy of wherever I stole it from”
    I chuckled at that. How painful is caught offside. I feel sorry for people who are over the age of 12 and who actual go there for news


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