More away kit leaks, Tevez to Juventus and Gervinho assemble!

Tevez’s winning personality was sure to win over the Juve faithful.

Morning folks.

There’s quite a bit of stuff to get through today, so I shall put my customary platitudinous opening to one side and dive right in.

Carlos Tevez is on his way to Juventus. The news broke yesterday that the Italian giants and Manchester City have agreed a fee of £10m (that figure changes depending on which sources you read), and all that’s left is the thrashing out of personal terms. Whilst far from done and dusted, it certainly looks very likely. The good news for Arsenal; Juve will surely drop their interest in Gonzalo Higuain now.

Perhaps they had no interest in ‘The Hig’ (not sure I like that) at all. Football agents are a wily, unscrupulous bunch and I wouldn’t be surprised if other interest was a wild concoction to force Arsenal’s hand. Real Madrid now have a newly installed manager in Carlo Ancelotti, so perhaps we might begin to see some genuine movement on the deal.

Elsewhere, yet another kit photo has found itself onto the Internet, and I’ve actually remembered where I saw this one. 101 Great Goals posted this yesterday afternoon:

Authentic of Photoshop?

I really like that. Yes – it’s probably the result of someone with good Photoshop skills and plenty of free time, but I do not care a jot. Yellow is the colour Arsenal should wear when playing away from home, and it’s the simplicity of the shirt that impresses me the most. If that is to be Nike’s final contribution to the cause before Puma take over in 2014, they’ll certainly be leaving us on a high.

My lastly point of discussion today is something you’ve most likely already seen, but I liked enough to want to share in case you have not. My friends over at Goonersphere yesterday ran this creation from Ross Ackery:

Build your own Gervinho!

If you fancy having a try at assembling your own Gervinho model to miss open goals and fall off the desk top when nobody is around, you can download the instructions and plans. I gave it a shot…

I have little or no patience when it comes to putting things together, and unfortunately was overcome with rage halfway through the process and had to burn my Gervinho. I’m not sure I would want one in the house anyway. There’s something evil and unsettling about it, like it will invade my nightmares and touch me whilst I sleep.

And that’s all I have for today, boys ‘n’ girls. My gainful employment is calling and I must respond. One day I’ll be famous enough to take this site professional, but until that day I have to succumb to the pitfalls of normal working life.


The comments are below. Feel free to pop down whatever may be floating around those complicated brainboxes of yours. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

3 thoughts on “More away kit leaks, Tevez to Juventus and Gervinho assemble!”

  1. I just hope that Man City do not throw their hat into the ring for Higuain. They’ve lost Isco to Real according to the press so could turn their attention elsewhere.

    I believe that Pellegrini falcon has managed him already – let’s hope they didn’t get on!

  2. Whilst juve will probably pull out having got tevez on the cheap from man city. It worries me that has been done to allow pellegrini to link up agwin with higuain. He was pellegrinis favourite when he was at madrid and he repaid him by being the top goalscorer. May be the draw of playing alongside aguero like he does for argentina sometimes plus the double wages offer mqn city could make will be the clincher

  3. Most definitely atid, while your at it(with ‘it’ being you depressing the fuck out of me), why don’t you remind us how long arsenal have gone without a trophy and go on to give three reasons why we will get relegated to the championship, and there after lose our best players to spu*s.

    Err, as for the kit, I have never been a fan of the colour yellow, don’t know why, but if we end up winning something next season while sporting that colour for the away strip I might just change my mind.

    Higuain, mama mia, mama mia! Tried not to get sucked into this transfer madness, didn’t turn out well, I’ve been checking/re-loading arsenal newsnow every 10minutes, its bad. So all I ask is Arsenal please put me out of my misery, just make him sign da tin.

    Btw, was Juventus ever really in for him, this is the same club that offered £8m for Rvp, I think the construction of their new stadium really hit them hard financially because this is the same club that spent a world record fee of €30m on a Goal keeper(buffon) just 10 years ago to signing Bendthner on loan for one whole season despite having a shortage of strikers, just food for thought for those that still doubt the veracity of claims by so called akb’s who think we haven’t been able to ‘splash the cash’.

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