More tremendous transfer kerfuffle and did an international game take place last night?

The FA’s choice of half-time entertainment was ill-advised…

Afternoon fellow Arsenalites (that should be a word used more often),

Did you watch the England game last night? I didn’t. Not only did I fail to watch a single second of what I’m certain was an epically dull affair, I managed to completely forget there was an international match taking place at all.

I was told The Ox was the best player on show,

but I’m yet to have a look at any footage myself, so I’ll have to take the word of those brave souls who sat through the game. I suppose it’s a good thing our players perform well at international level, but I’d sooner they were afforded the luxury of some rest and recuperation instead of taking part in meaningless games.

I won’t get started on international football. Those of you who read regularly will know of my disdain, and we’ll go far afield if I start having a moan.

When approaching transfer talk in the media, you have to adopt a certain mindset. Usually, it’s best to assume that pretty much everything is taken wildly out of context, or has been misquoted purposely to make the story sound interesting. For example, if the media were reporting a story on my behaviour today, they would take something as innocuous as this:

“I haven’t read Arseblog today”

And turn it into something like this:

“James ‘Raul’ Stokes blasts Arseblog as unreadable and vows to destroy the entire empire.”

With that in mind, I approach transfer stories the same way I approach attractive girls; until there is conformation of legitimacy or interest, I view the whole thing as an elaborate means of winding me up.

Stevan Jovetic, the much-coveted forward of Fiorentina, is seemingly destined to leave the Italian side. Given our documented need for another striker – not including Sanogo – talk has ramped-up a few levels regarding his next stop. He has plenty of potential suitors, but most seem to think it’s a dead heat between us and Juventus.

He’s a excellent little player, and I think he’d do well in the red and white of Arsenal. Reportedly, Arsene intends to splash some cash over the summer, so his alleged price of ¬£30m may not be as off putting as some think. Alas, I have a feeling this will end with Jovetic remaining in Italy and signing for the Old Lady of Turin.

Elsewhere, ex-Arsenal player Remi Garde, now the coach at Lyon, has moved to say that youngsters Maxime Gonalons and Clement Grenier won’t be sold any time soon. I’m not going to pretend to know much about either, other than they fit the bill of what an ‘Arsene signing’ is considered to be; young, talented, French/France based and relatively unknown.

This one I see more of a possibility. Arsene and Remi have long maintained a good relationship since the latter’s playing days at Arsenal – Garde was brought to Highbury especially to aid with the settling-in period of one Patrick Vieira. I believe that if our manager genuinely wants both players, a deal with be forthcoming, and negotiations should be able to run smoothly.

And that’s about all there is to report today, folks. As the days plod interminably on without Premiership football, I can only hope to find something interesting to waffle on about. Tomorrow there will be more.

The comments section below awaits a few of your views. Did you watch the England-Ireland game? What are your thoughts on the possibility of snapping-up Jovetic? Let me know what you think.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

2 thoughts on “More tremendous transfer kerfuffle and did an international game take place last night?”

  1. Don’t rate Joveticat all. Not even as good as Giroud.
    Higuain or Benteke is the answer and Benteke is only on 20 grand a week at Villa. So he is better and cheaper

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