Morocco’s finest on the way, super-duper rumour and surviving the lull.

Marouane Chamakh decided a disguise would aid his viscous shisha habit.

Good morning everyone,

As you might expect, today is yet another dull day of little or no news. Quite why I feel the need to point out the obvious is another matter entirely. I’m sure you’ve already gathered as much. Consider my reasons no more than attempting to fill up my posts a little; there’s a minimum amount of words I go for, and I’m sure you delightful individuals wouldn’t begrudge me waffling a little – so long as I get to the point eventually. Well, sooner rather than later.

I’ll stop now.


The solitary nugget of information that caught my beady eye today was one of a move for Younes Belhanda of Montpellier. The highly rated Moroccan international is said to be rapidly gathering interested parties, and has stated his desire to test himself in a league bigger and more competitive than France.

I’ve seen Belhanda play a few times, and he’s always flattered to deceive in my opinion. He undoubtedly has talent on the ball, but I get the impression he’s one of those players that lacks motivation and only ups his game for the larger fixtures – the old, “could he perform on a wet February in Stoke” question springs to mind.

I’d not be too keen on us splashing the cash on this one, in all honesty. There appears far better alternatives out there, and if he’s anything like his two fellow countrymen currently plying their trade in England, then we’d be very wise to stay clear of him.

But hey; like I’ve been saying all along; it’s all part of the current speculation maelstrom we are trapped in the middle of – a whirlpool of misinformation that’s going last a few months before dropping us off back into the realms of proper football. With that in mind, I thought I’d offer up a brief bullet-point list of the things you should avoid when looking for a link to click on.

You know I love a bullet-point list…

  • Avoid the words, ‘swoop’, ‘raid’, ‘ace’, ‘smash n grab’, ‘starlet’, ‘snapping up’ and ‘huge’
  • Avoid anything with an unnecessary superlative.
  • Avoid Caught Offside as if it were the Ebola virus
  • Avoid attention grabbers like the one below:

“Wenger swoops to plot extraordinary raid for two ace starlets in astonishingly huge smash ‘n’ grab deal to snap-up talent”

  • Avoid reading any other blogs aside from this one (Okay – that’s a stretch…)
  • Avoid feeding tabloid journalists after midnight
  • Avoid posting nasty comments abusing me for me wasting your time with silly lists.

And that’s all I can muster up today. It is getting increasingly difficult to post on a daily basis and find something pertinent to discuss. Sure – I could delve into the world of tactics and statistics, but I’m not all that bothered about Mikel Arteta’s pass completion rate when he uses his left foot and wears purple underwear.

What I thought I’d do is open the floor up to you, the good folks who drop by here from time to time to have a read. The comments section is below, if you have any ideas or thoughts about something you’d like to see me write about, or a topic you’d enjoy me tackling, then please do feel free to give me a few ideas.

I’m not ashamed to admit that a little help goes a long way, and I’ll be glad to offer full credit for any ideas I use. I look forward to reading a few of your thoughts.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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