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Ivanovic’s goal was well received.

Morning, folks.

I’m going to be quick today as I’m thoroughly exhausted, fatigued and filled to capacity with one of those colds that I intend to make appear worse than it actually is by constantly complaining about. Typically, this time of the year has that sort of impact on me. Roll on the glory of spring time.

For Arsenal, February brings a plethora of tough fixtures – seamless segue – and last night Mourinho and his hideous troops upset the odds to beat Man City, ensuring we head into our difficult run top of the pile by 2 points.

The question I want to ask is simple: can Arsenal win the title? Do you believe?At present, there is a lot of folks arguing about this. Some saw January investment as crucial, others sit tight with faith in the team. Personally, I just hope to see the team compete, and wether those who disagree care to admit it, when a team sits top by two points over the half way point of a season, they are competing.

The real question is whether or not we can keep it up. The next 2-3 weeks of football will really show what Arsenal are made of. The big games are coming, and they come thick and fast. If we can find another gear and rise above the current injury troubles and supporter unrest, we have a genuine shot of winning something. In a time of oligarchs and wild investment, an Arsenal title victory will be one for the correct way of doing it.

However, if the upcoming fixtures prove our undoing and things don’t go according to plan, then that unrest I mentioned will heighten greatly. I hope it doesn’t come to that. It’s in Arsenal’s hands now. Let’s hope they are steady and secure.

That’s all from me. I’ll point those of you that read to the comments with a simple question – do you believe we can win the league? Let me know what you think. I will be back with something more substantial tomorrow.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

10 thoughts on “Mourinho, Titles, Transfers and Stuff.”

  1. Of course we can win the league. With Shity starting to find out that theres defensive line are a bit confusing and Negredo don’t really like to play against big mean boys every gameday ( instead of like in Spain, when you meet a god defender once a month at most). And that the majestic c*nt Mourinho are getting more and more so full of him self, that he soon will forgett to put 11 merchanaries on the pitch and instead will let all kind of so called journalists crawl up his arse all day long. So yeep, I belive we have a really good chance this year. COYG !

  2. i’m someone who tends to have a ‘glass half empty’ feeling every once in a while. so i’d say we’ll compete till the end even if we don’t win it. our games in the league in feb are pool away, manu at home and sunderland away. if we get at least 7 points out of 9 points out this fixtures, i’d be really happy.

    this season has been a strange one. if you’d given me any other season, i’d have said arsenal will win the league. but this season, it’s been so damn competitive and close, it’s difficult to say if arsenal will win. but one thing’s for sure- i’ll support this team till the last game of the season and beyond. COYG.

  3. I think we have a shot at the title, definitely!
    We can’t turn belly up and moan about the players we didn’t sign when we still are top of the league, thats just pathetic!
    Of course there are other strong contenders and there will be obstacles on the way, but I choose the optimistic path, keep enjoying the journey an don’t stop believing!

  4. We have every chance of winning title this season, but let’s gain some perspective our realistic aims at the start of season were to be challenging for the title which we are doing. Secondly is if we don’t win league finish in top four the end of season will tell us that one, thirdly gain more points than last season. Our next aim was to win one of the cups either fa or carling cup we are still in fa cup. The cl is a different thing I think getting into round 16 was our main objective after that it’s down to luck of draw and squad depth. If we gain 80 points and fail to win league or get into top four that can be considered a failure but on the other side of coin it has to be a successful season because we scored more points than last season. Is Wenger to blame at end of day a manager stands and falls by his decisions. We have got this far with this squad so why can’t it finish the job I think those games against city Liverpool utd Everton Tottenham and Chelsea are going to be vital first up are the Liverpool utd games min requirement must be 2 points but iffy have real ambition of winning the league 4 points has to be the target. But I think we will win by the odd point with Chelsea our main threat.

  5. Hello, James.

    The main problem is the fact we have 14 matches to play and those include Liverpool (a), United (h), Spuds (a), Chavs (a), City (h) and Everton (a). On top of that, we have to travel to Britannia and we haven’t won there since the day that moron Shawcross almost ended Ramsey’s career. It would be easier if our injury list hadn’t been like the one after D-Day.

    Chelsea have one tricky visit – against Liverpool. They have already played United and City twice. Everton, Spuds and, of course, Arsenal have to visit Stamford Bridge where Mourinho has yet to lose a game. Still, they are vulnerable.

    City might suffer more than just this one defeat. They have to visit Anfield, Old Trafford, Emirates and Goodison Park. Aguero is out until March and absence of Fernandinho makes Yaya Toure far less effective.

  6. I’m enjoying all the positive comments on here. I feel we are certainly able to win the title this year, we’ve come this far why not make it all the way. We’ve played some of our best in the big games. We’ve been plagued with injuries this season but we’ve made it when lots of people thought we wouldn’t. I support this team rain or shine.

  7. We all support our team but we are vulnerable and arsene and the board knows that very well but didn’t care to reinforce the team they care more how much they will make end of the day so we won’t win any thing and it pains me

  8. I really do believe we stand a good chance of winning the Premier League the deciding factor will be the results against the teams around us
    We are dispatching the teams in the lower half with ease but we can’t afford to lose against the teams in the top 6

    Arsenal just need to learn that drawing is not always a bad thing especially away, against teams around you as long as you beat the teams at the bottom

    In the last few seasons we have gung-ho trying to beat the likes of Utd, Citeh & Chelski and come unstuck but this year we don’t need too and that’s the difference

    A draw may only give you a point but you deny the other team 2 and nothing really changes with regards to league position

    I’m not saying that we need to change our approach to games we just need to be a bit cautious against the teams also challenging for the titlle, beat the guys at the bottom like we have been doing and the title’s ours………..

    Obviously the above doesn’t include Spuds we need to smash those Fuckers no matter what……

  9. We will be competing to the end. This year it might come down to the smallest of margins and the lead will change a few more times. It will come to consistency and I believe we have the edge in that department.
    No matter what I will enjoy the spectacle to the fullest and as DEBRA said above ” WILL SUPPORT THE TEAM RAIN OR SHINE ”
    spot on me lady. Spot on.

    How are your fingers healing JR ??

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