M’Vila, Nabay, Kagawa, Hazard, Wilshere, Almunia and stuff.

Bloody hell! Sunshine!

Evening, folks.

There’s been something of an oddity in the past couple of days. Not only do I have some cast iron, proven fact to report, yesterday and today have been glorious, sun-drenched days that beg for outdoor frolicking. Ordinarily, I’m an early bird when it comes to posts. Today, I’ve been basking outside. Apologies for the delay, but hey; better late than never, right?

In Arsenal news, the main item of interest, and concern, is the further setback to Jack Wilshere’s recovery. He’ll be out for a further 2-3 months having had surgery in Sweden. The official stance from the club is Jack had a ‘minor procedure’,  and is expected to join up with his teammates in July. However, news filtering around the various outlets and papers would have you believe August/September is more likely. Whilst I can’t tell you for certain, given the frequently delayed return oof Jack to training, I’d imagine they’ll not be taking any chances with his recovery and it could be a while before he’s involved again.

One thing of absolute certainty is that Eden Hazard is a bit of a whore. I say ‘bit’, what I mean is he’s an astronomically large slut, and he’ll gladly bend over for whoever throws the biggest wad of cash at him. After their ‘glorious’ park-the-bus victory in the Champions League, Chelsea are now favourites to land the little shit, and pay him a whopping £250k per week. Wow.

The other big name in the French league, and the one I want at Arsenal, Yann M’Vila, has all of a sudden gone quiet. He said he’d let the press know his future plans once the season in France was over, and he is yet to make any such announcement. He could be biding his time, going over various offers, which worries me. If he goes to the Euros and performs, he’ll become hot property, and Arsenal will struggle to compete if the really big hitters get involved. Sign him up now, please Arsene. He’s just what we need.

In other transfer news, the price for Kagawa is set at £16.5m (20m Euros), and with a year left on his contract that’s not altogether unreasonable. It’s not particularly reasonable, either, but you can hardly blame the selling club for wanting to get the best deal they can for a prize asset. One bit of speculation that’s sure to make the doom merchants groan from their murky dungeons is the news of Arsenal chasing another youngster. Birmingham’s Foday Nabay – a name I already like – has been dubbed “the next Yaya Toure” by a few people, but he is only 13. One for the distant future, then. Personally, I’d sooner see us work on the present.

Lastly, June will spell the end of Manuel Almunia’s carer at Arsenal. He’ll be remembered more for his baffled and frightened expressions, and his maddening bursts from the penalty area than he will be anything special. But he wasn’t all bad. There was that one display against Barcelona that was quite brilliant. So for that moment, and some nuggets of hilarity; thanks, Manuel! Good luck wherever you may go.

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33 thoughts on “M’Vila, Nabay, Kagawa, Hazard, Wilshere, Almunia and stuff.”

  1. you know what i would LAUGH if Chelsea buy Hazard………….especially if the thing about paying him 250k a week is true!! Just imagine the old guard and other ‘stars’ at Chelsea when this egomanic comes in at 21 and earns twice what some of them are…..talk about Major discomfort behind the scenes. Lets nor forget he needs to be told and showed he is the one and only every single day or he will sulk like a bitch like he does for Belgium. For all the slick skills etc on Average Joe Cole has done better stats wise and you dont hear people carrying on about him all of the time do you. Think about this also (even if FFP is a total failure) If he is on 250k a week what will the other whores at Chelsea like Cole do…immediately WHINGE until they get hyper inflted wages also.

    But then what happens come Contrsct renewal time, he isnt gonna wanna sign on the dotted line at the same rate is he…..and with how stupidly he is being paid what will happen, Next contract 350k, then 500k…..remember he is only 21 so maybe he has at least 2 contract renewals and then again if he is 500k a week what will the others want. Also what happens to him if he flops…………no one will touch him with a barge pole with how he has acted and how much he is wanting for wages apart from mamybe Mancity, and Anzi but if he is a flop they wont want him either. Also what happens to Marko Marin, they are both similar player and both play the same sort of positions….mmmmmmnnnnn i kinda like this, because if all of what is being said is true, it is a lose lose situation for Chelsea because this iwll cause internal problems and instability and at the same time just like Lukaka before him they have just ****ed their careers and what people thought of them.

    1. geez just looed at my post, sorry for all the bad typing! That’s whatcha get when you are not fully paying attention!

    1. Because….Suffering? We are suffering from your poor English skills and from your lack of Football knowledge!

  2. Same old shite?different year.

    A major re-jig needed at Arsenal. Bringing in Bould was a step in the right direction.

    Next step would be to castrate the Board and relieve Wenger. A breath of fresh air badly required.

    It cannot go on like this?.where third/fourth has started to epitomize the club??s success.

    Times have changed. Everyone needs to realize that.

    What pisses me off most about Wenger is that he jumps at the chance of covering our deficiencies with some temporary plaster. He will never ever admit flaws?and would rather try to cover them up.

    That??s why every time this shitty squad won?he would go on about Togetherness and Spirit and Mentality. F*CK THAT.


  3. I couldn’t care much for discriminating Brits with their messed up oral hygiene or other haters….but even I gotta say that the way English is used by so many people is absolutely ridiculous.

    Specially them Africans. My God!

      1. You mean the Wenger part?

        Kidding. I know what you’re referring to.

        Indeed jokes.

        But seriously, don’t get me wrong. I love Wenger. But policies need to change. And if they saying “No one’s bigger than the club” is labelled at players wanting to leave due to suppressed ambitions…shouldn’t it apply to Managers who aren’t taking the Club any further?

        1. Granted, you have a point there.

          To be perfectly frank, i view it simply; Wenger has made mistakes, of that there is no question. However, I still believe he has what it takes. If he shows us ambition over the summer, and puts right a lot of the wrongs from last year’s debacle, then I’m happy for him to continue on.

          If those mistakes repeat themselves, then my opinion might start to change.

  4. M’Vila staying quite might actually be good news for us. Wenger doesn’t like news leaking in public until the player signs. Strong rumors today that he’ll earn 60k a week on a 4 year deal. Apparently “contact” will be made tomorrow. Whatever that means.

  5. SharpShooter, wat has bad english got to do wif we Africans, u kan keep ur racist remarks to the political blogs, cause it has no fucking place in football. IN WENGER I TRUST, u kan go fuck urself

  6. Heard we are in for Eriksen, if true TERRIFFIC !! I’d take him over kagawa anyday! And let’s be realistic gents, kagawa’s likier to go Utd. And the fact that wenger speaks japanese aint just going to cut it! Also heard we wanna swap chamakh for fiorentina’s adem ljajic, PERFECT! Anyone for chamakh, squillai for a bag of crisps…….etc

  7. Wow! That’s so interested cos we need them all if Wenger can afford them i must be the most happiest man if not trophy is beyond us, so Wenger do something cos we ‘re tired of trophy drought.

  8. sharpspooner and weedonald if u loo’ed at Mavericks post above u will notice that its not just Africans who struggle with the language. By the way how many languages do you speak ?????
    lets keep it Arsenal and cut out the bullshit !

  9. Why do I do this every year?

    Somehow come summer time I convince myself that this is the year Wenger will make big decisive moves in the transfer market. Then I check the headlines 30 times a day till the bitter end, only to be disappointed.

    This year the signing of Podolski had me convinced that things were going to change, but now it feels like everything is slipping away. Van Persie is refusing to sign. M’villa is being coy. Vertonghen wants to go to the Spurs. Dempsey isn’t even being talked about anymore. And the biggest news is about some 13 year old kid who I’ve never heard of.

    At least there aren’t any pictures of Wenger leaping from yachts in the Mediterranean (yet). I hope and and pray they are working hard behind the scenes.

  10. Time of pricing or negotiating of players should be over by now arsene,will need actions and a lot of good quality players to improve the squad.


  12. We are short in the centre of the park, Wilshere and Diaby seem to be under the injury curse, Rosicky and Arteta are 30+ and although have been great this season are not the sort of players we are looking to build around.
    Song is in our top 3 players this year along with RVP and Arteta. Will Ramsey ever be good enough? please buy M’villla!

    1. I have absolute faith in Ramsey.

      It was his first full season at Arsenal, and his form suffered. But he is young and he has bags of potential. He’s been through a lot for someone of such tender years, and I think he needs to be supported. He never hides, he always works hard. In time, he’ll come good.

      The abuse he gets is nothing short of fucking moronic.

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