M’Vila to discuss future today, Sunday’s transfer babble and the untimely death of football.

“What? John Terry lifted what? That’s football’s time over with then…”

Commiserations, football fans.

Against my better judgement, I sat through the Champions League final in its entirety last night. 120+ minutes elapsed, and in that time Bayern seemed to be as resigned to the inevitable as the rest of us. They tried, they squandered, but evil and the despicable triumphed in the end.

I stated it before that I couldn’t think of a worse sight in professional football than cunt-almighty, John Terry, with his racist, misogynistic paws on such a prestigious trophy. I was wrong. The pictures of that colossal shite-bag lumbering around the field in his full kit, preening with self-importance, made me have to leave the room for fear of kicking the hell out of my television. I’ve already spent 25 minutes punching myself in the face to ensure that image is erased. It hasn’t worked, but the pain I inflicted on myself was a welcome distraction, and immeasurably more enjoyable than the final itself.

Chelsea have no class. Since I started supporting and following Arsenal as a boy, I’ve heard nothing but disdain from fans of wide allegiances. Fans from every variety of team, from every walk of life, rarely agree. But we all seem to unify when it comes to Chelsea. A thoroughly repulsive team, bank-rolled by the corrupt, supported by the vicious and the cruel, and lead onto the pitch by the most feculent and nefarious human being I’ve had the misfortune to cast my eyes upon. The Nazis would have made more deserving winners.

But that’s enough about that. As far as I’m concerned, the whole sorry debacle of confined the the areas of my recollection I refuse to visit.

In Arsenal related news, of which there is little, the main focus today will be on the future of Rennes’ excellent Yann M’Vila. With the French league finishing its fixtures today, they player himself has stated he’ll be making an announcement about his future. Obviously, this isn’t to be taken too literally. I don’t imagine he’ll sprint for the press conference room the moment the game is brought to an end. I’d say next week is far likelier time.

Like me, most of you Gooners will be hoping to hear a bit of good news. Since the story broke about our interest in him, I’ve tried to brush up on my knowledge of Yann M’Vila. From what I can see, and from the games I’ve seen him in previously; he looks exactly what we need – a combative, imposing central midfielder with good technique. A player to provide cover to our back four in a way we’ve lacked since Gilberto and Flamini departed. Rumours say the deal is ‘99%’ done, but until I see some form of full confirmation on the Arsenal.com pages, I’ll be assuming this is one of those occasions the 1% prevails.

The rest of the transfer gossip is mainly speculative. One thing I took from the game last night was the reaffirmation of how much I admire Bastian Schweinsteiger as a player. In the realms of fantasy football, he is one of the first names I’d be throwing money at. If I could pick one player in European football to come to Arsenal, I’d be giving serious thought to ignoring Messi and Ronaldo completely. It’s just a shame he can’t take penalties…

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Football is taking a brief leave of absence until the Euros start in June. It’s been that crazy a season, it’s been so unpredictable and down-right bizarre, that I might just have a flutter on England to win that tournament. Nothing would surprise…

I’ll be back tomorrow with more.

18 thoughts on “M’Vila to discuss future today, Sunday’s transfer babble and the untimely death of football.”

  1. Arsenalfc wil surely b a serious contender 4 d epl if dis players arrives.M’villa,Giroud,Hugo Lyoris & Vertonghen.Gunnerz til death.

  2. Got to say you and I think alike. As I was sat watching the game last night I could not stop thinking how I would love to see Sweinsteiger at Arsenal. As well as I hope John Terry gets a flare in the face trips over and hits Ashley Cole in the head with the ECC killing the both of them!
    M’villa is a class player no doubt of it. I would love to see Song, and M’villa in the centre of the park for us next season and Wenger just say to Jack, RVP, POD and Walcott do what you want we’ve got cover in midfield.
    I suppose the one ray of light from last night is that spuds wont be there next year and with the Modric, Defoe, King, Gallas, Freidel, Possibly Bale and Adebajor either leaving or being sold they wont be able to attract any class replacements. So much for the next England manager!
    Just a quick question for you. What position do you expect OX to play next season? and how many starts do you think he will get?

    1. I imagine we’ll continue playing him the right side of the usual three-pronged attack. He can play, and he has played, the central midfield role behind Robin.

      Could be a mixture of the two.

  3. At ali what ever your name is. You’re obviously delirious,it must be that african gunja your so obviously smoking like it’s going out of fashion. I would’nt celebrate with that bunch of racists if my life depended on it. You need to take silly talk like that to a chelsea blog or commit yourself to a home for the mentally insane as you’ve got to to be a total nutter to come out with something like that. Not taking the rise out of the mentally challenged, but two more brain cells,you could have been a cabbage!!! Gooner for life.

  4. Your language is ultra vulgar and reprehensible, but your literary style is beautiful and fluent. For the content I rate you zero as you ve nothing but hate as your stock in trade. Anyways, who wants to buy hate in this present world? Purge yourself or else you will become like that which you are trying correct.

      1. Ditto. Knobs like that Needs to get their heads out of their bible bashing arse and get with the program.
        Fuck Chelsea and fuck John Terry is pretty fair to say I think.

      2. Dope heads will never see anything wrong in using vulgar languages, that’s why someone like Shevo or is it S..t Head will ask people to get their heads out of their Bible. Arsenal FC has gone 7 Yrs without a trophy despite all their beautiful games, yet Chelsea FC is fast amassing trophies notwithstanding their horrible style of play. The name of the game is SUCCESS and CFC at the moment is playing the game the way it should be played. As far as I am concerned CFC is the club of the moment. AFC can best be described as “I once had it”. And in my understanding I had it before is not a property. Purge yourself of every hate in order to be able to appreciate success, Chelsea’s beautiful style of play and their winning mentality. Down Arsenal, Up Chelsea!

  5. Great article. I was particularly impressed with the paragraph describing that horrible excuse for a human being that defiled the champions league trophy last evening…’twas beautiful.
    I hope the M Vila stories have some truth cause more solidity in our mid would help. Midfield of these potential combos is awesome
    Mvila song artera
    Mvila song whileshere
    Mvila artera wilshere
    Song artera wilshere

    That is as strong as any in europe I feel and we can def compete and have depth. Kagawa would be very handy but I think as we all assume he will be heading to manure…

    Do we need anyone else (apart from rvp staying)…I think not as mvila adds depth to defense too as this would free up song or mvila to play cb if we get desperate although I feel that won’t be neccesary and we have Bartley and miquel to add further depth…maybe a rb loan?

    Great blog…keep it up brother

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