My ‘Falcao to Arsenal’ blunder, Cazorla, and preparing for the international break.

Santi Cazorla, you diminutive little genius, you.

Morning, folks.

Right, apologies first. Yesterday I posted – and deleted – a piece about Radamel Falcao to Arsenal. There was a story floating around, but without checking, I used one from 2011 as my source. I am a colossal moron – the actual piece mentioned can be viewed here. I shall conduct Google searches with greater care from now on.

Like yesterday, it’s a news story I find highly dubious. We may very well have a kitty containing £35m to splurge on players during January, but I can’t see us doing so all on one player, or beating Chelsea’s scumbag millions in a battle either. It’s a lovely idea; he’s a phenomenal player, but I’d imagine we’d invest such funds in the same frugal manner we’ve become accustomed to.

Elsewhere in the world of Arsenal, there’s a rather splendid interview with my new favourite Spaniard, Santi Cazorla, doing the rounds. He speaks briefly about how he’s settling in at Arsenal, and why he chose to come here – his mind was made with a little help from an old Villareal team-mate of his we all know and love, no less:

When the interest began with Arsenal, Robert Pires told me not to think twice, that I’d enjoy it, that it was the perfect club for me, that Arsenal has aspirations to win the title and go far,”

“Everything so far has been true and I’m very happy here. I feel very at home, I am getting used to daily life in England, which is so different from Spain.

“It helps having Mikel Arteta here, he’s supported me a lot, and I’d like to thank the Arsenal players for giving me such a warm welcome.”

There’s something about that story that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Cazorla shows that a man like Arsene Wenger can still do the transfer business better than most, that we have a real star on our books in the little playmaker, and, best of all, in a time when we’re only too familiar with ex-players being douche-bags, it’s a reminder that people like Robert Pires are still out there.

Lastly, the international break is upon us, and those of you that read reguarly will know just how much I dislike it. Having to wait the best part of two weeks to see Arsenal again, and hoping our players come through pointless games unscathed – what’s to like? It’s a waste of time; it’s like sitting through endless Twilight trailers at the cinema before the movie you really want to see comes on.

Worst of all, I expect Arsenal news to slow down, and they’ll be plenty of wild fabrications out there to fill a void. Never fear though, delicious reader; I shall be here to entertain you as best I can. Something I intend to start doing by offering you this excellent piece in the Guardian to have a look at – mall very true, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Until tomorrow, thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. The comments are below. Did you read the Guardian article? How much do you love Santi or hate international week? Let me know.

3 thoughts on “My ‘Falcao to Arsenal’ blunder, Cazorla, and preparing for the international break.”

  1. Doesn’t matter really 35M is hardly enough for Atletico to even take a phone call. Why would they just break even on a player who has a 60M buy-out and who Chelsea is willing to spend upwards of 45M for? Arsene would need alot more than 35M to even begin pondering a move for Falcao.

  2. Colossal Moron doesn’t even come close James as i pretty much take everything you write here as gospel ….. i took it upon myself to text all my gooner friends (+ spurs and utd fans) the good news of his imminent signing and by the time they got to your website to check it out the article it had mysteriously disappeared

    ………. Shit happens i guess at least it got me excited for a few hours

    I would love to see somebody like him come to the club tho he really does look the complete striker

    also read the Guardian article which as you said was excellent but it ain’t gunna change anything it’s just highlighting another example of professional football thinking its above the law and doesn’t have to adhere to the same moral standards as the rest of the us

    Keep up the good work

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