New Arsenal away shirt, a bid for Fellaini too and other fluff.

Brian’s friends had grown weary of his constant transfer talk.

Morning folks.

Yesterday the highways of the internet were awash with tales of Gonzalo Higuain’s impending transfer to Arsenal. Today, it’s the turn of Marouane Fellaini. Everton’s Belgian midfielder with the blaxploitation haircut has a £23m release cause, and Arsene Wenger is mulling over meeting it.

We’ve heard this story a few times before, haven’t we?

Likening the current climate in the Arsenal community to Groundhog Day would be cheap and a little too easy. As far as clichéd analogies go, that’s the cream of the crop. I consider it all to be much closer to Dawn of the Dead.

In the Goonersphere, media outlets are taken over with brain-dead hordes of the undead posing as ITKs and spurious football agent accounts. A seemingly unstoppable virus is sweeping across the nation, infecting all in its path with stories of “swoops”, negotiations and insider news. Only a small, brave pocket of resistance remains, and we have to use all means at our disposal to repel the attacks.

I like that idea – especially because my imagination allows me to create a scene in which I cut the entire staff of Caught Offside in half with an AK47 as they shamble toward me murmuring, – “Arsenal to break transfer record in mega deal for this Brazlian wonder-child”.

Foolishness aside, and forgetting that it’s most likely a tall tale of near biblical proporations,  I have to admit that I would be immeasurably pleased to see us sign Fellaini. Everton’s prize asset has all the attributes we lack in our midfield. We have plenty of diminutive, cunning little rascals with grace and exemplary ball control, but we lack an imposing figure in there who’s not afraid to get a bit physical when the time is right.

That’s not to say Fellaini is all about simply that. Not at all. The afro-haried angel has plenty of other talents, and is capable of playing in a few different areas across the pitch. “Dynamic” is a word often chosen to stand alongside players of his ilk, and that’s a description I feel is very apt in this case.

Perhaps a deal will materialise some way down the line. There are other potential suitors for his services, so I’d hope the Arsenal act as swiftly as possible. Amongst all the fluff and speculation, are only option is to wait and see.

Elsewhere today, I was doing my customary flicking through news and I came across this picture of what is proposed to be Arsenal’s new away shirt for 2013/2014:

Nike’s final away kit?

When I browse through news, I have a tendency to see a picture I like, save it, and then forget where I got it from when I use it. I’m very big on ensuring I credit other sources, so I should apologise heartily to whomever it was that featured this image initially – it does make me feel a little better that the picture itself is plastered with text, so it can’t appear as if I’m trying to pass it off as my own.

The shirt, assuming it’s not a fabrication, is said to be an homage to a very similar kit worn by the Invincibles during their season of triumph. It could be true, but the picture does look  suspiciously like someone has taken that exact shirt, and switched the sponsorship logos on the front.

Regardless of its legitimacy, I like the idea of Arsenal having a yellow away shirt. Being something of a traditionalist, the Gunners walking out in a blue shirt has never quite sat right with me. Arsenal away from home is, and always should be, yellow.

And on that note, I shall leave you for today. By now you know the drill; the comments await, and I’d like for you to use them to give me your thoughts on Fellaini, zombies, and the picture of our ‘new’ kit. I look forward to reading a few.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

PS – I almost forgot; I recently signed up to, so should you ever be overwhelmed with the urge, you can ask me a few questions. Hopefully, I won’t just be fielding inquiries such as “Why are you so shit?” like I have a feeling I may…

29 thoughts on “New Arsenal away shirt, a bid for Fellaini too and other fluff.”

  1. At the moment it seems like a lazy news scoop to just say “A certain club is willing to meet a release clause for a certain player” It happened with Diame in January aswell, and the transfer never actually happens. I’d definitely rather have no news than the same recycled for a different player.

  2. Not sure Wenger will spend big. We hear the same shit every year saying that he will and he ends up buying crap from France instead because they are cheap.

    It all sounds unlikely to me.

  3. Think the shirt is great we should always have yellow as our away shirt it is Asenal tradition we have even won the FA cup in a yellow shirt as for all the transfer talk let the other clubs do as the like but Arsenal will not do anything until 1st July they go by the book Wail till then you will gety the true news not crap Cheers Tony Gunner for 70 years

  4. The away shirt is ok by me but as per the transfer let wenger stop bulling us,we are not a baby,we hear the same story every end of season,let him go to hell if he doesn’t want to buy experienced player !

  5. That’s not hash mate
    We need some great and experienced signing not Sanogo and co
    So he can go to hell or any where okay.
    Arsenal used to be a trophy contendance not a top four strugglers

    So wenger pls get Wanyama and felalin wiff a good central back. It will be good for us.

    1. Wenger the wenger has always bought youth and thats 1 if the brightest aspects of arsenal if u say you support arsenal you have to support wenger wenger realuses that he has to buy and will do so but dont expect 30to 40. million transfers and wenger buying young players is a good thing in case you ha nt realises you thick fuck were realising deadwood who wer o er paud and were untallebted. wengers bringing in youth to prevent that from gappening and the people he think will relish in the future anf hes rearly go it wrong so shut up

    1. Idiot,go get a life. You find this sickening?? What are you 6?
      Btw great blog,love the fun type tone to it
      toally under-rated blog here.
      This from a PROUD beautiful bastard!

  6. What about the Home kit for 13-14 season mate. I here it gunner be the same as last season…. what a crock.

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