New Arsenal Puma Shirt Revealed… Well, Speculated….

New Arsenal Home Shirt?

There it is in all its alleged glory.

That picture just came across my radar and I had a few moments so i thought I’d share it with you all. Should it be the actual shirt, I’ve got to say I’m already enamoured with it; it’s simplistic yet looks quite delicious.

I can’t remember whom I borrowed the image from, but there’s an enormous watermark across it so I’d assume that the person responsible is getting the credit he/she deserves. I really must stop saving images from Twitter without taking a moment to see who posted it before me…


Use the comments to let me know what you think.



  1. Marco

    current one looks better. Won’t buy it. Hope for a great away shirt.

  2. Syed

    Very nice kit indeed

  3. LeBigMac

    Crikey,I must be getting old, I don’t see any difference between this one and the current apart from the arms.
    I really should go to spec savers…..

  4. BrT

    Me likey yum yum

  5. Daniel

    The white lines down the sides are really unnecessary don’t like them at all. Other than that it is a decent shirt


    I like it. Class and elegant in one. Curious what the shorts look like.

  7. ryanz8

    current 1 is better hope its ain’t da final design

  8. Ken

    OMG this is awful!! looks like the womens team jersey too feminine i HATE IT. Won’t be buying this nonsense. WHat happened to class and elegance. Simplicity is classy. This is garbage. Plus its gonna be tight like all typical puma jerseys which would make it even more >>>> rubbish!

  9. Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

    I can see myself wearing one with Griezmann’s name and number on it, but I am speculating.

    1. mamumu1979

      Cant wait to buy it. Its so elegant….. viva!!!!

  10. ugochukwu emeka

    What is the short like ?

  11. wathum kenneth

    this kit looks like that of the previous seasons.we need a different one coz that is becoming monotonous

  12. musokenya

    It looks ok to me. Its simple but cool at the same time. Its classy!

  13. meo

    The shirts just coolll…..

  14. trugun

    The white stripe down the side should be gold, we always go on about class and history but the club have never picked up on this one, a gold stripe to commemorate the invincibles season on every home shirt.

  15. fadenomore

    Disappointed because Puma just gave us a template

  16. fadenomore

    Forgot to enter link to the template picture

  17. mason

    Trugun you could not be more right no one in the current professional era has gone undefeated lets get the gold in there people should know the clubs history


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