New away kit leaked, Emirates Cup, Remy no-no, and round-up.

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Morning everyone.

Yesterday’s main news was the announcement of the teams to compete for the prestigious (…) Emirates Cup  – a trophy of sorts, but one we might actually win, and at this stage I’ll gladly take it. Joining Napoli and FC Porto in August will be Turkish giants, Galatasaray, and they’re a choice many folks in the Goonersphere aren’t especially pleased with.

I can’t say I blame anyone for being disgruntled. We all remember the incidents in Copenhagen in 2000, we all still hold a grudge against Piers Morgan for his loathsome part in the banning of Arsenal supporters. Why wouldn’t ill-will still be felt towards notoriously violent fans who caused the trouble that day heading to a traditionally family-oriented affair on our own pitch?

The whole thing highlights just how disjoined our board are from the supporters. Yes, there is an argument to be made for letting bygones be bygones, and the  sorry affair did take place 13 years ago. But people don’t forget, and an Arsenal fan was stabbed that day. Common sense really should have prevailed on this one.

Also lacking in common sense – it would appear – is another transfer target of ours, and he’s been a very naughty boy (allegedly). QPR striker Loic Remy has been arrested on suspicion of rape.

It’s difficult to know what to think about such claims. Could a professional footballer rape an innocent woman? Absolutely. Could a woman use claims such as this to extort funds from someone she knows to be very wealthy? Absolutely. Will we ever know the truth? Absolutely not. Loic Remy’s guilt is not for us to decide. There’s a rule of innocent until proven guilty in this country.

One thing is for certain, Arsene doesn’t tend to go for players with personal issues hanging over them, so if Arsenal were interested in pursuing the Frenchman in the summer, I’d say it’s a certainty we will be looking elsewhere now.

In more pertinent news, little Theo has been speaking about the fear that’s driving the team toward the glittery trophy of 4th place…

Wait! There isn’t a trophy? What?! Seriously?!

Can I make one especially? No?

Well that’s disappointing…

Having put in a sterling performance on Tuesday filled with his customary bursts of Roadrunner-like speed, Walcott says the team are keen to emulate their predecessors’ history of making the Champions League, and the thought of being remembered as those that failed is what drives them on:

“We just have great experience in knowing what to do when the time is right. It is funny. It happens every year.

“We tend to finish very strong. I think it is just because the players want it so much.

“Champions League football is big for the future of the club and the players. We have been in it for the last 15 years and we don’t want to be the players who are not part of that.

“We just need to show that in the mid-season and at the start and we could hopefully be even higher than we are and not have this situation we are in”

I agree with the last part. Our current spell of good form and performance does beg the question of why it couldn’t be more forthcoming during the middle of the season, but all that is irrelevant. The remaining fixture is one we have to win, and that’s no more than we should focus on. The summer is the correct time to address any perceived problems with the squad.

Lastly, I came across this photo of what could very well be Nike’s final Arsenal strip, and our new away shirt for next season (I’ve totally forgotten from whom I’ve borrowed the image, so if it was yours initially, I apologise for the lack of credit):

2013/2014 away shirt?

Being something of a traditionalist, I believe an Arsenal away shirt should be yellow. If there is any truth to the image above, I’d be very pleased as it’s simple and a throwback to our kits of yesteryear. But of course, don’t believe it just because there’s a picture. Over the summer there’s often quite a few mock-up strips floating around. I’ve only posted this one on account of really liking it, but until it’s an official product, it’s simply another falsification.

And that’s all for today. As I regularly do, I will point you towards the comments below and await reading a few of your thoughts on Galatasaray, the alleged new strip, Remy and whatever else may tickle your fancy.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

5 thoughts on “New away kit leaked, Emirates Cup, Remy no-no, and round-up.”

  1. I totally agree we should not have asked Galatasaray to the Emirates cup.

    Think the board need to have a word with themselves! I hope the fans do the right thing and boycott it.

  2. The blue doesn’t even go lol.
    Clear Photoshop.
    Nike have lost their creativity anyway since taking on multiple football team shirt deals.

    Bring back the away lightning blue kit!

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