New Home Kit from Puma.

Fans were delighted at the new unveiling.

Evening, folks.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t write about this kind of thing until the morning. Given that tomorrow’s piece… Scrap that. It’s not a ‘piece’. For reasons I can’t explain, I’ve always disliked it when others refer to something they’ve written as a ‘piece’. Sounds a touch pretentious to me. A more suitable way to describe what I do would be ‘post’, or ‘offering’, or ‘total sh*te’…

Where was I?

Oh yeah… I would usually wait until tomorrow to include news, but with that  *instert choice here*  being dedicated to the Southampton game, I thought I’d do you all a little extra for the day.

News – allegedly confirmed – has broken that this is the new Arsenal kit for next season and I really like it. Granted, I’m not one of those fellows you meet in his thirties prone to wandering the streets in replica kits with a teenagers name on the back, but I’ll buy a shirt on occasion. This one I might exchange some of my hard earned pennies for:

Image borrowed from arseblog news

Given that the source is reputable, I’d say there a fairly good chance we’re looking at next season’s snazzy new attire for the first team. I like it. Puma’s sports range is usually pretty damn good. I’m sure there are many of you out there who’ll agree. Others, perhaps not as much. My biggest hope for our new manufacturers in that they keep Arsenal’s away strip the traditional yellow and blue – I’ve never much cared for any of the other variations we’ve seen across the years.

So, boys ‘n’ girls, what do you think? Happy? Sad? Neither happy or sad, but utterly underwhelmed by the whole thing? Let me know in the handy comments section available for your use below.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

11 thoughts on “New Home Kit from Puma.”

  1. I always liked Puma designs. They try to be different instead of just having a template and put it to every single team they have a deal with. They’re not traditional like Nike or adidas and that’s not a bad thing because they’re not afraid of trying new things and our designs needed a huge refresh. Nike ran out of good ideas a long time ago. The problem I see with some people that’s not me is that Puma tend to make very fitted kits and those beer bellies are going to be alot more prevalent in these shirts.

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