New mobile gaming trends

The mobile gaming market is growing at an alarming rate. As the first quarter of 2016 comes to close, it is clearly evident that global mobile industry will surpass $30 billion in revenue. It is clear that mobile gaming has taken over from traditional consoles line Xbox and Playstation.

Competition in the mobile gaming sector is going to be intense due to the increase in the games available to players. Game developers are now focusing their efforts on brand recognition and market positioning. New marketing innovations like in-game advertising of other games by the same publisher have already begun taking route.

Games designed for specific users are on the rise. In terms of casino games, game developers such as Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Real Time Gaming and many more, are making more casino games that are targeted to a specific niche. Tailor making the games so that they are appealing to the intended market. Intended market could be people who specifically play online casinos in Australia, Germany or the United Kingdom. Game developers are also exploiting niche markets they had already created with previous games. This is the case with Angry Birds and Candy Crush. It is these kinds of games that may end up being the best performing games of 2016.

The joining of virtual reality to mobile gaming is set to be monumental in the gaming industry. Mobile gaming has the capacity to take virtual reality to a wider audience. This union may see the cost of accessing virtual games decrease resulting in market expansion. Devices like Google Cardboard and GearVR have the capacity to provide virtual reality experiences using mobile devices. We hope that Oculus Rift will join in and give access to great VR games like their casino Blackjack.

The future of mobile gaming is set to be exciting. Some casino operators had already innovated better game versions and here is the best list of casino apps we could find. New innovations in technology are being developed every day. The integration of these technologies into mobile games will most probably be the difference between successful and failure.

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