Nigel Flamini, Nigel Flamini! Rumours go huge…

Spurs fans at the takeaway soon regretted their sly comments about Arsenal’s transfer policy.

Afternoon, folks.

Arsene Wenger is up to his wily, vague tricks again. When quizzed about the alleged imminent arrival of Nigel Flamini, he had these maddeningly unhelpful words to say:

“He is just here to work on his fitness and he does that very well. I don’t say there’s no chance and I don’t say there is a chance [of signing him].”

If you we’re to pick a quintessentially ‘Arsene’ quote, that wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Having watched today’s press conference, it seems our fair Manager isn’t enjoying the pressure being mounted on his shoulders. There was a prickly, unsettled tone to his responses, as if somehow the questions directed his way were beneath him, and didn’t warrant a reply.

Ordinarily, I’d defend him, but the mess that is our summer is something he has brought entirely on himself. But talk of the mismanagement over the summer seems a waste of time to me. Concern and hope both lie in where things go from here.

I think we’ll see some movement. Flamini isn’t the kind we’d hoped/expected, but I’ll be quite pleased if he signs. Matheiu has something we lack in midfield, and that’s a nasty character; someone who knows how to give as good as he gets.

The other targets? Well, they’re just wild-eyed bouts of speculation as far as I’m concerned. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ll cut today’s post a bit short. tomorrow I’ll be back with a preview of the trip to craven Cottage to face Fulham. Tricky ol’ game, that one.

In the meantime, use the comments to tell me what you think of Flamini’s proposed re-signing? Are you happy, or do you think it smack of a lack of imagination and ambition from Wenger? Let me know.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

14 thoughts on “Nigel Flamini, Nigel Flamini! Rumours go huge…”

  1. I’m quite happy with the Nigel signing if it happens he can play anywhere and he is a 100% player every week and he has got the nasty edge we’ve been missing
    Can’t see him starting every week but you know what your gunna get with him when he does turn out

    With regards to the other “potential signings” I’d be happy with any of them as I didn’t really think we would get anybody else and I’d be absolutely fucking delighted if the Real Madrid pair landed at the emirates

    Just need a CB and were sorted

    Don’t want Poldoski leaving tho I think that’s a mistake letting him go if the rumours are true

    Jay your a sharp fucker aren’t ya……………………. No flies on you son

  2. Honestly, I have to say I think we simply lucked out with Flamini coming back to us. Lets face it we were pretty pissed off when he left us…
    This is someone who was around when we used to win things and matches on a regular basis…..
    If Wenger had gotten his ducks in a row like everyone else, this would have been seen as a “touch” yet because we haven’t bought, it’s seen as desperation.
    I don’t think there is any excuse for the delay we have been forced to endure but lets face it, Flamini isn’t too shabby when we need a hard edge DM who doesn’t mind going up north on a cold wet Wednesday to up end the oppositions superstars and keep us in the competition (remember Bradford people) and maybe help toward us winning a cup, even if it is the fucking egg cup.
    Looking at gift horses mouths springs to mind……

  3. arsenal’s substitutes bench for saturday reads: martinez, fabianski, podolski, gnabry, akpom, sanogo. that says it all, Hilarious. Seriously,what are we smoking there at the emirates? god forbid, if one player has to come off, who do we turn to?

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