N’Koulou to strengthen defence? Tonight is Champions League HELL and other news bits.

Abou Diaby: Arsenal legend.

Morning, folks.

I’ll jump straight into the Arsenal related stories first; one of our rumoured transfer targets, Marseille’s Cameroonian defender, Nicolas N’Koulou. Having only played one full season at his current club, many folks with so-called ‘insider information’ have him pegged as a likely target for Arsenal over the summer.

To be honest, I don’t know that much about him. The two games he’s has played against Arsenal this season I don’t recall him standing out, but he certainly looked powerful and good in the air. When quizzed about a move, N’Koulou gave the ubiquitous, non-commital response most players do:

“I remain a Marseille player,”

“A lot of things can still happen before the end of the season but I won’t get concerned with that yet.”

Other than that little tid-bit, most of today’s news is surrounding tonight’s epic battle of football cuntery at Stamford Bridge. I can’t stand either team. Chelsea for obvious reasons, and Barcelona because, for all their pretty football and talent, they’re still an ungracious, petulant bunch of cheating, whinging shite-bags.

I expect Chelsea to lose. I expect Barcelona to dive and surround the referee at any opportunity in search of a debatable decision that’ll ensure UEFA get their marquee, El Classico final. I expect the whole spectacle to be made worse by ITV’s commentary team and presenters. Andy Townsend? Why does he have a job in punditry? I may have to watch with the mute button on, or tune into 5Live and ignore their commentary being a little behind the live images.

In fact, I may not watch at all.

Our ex-player in the Barcelona ranks has been making some fairly odd comments in the press leading up to the game. I’m not one for blasting abuse at ex-players unless they’ve really irked me, but some of the things Cesc says do flirt with being disrespectful. For example:

“I came here to learn, to get better as a player and a person and also to experience weeks like this – Chelsea in the semi-finals of the Champions League, then Real Madrid in a game which, if we win, we are back in the title race, followed by Chelsea again.

“This is all new to me. My team-mates are more used to it but for me to experience this kind of situation is a dream.

This is all new to him? I seem to recall Cesc playing two Champions League semi-finals and a final with Arsenal. I guess I’m really justing picking at things because they seem to be something more than just a simple comment. Perhaps the sulky manner in which he conducted himself during his final season has left a bitter taste in the mouth. He was a good player for us, but he’s now at Barcelona. I think from now on I’ll chose not to concern myself with the things he says.

Just a quick one today, folks. I’ve a day off work and lots of things to do. Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. Take a moment to comment and follow me on Twitter @_ArmchairGooner

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