No Mata the Price, Mentally Szczesny and Naughty Podcasts.

“Really, Mourinho is selling him?”

Morning folks.

Before we begin, I offer you some shameless whoring of myself. A few days ago I took part in the 3 Blokes Talking Arse review of 2013. It was something of a belated recollection of our favourite/least favourite events, but we did it regardless. Featuring the vocal talents of Daniel Cowan and Dyllan Munro trading insults with me – there’s a bit of football talk, too – it’s worth a few moments of your precious time – you might want to give it a miss if you’re of a sensitive disposition and don’t care for naughty talk.

You can have a listen here.

Right, let’s news.

Taking up the majority of news headlines in English football is Juan Mata.  Bizarrely, in my opinion, Mourinho not only choses not to use a player of his talent, he now seems happy to let him leave Chelsea and pitch up at Old Trafford. The reason I’m mentioning this is because it’s kind of related to Arsenal. At one point, had we not dithered, we could have had him. He’s a great player and capable of unlocking seemingly impenetrable defences.

Some even think we should act at once and gazump any offer United are prepared to issue. That train has left the station. If Arsenal are to sign a new player, an attacking midfielder isn’t the position in which we particularly lack numbers. And there’s Mourinho. He acted the fool delaying our attempt to acquire Demba Ba on loan, I can’t see him being compliant should we make a bid. There’s an opinion floating around that all the United talk is just so he can glean interest from PSG. Who cares, though? We have Cazorla and Ozil.

Elsewhere, Arsene has been signing the praises of Wojciech Szczesny. Much deserved song it is too. Throughout the season, Szczesny has looked solid, reliable and dealt with shots in a consummate manner. He does still have the odd moment for alarm in his locker, but those seem to be slowly finding their way out of his game. Arsene said:

“Certainly a part of his improvement is mental because he’s more mature,

“His decision-making is cleaner, sharper, quicker. He was always a very talented boy but because he’s intelligent he learns quickly from experience.

“I’m happy that I always gave him the confidence because he’s developing very well into a very strong goalkeeper and today certainly nobody would question that he’s one of the top five goalkeepers in the Premier League.”

And that’s about all there is, folks. Today’s one of those days where I feel it’s best to stop before blather-mode takes over and I start discussing all kinds of nonsense. We can’t have that. Instead, I’ll point you towards the comments and look forward to reading your thoughts and such. Feel free to drop by and have a chin-wag. It’s genuinely nice to see I’m beginning to have a few regulars contributing in there, so if you’re one of those people, I appreciate the support.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

14 thoughts on “No Mata the Price, Mentally Szczesny and Naughty Podcasts.”

  1. Szczesny is rapidly improving, haven’t
    forgiven him for that Deulofeu’s strike @ d Emirates, I felt he dodged it…. Still think we should give Viviano a chance to up the competition.

    1. You must first skin alive the young defender that chose to stand akinbo and watch how Deulofeu going to shoot rather than try any form of defense.

    1. We love your blatherings JR. Gosh! That’s why we are regulars here for crying out loud!
      Now, back to the issue at hand. I aint gonna talk about Mata,’cos it won’t yield nada. To Scsezney! (Feel free to correct my spelling folks) Ten clean sheets in the PL? You’ve got to be one of the best, if not the only best currently to attain that. He deserves all the praises he’s getting.
      Back to you rockstar. Amma sue your arse the next time there aint enough blatherings here.

  2. JR, y isint there enough blattering today 4 me 2 read…..and pls folks, som1 shud help me remind AW incase he didn’t notice dat we’re in need of a PROVEN GOALSCORING STRIKA!!!!

  3. Some pundit said that it’s a smart move from Mourinho to off load Mata to United, as they’ve finished their clash against them. So Mata indirectly will help Chelsea as Arsenal and ManShit still have one fixture against United. Well, maybe or maybe not!
    The special mouth seems an all out tactician as ever, but he was wrong on blocking Demba Ba and I’m not sure Juan Mata currently at his best after warming the bench for so long.
    So, we’ll find out whether it’s another “brilliant tactic” or just “cheap” one.
    For Shezo I’ve one world only : Excellent. He’s improving a lot this season despite that horrible Ettihad night. His game reading, his positioning (the most important GK skills), and his agility, are all improving. If he’s continue to play like this, he’ll be our next legend beside Seaman and Lehmann, and ghoz, I forget he’s still 23.

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