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Morning, folks.

Yesterday turned out to be one of the more ‘interesting’ days I’ve had as a blogger. What I intended with my post was simple; pilfer hits from irritating, speculative sites and send them they way of a few good ones. Noble, yes? Well, it would appear not. Some people out there in cyberspace are very, very touchy and if they feel you’ve attempted to pull the wool over their eyes, they go apoplectic.

Whilst at work, I had to administrate somewhere in the region of 90 comments from angry users, the vast majority of whom seemed a little too interested in suggesting I engage in some incest as punishment.

With hindsight, it wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had, but the sites I listed did get a fair few hits. For that reason alone, I stand by my decision, but it’s not something I’ll repeat. I’ll end the subject with a simple message to those lovely people who plastered the comments section with abuse aimed at me, my family and my pets; If you don’t like what I write or you disagree with what I say; I’m more than happy to discuss it with you. I’m all for constructive criticism. However, if you can only post insults and puerile threats, then piss off somewhere else. You’re not wanted here if that kind of moronic drivel is all you’re capable of. I imagine those contributing nothing but snide insults are probably the same cretins that direct vitriol towards the manager and the players with the first hint of trouble.

So, lets talk Arsenal, shall we?

Flappy-handed shot-stopper, Lukas Fabianksi, has made no secret his desire to leave Arsenal. With his first-team opportunities at a minimum since the emergence of Szczsney, he fully intends to head for pastures new.  Speaking in his native Poland, Lukas said:

“I hope that my adventure with Arsenal has come to an end.

“I intend to leave and play in a strong league.

“I wanted to leave in the winter, too, but Arsene Wenger did not give a green light.”

I’ve always though that underneath the high-profile howlers and comical blunders, there’s a good keeper waiting to get out. Looking absolutely terrified when the balls is near the area may be a trait he shares with Almunia, but Fabianski does have a significantly better ability to stop shots. What’s let him down at Arsenal is his mentality. When he plays, I get the impression he is worrying more often than he is focusing.

No hard feelings or ill-will here, I wish him all the best and I hope he finds a club that he can establish himself at.

As the week rumbles on, Arsenal stories tend to be fewer and further between, but I expect that to change with the beginning of next week. When that time comes around, and with mere weeks until the European championships begin; I think we’ll start to to see some movement on the transfer front.

Until then, let’s all put on our Bayern Munich scarves and hope they prevent the world from having to endure the grotesque sight of John Terry with his grubby paws on the Champions League trophy.

Thanks for reading today, you beautiful bastards. Take a moment to comment – if you intend abusing me, I suggest you read the ‘Rules’ section first – and you can follow me on Twitter @_ArmchairGooner

I shall return tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “**Non-offensive title, non-offensive content with little or no misleading and spurious transfer babble**”

  1. I agree with you Raul. Let us root for Bayern and hope the Tiny Totts get ‘Udinesed’ in the qualifiers never to play the C.L next season together with the Blues.

  2. First up, yesterdays post was spot on! The over reaction was crazy and hilarious if not so sad!

    The post did make me think, does the sensational nature if these hit whore fan blogs not only inflate the expectations of gullible fans but also inflate their discontentment with the board and manager? Ie sensational made up story about.transfer x = gullible fan gets excited. Transfer x is made up and therefore never materialises. Gullible fan blames the board! gullible fan = moron!

    The truth is that arsenal as a club cannot (and shouldn’t IMHO aspire to) operate like man city, real Madrid etc. They have taken a different route that is longer term and more painful but allows them to exist within the real world parameters of a sustainable business! That should be applauded and there should be an acceptance that this approach doesn’t buy success over night! The short termism of some fans is shocking! … Prep for abuse!

  3. i kinda like d way u write, i think blunt is the word. About V.PEE, i on’t worry about captain V.PEE, if he leaves, another will emerge, thats always been the trend @ arsenal.

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