Odds, sods, Bendtner, Viviano and Gooner pods.

Christian Bale loves the Goonersphere podcast…

Morning, you wonderful little so-and-sos.

I could have given this post a naughty title. Nothing licentious, mind you – I refer to those hit-grabbing monstrosities that plauge the average news feed. Why would I consider such a thing? Well, the first edition of the Goonerspehre podcast is out and I’d like to get it some exposure. It’s hosted by Daniel Cowan and yours truly, and will be heading to your delicious ears on a regular basis.

You can listen to it here.

I’m going to keep today brief. I’ve done my customary searches for newsy nuggets and found one or two interesting points. You all know by now that I love The Flame. Since he returned from Milan, he’s been crunching his way through the opposition and into my heart.

During the Stoke game, it’s alleged that The Flame was incensed by Marc Wilson’s regular fouling of Jack Wilshere to such an extent he treated the Orc midfielder to a few choice words.  They were:

 Do it again, and I’ll blind you.

The Flame obviously didn’t make an actual attempt to temper the sight of a Stoke player. He did something – if true –  we’ve not seen for a while; he made the opposition aware that kicking one of our players wouldn’t go unpunished. Perhaps he could have chosen his words better. Perhaps… But the reason for those words being used is something I’m kinda glad to see.

Staying on the subject momentarily, something I tweeted made it onto the TalkSPORT website. Yippee… Thanks to those of you that pointed it out.

A few rumours have already started to surface regarding our Capital One Cup selection. It’s a fairly safe bet most of the more fragile first-teamers will be spared the fixture. A great deal of debate has taken place regarding those that will play.

Emiliano Viviano is in line to make his first Arsenal appearance. From what little I’ve hard and seen, the Italian is a very good keeper, and could genuinely offer some competition for the first team jersey. It’ll be good to get a look at him in action.  The big news – if you can call it that – is that Nicklas Bendtner – allegedly –  will start the game. I’m about as keen on seeing Bendtner in an Arsenal shirt again as I am to dangle my penis in front of a rabid dog that’s not been fed for a week.

Some of you will say we should support him, and I certainly agree with you. When he takes to the pitch it’s the right thing to do. If he tries his best and contributes to the team, you’ll not here any complaints from me. My problem is simply he shouldn’t be here; Arsenal shouldn’t be in the position of requiring the services of someone that’s more ego than talent, and a bit of a pr*ck. He was ‘Plan Z’ and there’s no excuse for requiring it.

We all know Nicklas doesn’t want to be here. Most fans would share that sentiment.  I would far rather we offered playing time to someone like Chuba Akpom who has a future at the Club and would love a chance to prove himself.

It’s certainly an interesting deabte. Would you be happy for Bendtner to start, or do you think somone with less experience but more desire to play is a better option? You know the drill – take a moment to tell me your thoughts in the comments section.

I must leave you now, as I have to dress myself and spend the day plotting the route I’ll take to my inevitable superstardom.

As always; thanks for reading (and listening if you’ve heard the pod) you beautiful bastards.

13 thoughts on “Odds, sods, Bendtner, Viviano and Gooner pods.”

  1. Why bother about Bendtner why we have young and more ambitious players? I doubt his form, he hasn’t even been a favourite anywhere he went on loan. How many goals did he score in all that he was on loan?
    I hope he makes use of the opportunity and not end up his true self: we need a support for Giroud.

  2. you gotta love Flamini for that eh lol. a bit different on the usual ” do that again son and i’ll break your legs” admittedly , but very effective all the same. it’s about time we had a no nonsense player in midfield that threatens dirty players with blindness… I wholeheartedly approve.

  3. I think Bendtner is a strange 1 really…on 1 hand you have a guy who quiet literally lost the drive needed to be a professional footballer over the last 2 years, but I think this summer has to have been an eye opening experience for him, because if he doesn’t realise that his football career is almost as good as over after this season if he doesn’t do something of note then he truly is a brainless individual!!

    I think a lot of the problems with Niki B is that his agent was his dad & kept telling him he was brilliant & had him believing that every club in Europe would be lining up for him!!

    But here’s the reality…we’ve got a 25 year old international striker who should be desperate to get his career back on track…he’s scored plenty of top quality goals for us & some hugely important goals too, so if he’s in the right frame of mind then he’s got to be a great option from the bench for us, especially as we now have guys who can cross a ball to him in the box & not have him stuck out on the right wing of the 3 pronged striker formation which was 1 of wengers wonderful experiments!!

    I’m not expecting big things against west Brom from bendtner because I doubt he’s fully fit, but he’s only going to get a few opportunities to show what he can do & that’s it…he’ll be cast aside to run down his contract in the reserves!!

    I hope he’s got his head right & provides Giroud with some serious competition…if he does then we will save ourselves £30 mill for a striker on January…if he doesn’t have his head right…then it’ll be a massive lesson to the kids at Arsenal of how easily a players career can go off the rails!!

  4. Paying him 52K a week. Make him earn it. Also puts him in the shop window for January. Get a world class striker in then flog him for a mil or two rather than nothing at the end of the season. He wont want to be playing reserve team football after January in a World Cup year. No brainer really.

  5. i am sure bendtner must have learnt his lessons by now and i can tell he is not happy and tired of not being active on the field even if he gets his pay packets and party with snoop dog and wiz khalifa every weekend.. that kind of life is tiring and it has gotten to that state 4 that “prince of denmark”.. now he really want to opt out of his indefinite leave and get back 2 work. his only real competition is Olivier(whom he ll never beat as far Arsene,Arsenal and fans are concerned) and he really will fancy his chances. am optimistic we ll see a rejuvenated bendty tonight,and we will all be suprised at his performance and how IMPORTANT he may be,like THE FLAME, to the depth of the squad before arsene finally recruit a striker in january.

  6. Arsenal fans are some of the most forgiving. Whilst the transfer window was open, most of us would have sold a kidney if it would have helped to get rid of the pariah in the No £52k shirt, yet when we find ourselves up against it a little, we are happy for the Prince of Denmark to have a second chance. I’m not saying we should pat ourselves on the back but it is a somewhat commendable viewpoint and one that the player should really acknowledge in some way.
    Either that or he can go go on loan and Nigel Flamini can up end him when we play whatever sorry arsed team think he is a worthy addition to their squad 😉

  7. AW has seen fit to give him another chance. Flamster got one and he has taken his chance well. Niki b has said a few things in the past that don’t sit well with me. But if AW can forgive so can I and he has my support. I hope he does well for us and ultimately gets bid life in order…….

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