Official Podolski, Bruce’s Mannone love, M’Vila and other news.

Lukas thought stealing his photo from was a perfectly good idea.

Afternoon folks.

This is a more acceptable time to be posting, isn’t it? Apologies are extended for the slightly wayward distribution of articles in recent weeks. I shall be striving to ensure things go back to a set time of day from hereon in.

The main point of news today is the official unveiling of Lukas Podolski as an Arsenal player. I have to admit; I was operating under the assumption it was all signed and sealed, but that’s all irrelevant; it is now. If you want to see a few pictures of our new forward having a stroll around the Emirates, you can see them here.

I’ve high hopes for Lukas as a Gooner. 44 goals in 101 appearances for Germany – he’s still only 27 – is a thoroughly excellent record.  Yes, there are a few slight concerns about his ability to perform outside of his own country, and it’s been noted that a previous high profile move to Bayern wasn’t a resounding success. But those things aren’t important to me. He is a quality player who has the ability to finish, create and he always puts in a shift. I have the utmost faith he’ll be an excellent addition to our squad, and we’re in for a treat if Arsene can get the best out of him.

One player looking to be headed out is our Italian stopper, Vito Mannone. Pickled wretch, and manager of Hull City, Steve Bruce, has spoken of his desire to aquire the 24-year-old:

“Vito’s obviously done very well here by all accounts but we’ll speak with Mr Wenger when he returns from his holiday next week,”

“I like the boy but we’ll have to see what the situation is.”

A deal taking him away appears to be the best thing for all parties concerned. I’d safely say there isn’t much of a future for Vito at Arsenal other than acting as a deputy to those above him in the pecking order. Arsenal hopefully intend to enter the market to recruit a solid keeper to challenge Szczsney for the No1 spot, and neither Fabianski or Mannone are up to that task. Our Polish stopper would certainly benefit from being kept on his toes by someone capable of taking his position.

On Twitter – that oh-so reliable source of information – there are one or two rumblings from within the Rennes camp about Yann M’Vila. It’s alleged that Arsenal and the French club have entered preliminary talks regarding the sale of the player. Of course, with so much misinformation and wild speculation floating about, it’s difficult to take anything too seriously.

The whole thing has become anathema to me now. From once being heralded as a %99 certainty, it now looks increasing less likely with each passing day. I get the impression Arsenal are playing the waiting game here. With Bayern having dropped out, perhaps Arsene is looking to do a deal closer to the end of August when the price might decrease significantly. It certainly appears that we’re the only club chasing after him – or indeed linked – at the moment.

Time will tell, but I hope I’m wrong. Having players in place as soon as possible can only be a good thing for pre-season. New additions invariably require a settling in period and time to grow accustomed to their new teammates. If we really want him, if Arsene sees him as an important player for Arsenal; let’s get it done sooner rather than later. Waiting could see us getting our hands burnt.

That’s all for today folks. Please drop me a comment or two in the handy section below. I shall return tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Official Podolski, Bruce’s Mannone love, M’Vila and other news.”

  1. surely,Lukas is one of the best players in the world today.we all hopes as arsenal fans that Podolski will do something for us this coming season.I also argue wenger neva to let Vermalean go to Baca cos we are tie of bercelona for taking our best players ever season.jill phillip

  2. Vermaelen to Barca is bollocks, it was only May when Thomas told us of his desire to finish out his career at Arsenal! ‘cumon

  3. “But those thongs” … lol James.

    It’s good to know things are getting back on track. It’s true that Podolski suffered from homesickness when at Bayern but here in England, especially London, life is way more pleasant and interesting … particularly for somebody earning as much money as he does.

    Germany was undergoing a complete overhaul during his entire career, so the expectations were unfair and high for young players. He has now matured though and and I foresee zero “settling down” problems for Podolski in London. Besides Hleb, which overseas player has not loved it in London? They all comment on their love of the city.

    His football will largely depend on the team he has on the pitch with him. It’s way too early to speculate on this. Van Persie going will just heap expectations and pressure on him like at Bayern, Vermaelen going will just see repeats of the Arshavan 4-4 at the Kop, no Wilshere return and an injured Arteta will see limited service to him, Santos having to be reminded he’s a defender will be counter-productive, nobody being on the end of his passes like is the case with many passes from Van Persie.

    Yes, we have Giroud but he’ll face similar problems and his reputation comes from the non-convincing French League.

    Gervinho came to us with a big rep and though he has shown flashes of class and a good preseason before his red card, he wasn’t letting off fireworks throughout the rest of the campaign. If anything he seemed to be tiring more as it went on.

    If the whole team looks different with Vermaelen gone, Van Persie gone, Walcott gone, Rosicky gone, Ramsey on loan, Wilshere still injured for the long term, Arteta out injured a lot, Denilson back in the side, the right back still being a void, Podolski and EVERY OTHER PLAYER, new and regular will need time to gel.

    So like I said, it’s way way way too early to be speculating about how any single player will perform, especially Podolski.

    But we can have fun pretending this isn’t the case and of course be more positive than me, or rather less realistic than me.

  4. yman vila ll sign,vp ll sign2yrs @£150k/wk,walcott will sign@£80k-£90k/wk,hugo illoris ll,i c us doin a final day show down via,u hd it4rm me first sign for £11m,

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