Olivier Giroud And The Case Of The Missed Sitter.

F*ck you, haters….

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It’s yet another morning in which Arsenal news isn’t all encompassing. It’s a dingy old setting here in Gloucester and my girlfriend and I are about to head out for breakfast and do some shopping for our new place. I have a window of around 30-45 minutes to write this and little or nothing to talk to you about – the Euros were relatively uneventful last night. So, I’ll pass it out to Twitter….

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I don’t think I’d ever thought of Edinson Cavani as the type to spurn glaring opportunities with maddening regularity. That said, neither do I think the same of Olivier Giroud. Sure, he’s had his profligate moments over the years, but those are often blown dramatically out of proportion to favour a narrative – that narrative usually being the poor recruitment of Arsene Wenger.

Whether it be for Arsenal or France, it seems that Giroud spends an inordinate amount of time being held in comparison to others, both past and present. He’s not Benzema, Henry or Robin van Persie. He’s often seen as the striker that needs to be replaced by a mythical, unnamed centre forward, presumably birthed in majesty and able to solve all our footballing problems purely by signing alone.

You, know… I’ve started typing what was going to be a defence of Giroud and I’ve suddenly come to the conclusion that it’s fairly pointless. In fact, I’m pretty tired of defending him. He’s not the perfect striker and he needs to have some competition to really get the best out of him, but he is some considerable distance away from the worst. I like him a lot and I think he’s given a great deal to Arsenal. His fellow professionals agree. John Stones recently had a few words to say about facing Olivier: Initially expected to say either Luis Suarez or Sergio Aguero when asked to pick the hardest opponent of the three players, Stones said,

‘I mean they are great players, with unbelievable movement. In all honesty, I’d have to say Olivier Giroud, you don’t realise how strong he is

‘When he gets close to you he can hold you off and his touch is brilliant.’

I always find that the best testimonials are from opponents. Those that faced off against players as opposed to alongside them. Stones maybe be relatively young and inexperienced by comparison to others, but that doesn’t make his opinion any less valid. It’s an opinion certainly more valid than an overweight cretin sat in the stand making obnoxious booing noises.

Anyway… to answer the question. I think Cavani will. He’ll become complacent playing in league so uncompetitive it might as well be a Sunday kick around in the park. I’m pretty sure I could score 20+ a season if I was paying for PSG.

So, that’ll do for today, boys ‘n’ girls. Delicious breakfast is calling and I’m famished. I’ll see you all tomorrow for more glorious blathering and such. Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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  1. You’re right..Giroud isn’t anywhere near the worst striker in the world, or anywhere the best…and Stones is allowed his opinion…But remember Thiery Henry said that Arsenal will never win a premiership title with Giroud as main striker..and I personally agree with Henry..

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