Olivier Giroud looks certain to sign, and Jack Wilshere calls the cops.

Giroud's bottom has plenty of admirers...

Afternoon, various units and lifeforms.

As I’m restrained by impecuniousness – bloody car breaking down – and there is a fair bit of news flying around the various media outlets, I thought I’d give my thoughts on Olivier Giroud. As I’m sure you know; reports from reputable sources – The BBC and The Telegraph – are stating he’ll be a Gooner by the end of the week.

Sounds very promising to me. But as I always say; I won’t truly believe any of it until I see official confirmation from Arsenal or the player himself. The M’Vila deal was said to be a certainty, but as yet nothing has materialised with that one.

As a striker, Giroud looks to be an excellent addition – from the information I’ve been able to glean. He’s a tall fella and predominately left-footed. He bagged a lot of goals in Ligue 1 as Montpellier defied expectation to lift the title. The signs certainly look very promising indeed.

Other talk suggests he’s being brought in to play as a striking triumvirate along with Robin van Persie and Lukas Podolski. That I’m not so sure about. It’s pleasing to hear he isn’t considered a direct replacement for our talismanic Dutchman, but I don’t think our 3-pronged attack at first choice would feature all 3 of the above. In all likelihood, the right-sided position would go to either Theo or Oxlade-Chamberlain. Having said that, it certainly does give us options front and a lack of over-reliance on the goals of van Persie.

If proved correct, Giroud looks to be an excellent siging, and I’ll offer him a very presumptuous welcome to the club in light of all these stories; welcome, Olivier!

The other major story doing the rounds is about Jack Wilshere, and it’s another damning insight into just how exasperating Twitter can be when used by idiots with a grudge.

Alleged by a couple of morons, Jack’s absence for the past year hasn’t been down to injury, but a failed test for cocaine. Reacting to such preposterous and vitriolic remarks, Jack has deiced to close his Twitter account for good. I can’t say I blame him.

There are a lot of really good people on Twitter; some informative, some helpful and some plain hilarious. I have a new site address and technical support because of someone I met on Twitter. However, there is a minority of wretched human beings on there, too. Those people seems to think it’s acceptable to abuse footballers and threaten their lives because they play for rival clubs. Those people are breathtakingly moronic individuals, and it’s a real shame they end up spoiling things for those of us that enjoy hearing from Arsenal players – or indeed, any other players.

In a report doing the rounds in the papers, a friend of Jack’s is quoted as saying:

Most of the abuse was the kind of stuff he hears on the terraces. But it has got more personal.

??The stuff about the drug test was the final straw ?? he would never take drugs. ??It??s upsetting that someone can be so vile.??

“The claims were tweeted from two accounts and Wilshere, who has spoken to police but not made a formal complaint, has kept the messages and is ready to hand them over.”

If the last part is true, those responsible might do well to remember what happened to Liam Stacey when he posted abuse towards a stricken Fabrice Muamba. I’d suggest a trip to Boots for a lot of lubricant….

Thats me done (again) today, folks. Thanks for taking the time to read, you beautiful bastards. I have an evening/afternoon of watching the Euros and slobbing about planned, so I’m off to put that wonderful idea into action.

I shall return tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Olivier Giroud looks certain to sign, and Jack Wilshere calls the cops.”

  1. I don’t think it’s worth Jack closing his tweeter account, nontheless calling the cops. As neither the police nor the FA have come out to affirm the slander. With his actions, those morons behind this have achieved something, and have succeeded in unsettling him. Looking forward to seeing Giroud sign for us. What a game tonight, as two Arsenal strikers opposes each other.

  2. It’s better for Jack to concentrate on Arsenal and his fitness. Obviously aspects of Twitter have been negative and with this being the case it’s better for him to get rid of such negativity from his life.

    If all the newspapers were making up embarrassing rumours about YOU – would you read newspapers? No you wouldn’t … so for the same reason jack should refrain from reading Twitter comments.

    People forget that Gervinho is another attacking option upfront.

    Van Persie is a left sided player, like Podolski, like Gervinho.

    Gervinho is a central striker, like Podolski, like Van Persie.

    As an interesting point, Walcott plays best from the Left wing and the Ox plays best on the right wing.

    The whole thing smells of a planned reversion to 4-4-2.

      1. no i agree with James…the guy can’t header a ball to save his life and his finishing…well he could do with a little improvement…

        saying that he is a really strong player…great dribbling skills, exceptional pace, produces pure magic…but frustrates a little. I expect a good improvement this season and having him and poldi on the left really gives us depth…

        as for playing giroud, Poldi and RvP…i think its possible but perhaps dropping RvP into the hole (CAM) playmaker role as this will give us more goals from midfield and give space to the central striker.
        Although seeing the dutch after Huntelaar came on makes me worry a little about this as they simply had no-one between the deep lying midfield and the forwards. RvP scored that cracker but he should have dropped deeper more…
        the dutch all just want to do it themselves…

        its definitely an option though if we need a goal late on…
        but the arrival of giroud gives us strength in depth in attack and seriously VIABLE options off the bench, in case of injuries and for rotation, something we lacked all year and even the 2nd half of the previous season with Chamakh’s demise…I hope he goes in part of the deal…

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