Over in 21 minutes, down and out in February.

Rough translation; Bayern are great, Arsenal are shit.

Evening folks.

The main memory I’ll take from last night’s game is how much it reminded me of the Champions League semi-final we played against United. For the opening few minutes of play, and for the minutes leading up to kick-off, The Emirates was a sight to behold – loud, passionate and awesome. Then we conceded early, and it was all over.

Unlike the FA Cup on Saturday debacle when we whimpered out against inferior opponents, last night we we’re comprehensively outplayed by a far better team. There can be no qualms or debates about the result. Even with the greater share of possession, our players couldn’t match the quality and control facing them. The defeat wasn’t unexpected, and it’s difficult to be too annoyed by it.

However, it does serve as an indication of just how far Arsenal have fallen. As my memory serves me, I don’t recall a European side coming to our home ground and looking so vastly superior. This season, it’s happened twice – last night, and when Schalke visited. And such things will invariably come back to our manager.

To an extent, Arsene is to blame; his selection, his team, his responsibility. Yet, there are some players who we are entitled to expect more from. £100k-per-week Theo Walcott was nothing short of woeful in the strikers position last night, Bacary Sagna looked hapless and disinterested, and, other than Wilshere and Ramsey, no one especially looked as if they gave a shit.

Perhaps it’s a motivational issue. Perhaps the players are happy to take home their huge salaries and to hell with the consequences of their faltering performances. Some of them simply don’t look like they care. Can we blame Arsene for that? Yes and no. Ultimately, he is responsible, but he can’t be held accountable for the actions of his players once they take to the field. There has to be a point  where they take some of that off his back and stand up and be counted.

All in all, we are in Febryary, and left with nothing more than the imaginary trophy that comes with 4th place to play for. These are trying times to be an Arsenal fan, and we’ve a few vital fixtures coming up between now and the return leg in Germany.

I’d like to think some of our squad will look at Arsene in the firing line and do something proactive. Jack Wilshere cares, he plays his heart out and is rarely found wanting. It’s high time one or two members of the squad did them same. We can attach as much blame to our manager as we see fit, but it would be wrong to pay no attention to those continuously letting down a man who has shown great faith in them.

That’s all for today, folks. It’s a quick post today as I’ve had a busy day at work and I’ve things to do. I hope you’ll use the comment section below to share some of your thoughts.

I shall return tomorrow at some point. Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

6 thoughts on “Over in 21 minutes, down and out in February.”

  1. Re; motivational issues being Wenger’s fault Y/N. Not knowing Wenger personally, but he seems a ‘gentle’man. Which, Is admirable. Due to his(as I see it) kind nature, he will always struggle to motivate a certain type of player/character naturally. Hence when he buys/bought, self motivation/hunger should be/have been as important as talent. For me, this is & has been a lot of the problem. Correct me if you think I’m wrong. It’s how I see it.

  2. Easy article to post and write off the entire team with the exception of Wilshere as either lazy, incompetent or indifferent. A CL defeat hurts but it isn’t the end of the world…there is a second leg and anything can happen in the CL. We can still finish as high as 2nd in the EPL if things go our way (which they rarely do) and being out of all Cups except the CL is perhaps an advantage. I’d rather have our team and our manager than Chelsea’s or City’s at the moment, as we’ve managed to get within striking distance of 3rd or 4th for 1/4 the money those two Clubs spent.

  3. “there is a second leg and anything can happen in the CL”

    Yea anything can happen.
    But the level of the team is disgraceful.
    They still do not play for one another, but more selfishly really.
    They have not yet merged into a team, this is why we have so many conflicting results and games.
    Finishing is crap, what do they do on the training ground.
    Bayern will be stupid to let AFC go through in next leg.

    Whatever happens, the team needs to be bolstered with enough good players to challenge again.

  4. This goes out to Weedonald up there and to all other fans thinking like him ,time to wake up!!!get out of your bubble and comfort that Arsenal is still a great team.We are out of the league cup,FA cup,CL& out of the EPL Title. I can’t understand some fans attitude aiming for 4th place and they are happy with that.we are not asking to compete with big money clubs,we are asking our team to play football.there were times (in the past)when we lost games but we loss with pride and passion we were fighters now when you look at this squad you know we gonna loss.other teams used to be afraid of us now other teams sees us a team that they could easily get points from us.how did we get so low?we are accused of not supporting our team,man we did it from start to finish even in those 8 trophy-less seasons but what have we got in return as fans?nothing apart seeing our idols like Cesc,RVP,SONG & other leaves.We had the best strikers in the world with Wright,Anelka,Henry & RVP now who do we got as striker? I am not here to go against Wenger,AKB or the players.I just want my Arsenal back.you cannot imagine going to work after an Arsenal defeat.all the other fans make fun of us.If some of you guys still thinks that we could beat Bayern and qualify I would say “You are all delusional”. some of you may not agree with me but in the end deep inside you,you have to be honest with yourself.
    We the ARSENAL cannot be satisfy with this situation.

  5. The top brass at Arsenal must decide very soon if they want this club to compete at the highest level.

    Had we been able to field Van Persie instead of Walcoott, Fabregas instead of Ramsey, Kolo Toure for Mertesaker, would the result have been the same against Bayern ? The massive bank balance from the sale of these players does not cut the mustard on the green grass of the Emirates stadium on a Champions league Tuesday night.

    If Arsenal are happy to be also rans with a massive bulging bank balance then everything is going to plan at boardroom level.

    The massive projected income from sponsorship deals will evaporate if we do not perform on the pitch.

    It is make your mind up time !!!

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