Ozil, Ramsey, Rosicky, Arteta, and more reasons to be optimistic.

Mesut and Aaron were apparently very pleased.

Morning, folks.

Let’s all sit back a moment and enjoy that.


It’s wise to be cautious. I’ve never been one for loud-mouthed proclamations and blind certainty. Until honours are won and secured, gloating is something that remains on the back burner. However, caution, as wise as it may be, shouldn’t stop anyone enjoying Arsenal’s current form. It is early days yet, there is still plenty of football to be played before the honours are dished out. But, the team are constantly sticking two triumphant fingers up to the many so-called ‘pundits’ out there who write them off. It is glorious.

Last night in Germany was far from a showcase for Arsenal’s attacking verve and ability. It presented the other side to our game, the side regularly sited as our weakness; defensive solidity. Against excellent opponents in a stadium known to be loud and intimidating, the players stuck to their task, kept their shape and universally played for one another.

It’s that which gives me the most pleasure. In season’s gone by, we’ve rarely lacked the ability to score goals. But we have missed that Arsenal backs-to-the-wall togetherness and resolute defending. Arsenal could always outplay opposition, nowadays it seems we can do that, but also outfight and outthink them if we have to. Our performance in Dortmund pleased me for many, many reasons, mostly because it reminded me of some of our great smash-and-grab victories of the past.

Our back four is superb at the moment. Sagna, Gibbs, Koscielny and Mertesacker are arguably the strongest unit around. I’m sure that statement is dripping with bias and the euphoria of triumph, but I care not a jot. I genuinely believe it, and with Szczsney is fine form directly behind them, we look a very tough nut to crack.

What impressed me most was the contribution made by our midifeld. They can hold on to the ball and pass with the best of them, but when possession is relinquished, they harry, scrap and fight. Look no further than Tomas Rosicky as an example. A technically gifted playmaker who didn’t stop running and putting in tackles. In the absence of the tough-tackling Flamini, Arteta has shown that a calm head and footballing knowledge in the holding role is equally as effective and The Flame’s all action displays. Even Mesut Ozil puts in the occasional tackle.

It’s a team mentality. They have an apparent spirit and togetherness. That’s what is most important. Arsenal look like genuine contenders because we are more of a team than I’ve seen for a while. The kudos in main will go to Aaron Ramsey for another vital goal to add to his growing collection. The Welshman’s breakthrough form is nothing short of astonishing. With his troubles in the past year well documented and often very unfairly lamented, he has made progression in an astounding manner. I’ve said it before; I challenge anyone to name a player in greater form across all of Europe’s big leagues. After the game, Arsene Wenger had these words to say:

“A year ago I thought it would be difficult for him to score but he is a young player and is confident and has improved tremendously – which is a huge credit to him.”

In a month sited by all as a true test of our mettle, Arsenal have come through challenges with victories and good performances. We have a trip to Old Trafford on Sunday. A win there would be the icing on an already delicious few weeks. Underestimating United because of their recent blunders would be a stupid thing to do. They are still the reigning champions, and there’s little doubt in my mind they will raise their game.

I have faith we can get a result. I have faith the team will perform as well as they have been doing. Arsenal are looking the real deal, and we should all enjoy it – especially those in our fanbase desperate for something to go wrong so they can have a good moan.

That’s all for today, folks. Use the comments below to tell me your thoughts on the game. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

7 thoughts on “Ozil, Ramsey, Rosicky, Arteta, and more reasons to be optimistic.”

  1. Great win, love the mentality of the team. they knew just how to contain bvb and were not as arrogant as they were last two weeks. that’s PROGRESS for u!

  2. the way we’re playing i wouldn’t mind arsenal meeting barcelona in the
    knockout phase if we progress (which is looking likely). in fact, i’d love
    arsenal to play barcelona next, defeat them, banish the demons of past defeats, and show what arsenal is all about. barcelona are not the same
    formidable team it once was even with the addition of neymar or maybe we’re stronger compared to the last time we met them.

    as for last night’s game. wow. what a performance, as has become usual in recent times, the BFG and Koscielny were like concrete walls repelling dortmund attacks. the two old wise men- arteta and rosicky were massive. rosicky in particular demonstrated that his footballing age is younger than his real age. i specially liked his sliding tackles and energy that broke down dortmund’s rhythm all through the game. as for ramsey, well i’ve run out of adjectives to describe this guy.

    bring on man utd. let’s show the dutch skunk what he’s missing.

  3. good article and let me add what i can
    rosysky and cazorla are big match players and they shine those match’s …so we need them against Robben Vacking Pastard
    OZIL & RAMBO are on the sky so wee need them 2
    geroud are the best striker we have and i like his team working
    if we get back fallemini back he is what i missed against chelsea and dortmound in emarats so lets bring him
    and my back 4 is the way they are now
    szny is doing well
    congratulation all of you and keep it doing again and again…..

  4. I understand the frustration of arsenal fans and why critics of Arsenal generally have refused to show respect for the Gunners in recent years (cup-drought years). It simply shows that Arsenal once registered their name as consistent or regular cup contenders, or winners.
    It strikes you that, notwithstanding Arsenal have always featured in the champions league, critics are quick to condemn the gunners. Before before beating Liverpool in the EPL they kept saying arsenal are yet to have a true test and after the match they switched to ‘Dortmund at away will be a better test’. Now they are saying ManU will be that test. For God sake what can you say of a team that have beaten Marsielle, Napoly, Liverpool, Spurs and now Dortmund?
    They heap praises on Chelsea and ManCity for their performances in the CL not taking a critical look at the corresponding oppositions.Were Chelsea, ManU (of now) or ManCity drawn in Arsena’l group of Death I fear if any of them would survive.
    We shall see. The time will come when Cesar must be given what belong to him.

  5. Thanks Jimbo!
    thats an impressive result. And you have to say after the two legs a win each is deserved, although the better team probably lost both games! thats why you gotta love football eh!

    Kozzer and Merte were unbelievable last night!! with Koz’s speed, timing, man-marking and Merte’s tactical brillances, tackling pinache and awareness they really are the perfect defensive pairing. Loving it!!

    Guttsy performances, so impressed by the running of rambo, rosicky, carzorla, arteta and even giroud and ozil. Team game and these guys are playing for each other and for the team! Great result

  6. It is very pleasing to read a raving report about our performance, eve from our most unrepentant critics. I hope I can see the highlight later today or through the weekends.

    Though I’m having an exams on Monday morning, I’ll keep that aside and enjoy Arsenal put United to sword. Kudos to my Rambo…

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