Panic… Panic… PANIC!!!! Buy some players!!

“How many players do you think Arsenal will sign?”

Afternoon, delicious creatures of the Arsenal community.

Tomorrow, oh sweet tomorrow, sees the return of the Premiership. No more tedious friendlies in far away countries, no more moping around trying to involve one’s self in other, less entertaining sports; No, sir – football that matters is back.

I’ll be previewing the Aston Villa game with my post in the morning, but today I thought I’d take a quick moment away from my busy schedule of sorting, cleaning, sorting and more bloody sorting to talk about the unstoppable wave of panic sweeping across Arsenal-dom.

Not usually the type to fall victim to such things, even I’m starting to get a little worried. Luis Gustavo – a good player at a good price – has been snapped up by Wolfsburg, and now it appears any resolution in the epic Suarez saga looks highly unlikely – ol’ Choppers is back training with the first team at Liverpool, so reports say.

That leaves us looking at a perilous position regarding signings. If we fail to land Suarez, I struggle to think who our next target could be. Gustavo’s move sees another available player that would have improved our team depart elsewhere when we had a opportunity to do business.

All this is causing a great deal of unrest. Fans – rightly or wrongly – are getting angry. Declarations of spending big and enormous budgets seems to be either false promises, or something Arsene Wenger has chosen to ignore. Without any insider knowledge, I don’t generally care to remark on how the Club is run from the inside. Such things tend to be arrogant and invariably false. The only element I care to discuss is my feeling as a fan.

As a eager supporter, I want want is best for Arsenal. I want Arsenal to compete. Winning things is a huge bonus, but I put more importance in being in a position to legitimately challenge for titles and cups.  Our squad has been trimmed of those surplus to requirements, and is currently dangerously thin. For reasons unknown, we haven’t added, and I can’t believe we are not going to.

Players must be brought in. Not just to ensure we are a team capable of sustaining some form of challenge, but primarily because the squad is dangerously close to a few injuries leaving us totally exposed. A marquee signing, at this point, would be secondary to me. Recruiting 2-3 excellent players in the areas we need them is far better business.

For that reason, I can’t see the worst coming to realisation. If Arsene allows our team to go into September without being strengthened, then I fear his time may be up. Not just with those who take great pleasure in lambasting his judgement, but with those who’ve defended him stoutly up until this point as well. If he makes that call, and results suffer, I don’t see how anyone can defend him. I struggle to think of a single logical reason why we haven’t done all our business a long time ago. There is still time to rectify the situation, but time passes quickly with every missed opportunity.

But, for now, that’s going to be put to one side. It’s the new season, and we need to get behind the team. That’s all from me today. Leave me a comment below, and have a splendid rest of your day.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

49 thoughts on “Panic… Panic… PANIC!!!! Buy some players!!”

  1. Falcao is available, if not to buy for a season loan. Monaco has hit some strife apparently……Wenger has ties to Monaco and their management, have you noticed that Suarez has gone back to liverpool grovelling and we are clearing the decks of shit rapidly now. Chamakh has gone and Bendtner is going plus about another 18 players we have cleared about 500k a week in wages. I reckon Wenger has been told a while ago that maybe Monaco couldn’t afford to keep Falcao and because of his connections there they would strike a deal with him.

    It might not be true that we are gonna get him but it is true that there is strife at monaco, if wenger pulls this off all of a sudden things could be VERY interesting!!

  2. It wil happen mates but only when Wenger feels he’s got improvements to the squad, not just extra faces to sit on the bench. I don’t fault him for taking his time and couldn’t give a rat’s ass if our supporters are soiling their panties because we’ve only bought 1 League 2 player so far. We have been looking pretty good over the summer and once the real competitions start, expect the best form just like the run-in last year,

  3. Our inability to secure top transfer targets is concerning to put it politely, I hate to say this but I would have happily taken 3 of the Spuds new signings.

    1. That’s exactly what pisses me off. How come spuds without CL football to offer is able to buy such talent but not us.

  4. Well what can we say about Wenger & Arsenal ……There all a bunch of w—ers there is another player slipped through the net (Gustavo) and for a good price,The club is starting to sicken me and for wenger was sick of him years ago,We need a new board some billionaire to step in and buys us sack wenger and run the club the way it should be run and a manger who will buy top players and not be worried about the price of the players.It will be panic buys again he might aswell resign francis jeffers and the clowns he signed that year he panic bought Bring in joachim Low,guus hiddink someone on that calibre we need.

    1. “. . . and a manger who will buy top players and not be worried about the price of the players.”

      Yes. I mean, who wants to remain in business?

      Christ, thanks god idiots like you will never run our club.

    1. If you are talking to me, it is everywhere now not just………something is happening, i can’t say for sure how accurate everything is like 99.99% of stuff of on the internet. Maybe someone came up with a lot of crap and everyone else has copied it, but the news is gathering a lot of momentum so i think there is more to this than just paper talk.

    2. Veer don’t be a smart arse, one does not need to rely on to understand that Arsenal have sold 4 or 5 deadwood/fringe players, and only brought it one (Sanogo – who lacks experience at a top level). Season kicks off tomorrow and fans are understandably anxious as this same squad has been exposed with injuries numerous times in the past few seasons. All of this is fact, and comes a couple of months on from Ivan & AW proclaiming that they will work to bring in new faces – fact. Now if we haven’t managed to bring in said new faces, whilst other clubs like that mob up the road are able to get numerous deals done quickly, (fantastic signings they have made too) then fans understandably become even more anxious and frustrated. May not be entirely Wenger, in fact Ivan and other chief negotiators at the club may bear more of the blame. But these are facts, and there is no need to resort to smug swipes at other supporters venting a little bit of frustration. Look at our bench for tomorrow, we have Miyachi who struggled to get a game at Wigan on the bench, along with a clear lack of defensive players. Most other clubs have at least two quality players in every position – depth to help them through a long and injury-laden season, and creates competition for first team spots (makes sense). at tge moment we are looking like we are hobbling our way into the season whilst other clubs are prepared with their new signings all ready in full training with the club. I think it is fairly logical of a Gooner to be worried and anxious once again, going into another season. And of course is not a reliable source you smart arse

  5. Simply tired of Wenger’s antics! Nothing is going to change this season… 8 seasons in a row, and we are exactly where we were 8 years ago. Tired….

      1. Stop being a macho macho man and a dickhead mate… There are millions of fans like me who just don’t understand wenger’s failure to bring in one or two players to strengthen the team. A good manager would have gone into the market early and lock in the players and give time to gel with the team…

        The current squad can make it to top 6, but nothing more. Carling or FA may be remotely possible, but only if other top 5 clubs fall out.

        Perhaps behaving macho like you overshadows the frustration… Ha ha..

    1. With fans like you who needs ememies….

      Atleast wait until theres 5 mins to go and we are 2 goals down…!

      Up the Gooners-

  6. There are still players out there but is isnt exactly the super,super qualidee Wenger is asking for.Falcao,Cavani,Schurrle,Higuian etc have all gone.Attacking wise it is looking very bleak now that Suarez is a non starter,Rooney will never be sold to Arsenal and Michu will cost 35 mil according to Michael laudrup an outrageous amount of money,so unless Wenger know something real qualidee in Botswana or somewhere else i struggle to see where the super,super qualidee is coming from.

  7. I always hear that we need this player or that player…

    I don’t care who we sign, as long as they have some top-flight experience and aren’t a total catastrophe. We need bodies. With Arteta hurt, I’m afraid that it may already be too late for the CL qualifier. I’ll be really upset if we don’t at least make the group stage.

  8. One marquee signing wont necessarily let us win trophies, however i agree with you, let us sign quality players which Wenger is good at spotting. My only concern to that is, if that is the way Wenger is going, why then didn’t he bring them into the team early for the to gel with the squad.

  9. Who’s left out there of excellent calibre. All those who we were linked to are now on 3 to 5 year contracts with new clubs. I hope its not a case of Arsenals valuations being less than the selling clubs..

  10. You’re too clam and sensible. Start throwing your toys out of the pram and predicting the end of world like a proper fan. The transfer window ended two weeks ago and every player worth signing has joined the Spuds, didn’t you know?

    1. @Stroller:

      You mean I ought be saying things like,

      “omg Wenga is da worst man. He must quit so we sign da best playa in da world. Fuck Wenga until he quit then fanks for all the good he has done. But fuck him until then”

      Not really my style, sir.

  11. I cannot remember feeling so fed up before a season starts all the optimisim at the beginning of the window gone. Wenger has surely lost it. He must go and soon otherwise club level who are not real fans will be empty and we will be out of champions league. Why does he leave it so late and loose targets for such small sums. I heard there was a huge argument at last board meeting between those who want to spend and Wenger and his cronies who don’t. WHY CAN’T HE LEARN. just go Wenger now

  12. Cunt manager ,cunt stadium, cunt club. I have sold my season ticket as my football team sadly died in 2006. Despair is not an adequate . A corporate beast for brainless tourist fans. R.I.P AFC.

    1. Good riddance to bad rubbish I say.

      The Emirates dont need doom mongers like you so p*** of to the lane and rejoice at signing more crappy players. Let us know what happened to their last year marquee signings like Dembele and Adebayor… Every yr they make marquee signings but still finish behind us- great logic innit…

    2. Mug Bo. I was at highbury when you were pissing your pants. Another boy who has grown up with wenger and knows nothing else! As for pissing off to the lane, and ’emirates’ and signings etc you have no fuckin pedigree son so do one

      1. Despair, I have been an Arsenal supporter since the Double season in the early 1970s. So keep your sanctimonious, patronising and dismissive remarks about “another boy who has grown up with Wenger and knows nothing else”. I’ll remain a supporter after Wenger has departed, but whilst he’s here he has my supprt. In the meantime, I despise people like you who use the name of the female organ as a term of abuse.

    1. I agree James but I have spent the last three seasons shouting and swearing more at my own team than the opposition. The denial system has collapsed. I have been watching Arsenal for over 35 years and remember crowds of 20 000 on a shit Tuesday night at Highbury struggling to scrape a draw when the planes flying overhead were more interesting than the football. The mid 80’s the end of the Graham era, the silky skills of Jimmy Carter.all endured..However no more. . I am done the fascist regime and ego fuelled idealism of Wenger confirms that my AFC is no more. The North Bank do the singing, the Clockend do the stinging and old gits like me candy reminisce on what was once a mighty football club

      1. I can understand ur frustration and love/passion about Arsenal and we all feel the same, even more so now than before, considering we have the money to spend. I just think that Arsene is a MEAN man.

  13. He has left it too late. I’m sick of the “he has 2 weeks” crowd. The season starts tomorrow.
    He has known who he was getting rid of and where we’d be thin.
    He’s known who has a long term injury (Vermaelen).
    He knows he have an important CL qualifier, and he’s known for a week now it won’t be an easy one.
    He knows we were well off the pace of the top 2 teams last season.
    He knows Spuds have added players and (as of yet) not lost Bale.

    It’s not panic. It’s more like incredulity at the ridiculousness of it.

    1. My sentiments as well and if he is not going to buy any marquee players and just going for good players, why then not do it earlier so they can be integrated into the squad and gel before the start of the season

      1. Apparently he is looking top top players. Are there that many left available. I would have Rooney before Suarez. Rooney just needs to feel loved in my opinion.

  14. It seems the eggs were put in one basket with the Suarez fiasco. And he cant even play until October. We will be playing catch up by that stage anyway. At least Man U have a crippling start for once

      1. Who would have thought that we would ever bid 40 million + 1 quid for a player and not get him and yet still drag it out until Suarez decided he actually wants to stay. I must disagree with you. Who’s the fallback striker we have yet to buy then in your opinion who is available?

  15. “Without any insider knowledge, I don’t generally care to remark on how the Club is run from the inside. Such things tend to be arrogant and invariably false.”

    – Truer words were never spoken

      1. So give us your take on the pros for not spending money in the transfer window so far considering the weakness in our squad and try not to use the quote “we did’nt envisage this amount of injuries”.

        1. Stevie:

          That’s a lousy quote. Nobody can “envisage” anything. As for the pros of not spending money- there are none. But that’s the whole point, how do we know that we didn’t match the valuation of Gustavo or Bernard or “insert name here”? If a player doesn’t agree personal terms (or if the club doesn’t want to sell to us) or has his mind elsewhere there is nothing one can do. I’m not going to say something silly like “Boy! am I glad we missed out on Higuain” but the fact of the matter remains that Real tried to twist our nuts and the Club wasn’t going to have any of that.

          As for the Falcaos and Cavanis of this world all I can speculate is that we don’t have the cash to spend on them- plain and simple. I don’t know if we’re going to stump up 50 mil for Suarez, but bashing the Manager and the Club based on what some hack writes on the Mail or the Mirror can be described as ignorant at best. There are blogs out there reporting an apparent “friction” between Ivan and Arsene, doesn’t it bother you as to how a blogger (no offence James) can get that info? Speculation sells papers and spite. There are bloggers out there who abhor “fan protests” but fill the web with enough spite to rally one (Mark Anthony has long since hung his head in shame). These speculations are mostly baseless drawn from a very small sample of time and information.

          We can most certainly have our opinions, but sadly, in football opinions manifest themselves as vitriol and that certainly isn’t going to help anyone.

          Apologies for the rant James. Hope it fits.

          1. It doesnt fit.

            The idea that we are purely basing our transfer policy off of economic reasons over improving the squad is a straw man you have bought into.

            You think spending must mean spending 200mil on players we can’t afford. If Wenger believes a player can improve the squad.. then he is interested. If his decision is that the 2.. 4.. 5 mill more that is asked is too much… but we can afford that (which Ivan said we can).. then he is hurting the success of the playing squad for a few quid.

            That is ridiculous.

        2. No one can envisage any amount of injuries, however as a manager in the business for so long and having said the squad is thin, you would believe that he would take every necessary precaution about the present squad members and have one or two players for each positon

  16. Well things have certainly come to a head now, either Arsene knows better than everyone else and he pulls a rabbit out of the hat or the season is gone and so is Arsene. I like the players in the squad but here’s just not enough of them to get through 55 games. God I hope he manages to pull the rabbit out of the hat, not through love of Arsene but love of AFC.

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