Passion, drive, finesse, commitment; Now that’s what I call an Arsenal performance!

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FA Premiership 26th February
Arsenal 5 – 2 Tottenham

Morning salutations, you glorious, joy-filled individuals.

There was a point yesterday – around the 35 minute mark – where I was a dejected, forlorn figure contemplating having to write another blog post dripping with misery and disappointment. Spurs had managed to acquire themselves a 2 goal lead through fortune and egregious gamesmanship from their simian Welsh winger. As Adebayor – the cunt – tucked away the penalty-that-never-was, my head fell into my hands and I settled down for another miserable afternoon.

Then something quite beautiful happened; Arsenal turned up; passionate, skilful and determined not to lose. We didn’t just beat Spurs yesterday, we wiped the floor with them. There was no dispute, no fortuitous decisions, no lucky breaks or goals against the run of play; we thoroughly outplayed them, and blew them off the Emirates turf with 5 goals over a delicious 28 minute period.

The absent passion of recent weeks was there in abundance, murmurings of discontent in the crowd where replaced by vociferous roars of encouragement. Everyone was together, everyone was magnificent. After Sagna’s determined header set the tone for the day and van Persie’s sublime thunderbolt in the final first half minutes showed why he’s comfortably the best in the league, the result was never in doubt. Arsenal were superior in every department.

Theo Walcott deserves a mention today. Plenty of Gooners – me included – clamoured for the inclusion of The Ox at Theo’s expense. In recent months, Walcott has caused endless frustration. His pace is capable of destroying teams, but when that opportunity isn’t there, he struggles and the fans – again, me included – get on his back. Howls of derision met his first half performance, but he got his head down in the second period and proved a lot of people wrong with their assessments. I wanted him to go off at the break, but he was a changed man and took the final 2 goals quite brilliantly. On that evidence, he wouldn’t make a bad striker. If he can keep doing it on a regular basis and cut out the bad moments, then maybe he’ll justify the large pay increase he wants. If he continuously turns out performances with product and goals, he’ll be worth it.

The two players that most impressed me have had their doubters, too. Benayoun and Rosicky were excellent; busy, industrious and hard-working. The choice to include both in the starting line-up did surprise me, but the performances of both justified it entirely. A very good move from Wenger. Rosicky, a player I’ve long admired, was at the hub of everything good we did. Tomas orchestrated things and hustled in a way we’ve seen too infrequently in an Arsenal shirt. He was fantastic.

Understandably jubilant, after the game Le Boss gushed:

“It had team spirit, technique, resilience. It was an exciting game, we had a difficult start but kept going and showed great character again.

“When you’re 2-0 down against a team in front of you with the quality they have, you need something exceptional.

“We refused to lose today, we kept going and in the end I think we had too much quality and drive.”

All in all, yesterday was outstanding. We needed a win, we gave our greatest enemy a royal thumping. We needed a performance, we got the best of the season so far. Most of all, seeing the smug comments from a plethora of Spurs fans rammed from whence they came left me with a glowing warmth and satisfaction that only football and The Arsenal can give you.

What. A. Day. We now have the most glorious of victories to push onwards from. Things look a lot brighter, and if the boys keep performing like that, we’ll get fourth place.

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