Per, Jack, Francis, Abou; transfer and injury news.

Alex Song used the break in play to admire Vermaelen's bottom

Morning, boys and girls.

With Wednesday of next week our next fixture, we’ve got another one of those weekends of football that doesn’t involve our beloved Arsenal. Sure, there’s the ‘magic’ of the FA Cup to immerse ourselves in, but, quite frankly, I’d sooner saute my penis for a spot of brunch. It’s not magical if The Arsenal aren’t in it.

Today, there’s injury news aplenty – most good, a little bad. Per Mertesacker is out for the season being of the bad variety. Granted, thats not going to come as a huge surprise given the obvious severity of his injury, but it is a shame. Speaking with the club’s website, Arsene said:

I believe Per will be out for the rest of the season,”

“Basically there are only six weeks to go so I don’t think he’ll be sharp enough to come back and play. He would need to train and get back to full fitness.”

For reasons I can’t quite fathom, upon receiving bad news, I always imagine our fair manager to be the type to bash his fist on a table and exclaim “Drat!” or “Darn it all to hell!”. Like a character in an old war film, that’s how I see it.

So where’s that good news I promised? Patience, dear readers. I’m getting there…

In the same interview, the aforementioned welcome bit of news takes the shape of Jack Wilshere, Abou Diaby, Francis Coquelin and Andre Santos. The season’s comfortable winners of the ‘uber-crock’ awards could all return to full training within 2 weeks – some quicker than others.  Continuing the quotes:

“Jack’s scan was positive. There is no problem, it is normal evolution and he is continuing his progression.

“It’s too early to fix a date, though, we go day by day with him.”

“Andre played 60 minutes (for the reserves on Wednesday) with no problem. Overall we are getting our players back so that is positive.

“Abou might play in the reserves next week at Liverpool. That game is on Tuesday night.

“Francis is two more weeks away from fitness.”

With the remaining games shaping up to be tightly fought, having players of quality that add depth to the squad is only a good thing – I said, stating the bloody obvious. Our form at present is as good as it has been all season, the results are going the way we need them to; where 4th place was once a distant dream, it’s now the minimum we can accomplish.

Like all of you, I want 3rd, and I want to finish above those grubby swines at The Lane. Harry’s twitching into overdrive, their players are trying to convince the world they’re not worried about us breathing down their necks. Now’s the time to turn up the heat.

I’ll finish today with some transfer hokum. Lukas Podolski has had about 37 medicals at Arsenal and finalised even more deals, but until I’ve seen that story featured on our official site, I’m going to view it with great suspicion. Eden Hazard has shown all the grace and dignity of a drug-addled street-worker by further whoring himself toward the highest bidder, so he’s become something of a no-no as far as I’m concerned.

Along with all that, theres been quite an amount of speculative drivel, and if you’re into that sort of thing, you can have a good ol’ read through here.

That’s yer lot for today, I shall return tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Per, Jack, Francis, Abou; transfer and injury news.”

  1. A Bit harsh to lumb santos in with the other crocks! he has had one serious injury(no relapses) and has returned on time

  2. There! Gotcha! Just visited ur site 4 the first time, after you gave me it’s address on Arsenal vision. Let’s see,an avid gooner, juggles work and reading everything in this blog and a few others like desi gunner, untold arsenal, et al….

  3. if hazard go to spuds, he’s a prick and if we can’t get him we better get gotze. If we buy another central defender, hazard or gotze, podolski or lorrentie we’ll win the double next year, lets hope arsene can get rid of the flops and get these quality pleayer to streanthing the team.

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