Tomas Rosicky’s resurgence.

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There isn’t much out there today in the way of Arsenal news. Last night I was preparing my column for Arsenal Vision (which will go up today) so I’ve precious little time left this morning to scribe for you.

However, I made a promise to ensure that I post everyday, and post everyday I shall. Below is a little piece I wrote during the past summer about Tomas Rosicky. With his recent contract extension and resurgence in form, I thought it would be pertinent to open a discussion regarding my thoughts. I’ve always loved the little guy, I’ve always believed he had something to offer the team.

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The diminutive Czech playmaker has probably been the biggest disappointment I’ve experienced in an Arsenal shirt. Not because he lacks ability or talent, not because I anticipated someone else arriving in his place, but because I’m an unabashed fan and he hasn’t delivered enough of the talent he patently has in spades.

The reason primarily is the misfortune of his injury and the complications that kept him out for some 18 months. During the 2006 World Cup he looked the player I recall – a cunning little bastard on the ball with a ferocious, thunderbolt of a shot. When he arrived at the Emirates for what I thought was an absolute steal – £7 million from Dortmund – I was ecstatic.

His form was good in his debut season and he bagged a couple of belting goals in the Champions League and a decent double at Anfield in the cup. His progression continue and I thought more and more we wouldn’t miss the brilliant Robert Pires who departed, leaving Rosicky his No7 shirt.

Then came that injury, and the rest is a case of what could have been. The Tomas Rosicky we see now shows occasional little glimpses of his talent, but for the most part appears a shadow of that player I was certain would become as big a legend as the previous incumbent of his shirt. As his form dropped off, the goals soon stopped coming as well.

Yet, I still believe in him and wouldn’t be one of those calling for his immediate sale. He has traversed a tumultuous road during his career as a Gooner and deserves his share of fortune more than most. He’s still a brilliant little player on the ball, he still has that thumping shot on him, and with a little fortune to smile on him, he could yet prove a valuable member of the squad.

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9 thoughts on “Tomas Rosicky’s resurgence.”

  1. For a few seasons now, it has been like flogging a dead horse. No presence, no guile to pass people and no physicality to hold on to the ball long enough to make it count.

  2. Good post.
    Although I think his time is up.
    He is good at holding the ball, but his passing & finishing, and overall contribution is not enough.

    Remember the good old overmars days, pires days, thats what we need.
    We need to get rid of all the old wood, and start fresh.
    I would like to see some new face at Arsenal to be honest.

    Everyone talks about the defence, but we are so desperate for an out and out winger, a consistent one, someone like (Dare i say it) Bale.
    And also a striker, when V.Persie is out, we have no one to fill his boots.

    Clear up needed at the doubt.

    I hope Wenger listens to his fans or I hope he gets the boot!

  3. Thomas has lost it all. I think Wenger should let him go in the summer. The club’s focus is only on the team’s defence, what about the midfield and the attack? I just hope Wenger listens to the fans once and let the tired legs go. Players like Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner, Eboue and Almunia should leave the club.

  4. I persnaly like him as a player, & I think he should be given more time to say. Dont forget the kind of player he use to be before injury stop him. So I for one still blv in him & pleaed that he should not go. THANK

  5. I think he should stay as he still has a lot to contribute experience wise to the squad. Maybe his game is not as it used to be before he got injured but the experience he brings around he squad will help the young players in the long run.

    If arsenal got rid of him, there will come a time when things go pear shaped and some supporters and pundits will start questioning why the team has got no experienced players to guide and help in the development of the young ones when the going gets tough eg when Gilberto was allowed to leave

  6. Fascinating! Again I partially blame wenger as his great form has been through the middle and not as a winger! Can you say arshavin?

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