Podolski: can he succeed? (POLL) Arsenal: we can ill-afford any slips.

The best photo I could find to sum up Cisse’s second goal.

Good morning, you little rascals.

Results didn’t go our way last night. Spurs hammered Bolton, and Papis Cisse ensured Newcastle fans will have to endure an excruciating summer of speculation with two brilliant goals to dispatch Chelsea – the second gets better the more you watch it.

Both teams are level with us on games played and both are a single point behind. The remaining two games of our schedule now have real pressure on them. Win them, and we’re home and dry. Lose, and we might be fucked. Arsenal, aye? We don’t like to do anything simply, do we… I remember the days when we’d either won the league by now, or comfortably secured Champions League football.

Looking back, there are plenty of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. We probably should have beaten either Stoke or Chelsea and made the next couple of weeks a bit easier on the bladder. The only good thing is we have others hoping we slip up. Our chances of getting the Holy Grail that is third place remain firmly in our own hands. They might be breathing down our necks, but Newcastle and Spurs would trade places in a heartbeat.

I’ll post more on the Norwich game nearer the time. Today I thought I’d put a questio out there to the masses regarding our new signing, Lukas Podolski.  At risk of sounding like a miserable sod, I do have a few doubts about him. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a signing I’m delighted with, but it appears to me some folks are heralding him as a messiah without actually having given it any thought.

He’s been a excellent player in Germany, but the Premiership is an altogether different experience. His one move to the big-time at Bayern wasn’t exactly a resounding success. To me he seems happier as a big fish in a little pond. I really hope he’ll be a huge player for us, and he’s certainly wiser and more experienced now than when he moved to Germany’s biggest club.

So, I’ve cretaed a poll. Let me know your thought with a quick vote below.


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5 thoughts on “Podolski: can he succeed? (POLL) Arsenal: we can ill-afford any slips.”

  1. I hope all the jokes about the spuds choking don’t come back and bite us on the arse! With regard to Lukas Podolski, I think he’ll be an awesome signing for us, as ultimately, it’s all about the service and he’ll get plenty in the new season.

  2. These remaining two fixtures are MUST wins now! No fewer then six points otherwise we could find ourselves finishing 6th.. That’s how close it is up there right now.

    Do I think we’ll do it? Maybe but I can’t see us gaining more then 4 points. I can see us getting the win at home this weekend but can’t see us getting more then a point away at WBA. Wether that’ll be enough, we’ll just have to wait & see.

    And Podolski’s success depends on wenger. If he sticks him out wide like he did AA then I can’t see it working out but if he sticks him up top with rvp then it could really be the start of something special.

  3. yes it’s still in our hands and the pressure is on and we all know what we can be like under pressure but i think we’ll hold our nerve two wins required.

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